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  1. Right now everything is doing ok in the 20L I setup. The cube is cycling with the help of Aquaforest BioS. Currently looking gross with brown algae. After that calms a bit I've got the Triton Detox to run as a precaution as I am reusing my rock work.


    Reef Octopus had a similar titanium heater without controller I was considering but feel good about the Jager despite being glass. I do use my RK to control temps so it is a viable option.

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  2. Oh snap! Glad you did this! I had this pump saved in my eBay favs for future experiments.


    looking at the pump head...any chance you think 2 could be linked together for a stenner style dual head auto water change pump? You don't have any pics of the head removed? As you were mentioning, changing to a stepper would be cool too, would be interested to see the input shaft/pump head interface.


    keep on DIYing Jeremy!


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  3. I'm not sure my livestock got shocked too bad, I had my hands in the tank and sump prior to discovering the heater was broke and didn't get shocked at all. It wasn't until I touched the actual heater where it was broken (on accident of course) that I got shocked. 


    Currently my survivors are in a hospital tank for the time being. My tank is drained completely, everything cleaned with vinegar, and now in the process of filling to restart the cycle again.


    as I precaution I plan on running Triton Detox for good measure in case any metals are present still. Hopefully everyone will be happy in the hospital tank for a month or so while things level out in the main tank again. Fortunately I had an extra light, powerhead, new heater, and aquaclear to run some carbon in. No skimmer on that tank.


    Jeremy, I will take you up on some frags in a while when things are back to normal again :highfive:

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  4. Yes the glass actually broke open. These models state shatter resistant not shatter proof like the Jager I replaced it with. I've had a Jager go out before and it sparks inside but doesn't pop the glass open. The Theo heater broke near the end and midway up. Obviously nothing is in the chamber banging around or anything so it could have started with a hairline crack, water hits electrical, then POP. Not sure what is inside but if you are running a Theo heater I'd replace it!

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  5. This really sucks, right when things are looking fantastic, something off the wall like this happens. I had a 300w hydor Theo heater that decided to break. Obviously didn't know this at first, my wife called me on lunch and said the skimmer was overflowing. I told her to unplug it and I'd check when I got home. 3 hours later when I get back all corals are closed and not looking hot. Everything appeared fine so I began prepping water for a large change. Not sure what prompted me to check the heater but I reached in and grabbed it and it shocked me! I dropped it back and quickly unplugged it. I do have a titanium grounding Probe in the sump also, so hopefully that helped with some stray voltage.

    this was on Wednesday. I make a late run to pet smart and get a replacement heater as the temp dropped to 75. I did a 25 gallon water change that night (45 cube with sump, figure it's roughly 50%). Cleaned skimmer and swapped for new carbon.

    Yesterday,  corals continue to deteriorate. I bought a 20L and setup last night. Temps were low so I waited until this morning to move corals over.


    i don't know what the heck is in those heaters but it's bad news. I have to assume some heavy metal like copper but not sure.


    At this point, my only move is to drain the whole tank tomorrow and restart it after cleaning. Not sure if anyone has experienced this or has any tips. 

    Here's a pic from a month ago :'(


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  6. Selling my gyre xf130. Comes with extras including:

    extra bearings

    2 sets of foam covers

    end cap to make it half size for nanos


    I was getting tired of it being loud and ordered an MP10QD. Shortly after this, I ended up changing one side out and the rubber isolator on the pump. BAM Dead silent! DOH! Oh well, it's working great now, can't hear it at all at the 60% I was running it at. Had a new magnet rotor installed 6 mo ago as well as new bearings all around. Has original box/manuals.


    looking for $80



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  7. Duncan's are a lot of fun and pretty easy going for care. I'm down to just 2 clown fish so no issues feeding but you have 2 good options:

    -feed at night

    -use a piece of Tupperware or cut pop bottle and cover after spot feeding to keep the wrasse out while they put the food in their mouths.

  8. First issue you'll run into is DA likely won't let you return it just because you don't like it.


    when you were programming it, were you using a computer or doing it all through the head unit? I remember being really frustrated programming manually but it was much easier with the PC (MyReef software) using a SID. If I wasn't in the middle of moving I'd get mine out for you.


    The pH probe calibration takes a LONG time. Like put the probe in the calibration fluid for 20-30 mins to get the right reading to input on both ends of the scale. It's a pain but that's the only way I got an accurate reading.


    overall I think the reefkeeper is a great controller for simple things but more advanced/larger scale users will be happier with Apex.

  9. I think everyone is in a holding pattern at the moment. With all the new monitoring equipment that is pending release its hard to hop on board for a controller which is likely why the vertex controller fizzled out of view. Right now with Mindstream, GHL, Apex, and others getting ready to launch an Alk monitor/controller, I think the next big controller boom will be with whoever releases it first. There is the KH Guardian but I think most people are wanting it all integrated into a larger scale (more capable) controller (especially for the $1300 price tag). 

  10. Only other trick I haven't seen mentioned was using a mirror up to the tank side. Current fish see their reflection and "get used to" other tank mates of the same type. It's always scary putting in a new fish with this potential but I think the acclimation box will help and at least let you know with no one getting hurt if it's going to work or not.


    to have 3 yellows and a blue they all were added to the tank that only had 1 smaller yellow at the time. Crowd confusion worked lol

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  11. You've got an interesting tank since it's a cylinder. If that were my tank I'd be looking at a maxspect gyre and run it vertically. WP40 will do it though, I'm surprised it still sticks with the curve of the glass? You'll have to play with flow directions to make sure you don't have dead spots but also aren't blasting any corals (or areas you planned for corals).

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  12. Nice update!


    I also had it get rid of byprosis and some hair algae, it was a very small amount though so it only took 2 doses. Great stuff. Didn't have any side effects either. I didn't have any cheato so can't speak to that dying off but I had seen it mentioned in the R2R thread. Tank has been free of algae (aside from the weekly film on the glass) ever since treatment. :clap: