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  1. Richard

    Starting a shark tank

    Ya iv seen it I'll get a bigger tank I just want to do something diffint and I agree it is sad mine won't be like that
  2. Richard

    Starting a shark tank

    Ya I thought that two I was looking at a 350 gallon but for now it should be fine I'm putting almost all my rock in the sump
  3. Richard

    Starting a shark tank

    So any way I have a 210 that was a sps reef tank and just don't have the time for it so now I want to make it a shark tank I got to bamboo eggs coming I got a big skimmer plenty of flow 70 gallon sump so what do you guys think
  4. Richard

    210 for sale

    Have to sale my tank full reef set up tank stand sump with all the pumps and skimmer all live stock and about 3to400 pounds of live rock all sps corals and soft corals it's a nice set up asking 2500 or best offer call Rick 541-961-2852 I can get pictures to u just don't no how to put then on her
  5. Richard

    90gal OddBall Acrylic AIO

    Wow that's pretty cool
  6. Richard


    Ya I seen that Doug did it that's we're I got it from thank you guys I got alot of work to do my tank is fully stock sould be fun thanks again love this web page helps alot when I'm done I'll get some pictures up
  7. Richard

    Moving to Bend Or.

    Hi my name is Rick here in Redmond 11mi from bend we have alot of salty people here a good store in redo one called oasis so hope to se u soon
  8. Richard


    So I have a 210 reef I got about 300 lb of live rock Now I'm going all spa but I need to get my rock higher so I Seen someone using egg crates is that a good thing or could it be bad
  9. Richard

    Red Sea Max 130 Plumbed w/sump

    Ha it look's great bro are you keep it or you going to sell it , I think with the sump it would work better
  10. Richard


    Ya they got lucky cause USC could not be there well see next year
  11. Richard

    Yellow Tangs - fighting

    I had the same problem and I have a 210 to one of the yellow ones got to go mine dyed then about a month latter tried it again same thing but this time I took it back.good luck
  12. Richard

    Looking for a Biocube/Nano

    Ha this is Rick I got one you might want I just put new lights in it
  13. Richard

    Frag Tank, Lights, Ballast

    You could just give me the frags lol. I don't no were I would put that tank . But my tank is looken good now I got that stuff from bulk reef today I'm going to started using it tomorrow it should started looking really good I hope
  14. Richard

    Frag Tank, Lights, Ballast

    Ha trent you sould open your own store with all the stuff you have