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  1. Just curious...why do you need more light? What is driving that need? If you have some shadowing or something, T5 supplement always helps fill it in really nice. 6 radions on a 6 foot tank is already pretty extreme.
  2. Dang, you have had a busy weekend! Everything looks tidy and compact, nice job on the organization downstairs. what size display is going in there?
  3. Looks great! That red flower pot looks massive down in the corner 😮
  4. Need this...I do have BTAs (rose and rainbow). Let me know.
  5. I went to green concepts and can confirm the cat pee and cigs smell 🤣 Glad I was able to get my 200 gal from Brian second hand...things are $pendy!!!
  6. If you want to drive a bit (to Camas) I have some MarinePure spheres you are welcome to use for seeding. Have too many...my nitrates are always zero (DOH!)
  7. You think that’s bad...try BTAs! Those little buggers cruise all over the place! They even escape my zen reef shroom box with a lid!
  8. Now I’m not finding those skimmers for sale on eBay but just as a reference if you look around you can usually find something budget oriented that will likely do just fine and you won’t be using a Tupperskim Bubbleware LOL
  9. See this old thread for a cheap skimmer I wrote up. My friend is still using it. We did replace the pump eventually but the original worked ok for like 8 months.
  10. What tank is this for? DIY is great for a lot of things in this hobby, but IMO for protein skimmers you would be better off buying a used one to save money. There are things that just don’t DIY easy like body shape, design and serviceability. Manufacturers take a lot of these things into consideration and make them affordable through volume and tooling. All depends on what you are trying to achieve and what tank it’s for though.
  11. PM’d for one rainbow on Sunday
  12. No, everything is SOLD MODS PLEASE CLOSE THREAD
  13. Any what left? Only thing I have still is the HMS mount with 52 rail. First post edited
  14. I used wood shims for my 220 gal (empty of course). Didn’t really have to lift much, just had someone lean into the stand/tank a bit to get the shim started and hammered away. This is on carpet.
  15. If you are willing to drive and want lots of big fish at once...this guy has had this setup on CL for a long while. Catch is he wants to sell ALL livestock not just fish (rock/corals too). I already asked a while back about just fish and he said no. If you are able to part out the stuff you don’t want it could be a lucrative buy. https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/for/d/bremerton-120-gallon-reef-aquarium/7114353211.html good luck! Big fish are hard to come by it seems lately.
  16. Haha I know the feeling, there is a closet in our hallway that I was debating having as a sump room but I’ve been happy with it all where it’s at 😄
  17. Been a while since I updated, tank is cruisin😎 Current livestock: XL 2 bar rabbitfish blue hippo tang yellow tang yellow eye kole tang clown wrasse 6x blue chromis flame angel 2x FP clowns I’m itching for another big fish, probably a tang. What do you guys think would go good? I’d really like a large orange shoulder tang. Not sure at this point which fish are safe adds to avoid aggression? FTS Today Happy my chalices are getting their deeper colors back, they put up with some neglect in my last tank. I need to get a camera filter... Good things come in grey and orange packages! This will be my second DOS which will go in the garage for AWC in the near future, waiting on tubing and adapters. Also have to run another conduit up to the tank (not my favorite job 😂)
  18. Haven’t been out to petco in a while but the imagitarium (or whatever the name is) pellet carbon has always been good for me (the stuff the replaced their store brand carbon). Might be worth a phone call to see if they have any.
  19. Also, when you say high vs good amount lower, what numbers are we talking about? I second using salifert test, as mentioned they are easy to read and I have had consistent results from them.
  20. I want the tank gone. It has scratches, they aren’t bad when filled. I just want it out of my garage... FIRE SALE $150
  21. This makes the most sense based on their movement and look, thanks for the ID! Yeah, I definitely have the usual red/black bristle worms in the tank so makes the most sense! It was really weird to see them, first time I’ve ever seen them in my years of reef keeping. Main thing was the bright orange color that made them stand out from the typical see through pods we are used to seeing.
  22. They very well could be but they are worm like, not pod like. It’s weird. I couldn’t find them last night when I looked.
  23. Whoops that’s airgas lol 🤦‍♂️
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