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  1. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    Make me an offer! I'd love to get the beast out! I am waiting to setup my new cube until this ones out
  2. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    I can separate it out, PM me about it. Ideally want to get things shut down first
  3. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    I'll check tonight but it's approaching 8', probably 7'6" or so.
  4. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    Bump, updated some prices, looking to get this shut down ASAP
  5. Bryopsis help.

    Haven't tried this yet but looks like it's working for all sorts of different algaes...may be worth a try http://www.reef2reef.com/threads/vibrant-liquid-aquarium-cleaner-discussion-thread.271428/
  6. First Reef Build - 125 Gallon

    Gotta love TAP! Cool build, wish I had space for a through wall in my house! Oh and...Mopar or No Car!!! ????
  7. where to buy dry sand

    http://www.marcorocks.com/sand/ More you buy the more you save. They take full advantage of the USPS priority flat rate boxes for the sand LOL
  8. BlueZReef's 210 Gallon

    This is my journey to 210 gallons of fun! A rebuild of my thread since site crash :( I started keeping reef tanks after college (FOWLR only during). My tank before the upgrade was a 90 gallon. Overall a great size tank and I really enjoyed it! Here’s a pic before the teardown. Softies/LPS LOVED this tank! I really wish they could get back to that now but some sacrifices must be made. Here’s the tank when I first got it with a super low crap stand. Needless to say, that wasn’t gonna work! Our roommate at the time was good at woodworking and helped me a TON with building the stand. Poor Z had to sit in the cold for a few weeks while we cut, sanded, stained and prepared the beast! Got the stand inside, looked massive next to the 90! Started to work on the tank, had 2X 2” holes drilled in the top right for drains. CNC cut the overflow box. Weirs were massive…wasn’t thinking at the time but hey, it was my first large scale build so mistakes were made lol!
  9. Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    Is that my tri color "frag" you split with Chris? Tank looks good and awesome group of fish!
  10. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    See my build thread in my signature. Tank is a glass 7'x2x2. Stand sits 36" high so you don't have to bend over to see inside.
  11. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    Post updated with what's left. Tank package pricing at the bottom. Obviously you will need a crew to move this beast, its heavy!!!
  12. 180g Tank OR Full Reef Wanted

    If you have space for a 7x2x2 my 210 will be for sale soon. It's drilled and has an overflow box. I made stand and hood, it's not perfect but looks pretty good. Could include other things with it as well. PM me if interested
  13. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    Updated pic of war coral and added Duncan colony
  14. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    Currently pending Arsonmfg but you're second in line
  15. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    What are you after, many items pending, main post updated. Will text in a while.
  16. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    Yes that's a big one, not sure how much I want to sell of it if any yet. Green yumas are pending at the moment waiting on a head count
  17. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    I just have blue stag, I can definitely get you a xxxl piece! For the tri color, I'd ideally like to maybe get someone else interested and you could do halves maybe? Just hate cutting it up if I don't have to or have 2 people on board. You got it, we texted about it, consider these pending to you! Thanks, it's really really hard to do but as I said, I've been sooooo busy with the baby that I just let the majanos go too long. I'd like to see others take some of these nice pieces and continue to grow them out! I am saving some of my gems in a frag tank until I can get a smaller tank setup that I can maintain easier.
  18. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    I'll let you know when I get to phase 2, they are beefcakes and eat everything
  19. Led diode identification

    Another issue is getting the exact same diodes from the same manufacturer. I've ordered sub 430 diodes from different places and they vary in color from a deep purple to blue. Hard to get consistent diodes without the same manufacturer/distributors. Jeremy is right, most UV and lower spectrum blues will go first. If you need a hand replacing/soldering, I can help you out.
  20. Help - Hazing Inside Tank?

    Yikes that's weird. It kind of reminds me of what happens if you put rubbing alcohol on acrylic. Seems a bit extreme for an urchin, when I had a pencil urchin it never bothered the acrylic. I know there are some kits people supposedly use in tank for scratch removal, never tried them personally though.
  21. Exotech battery backup power supply

    Oh just power supply...never mind lol
  22. Exotech battery backup power supply

    http://m.fish-street.com/coralbox_powercell_for_jebao_battery_pump__dc_pump I think this is what you're after
  23. Don't you just love it when....

    Don't you just love it when.... Your Archon won't connect to your phone so you can't control it and manually unplug your ATO, replace top off water, then Dad brain forgets to plug back in ATO pump for 3 days.....that fuge smells riiiiipe ????????
  24. 1$ per gallon sale?

    Was just in Orchards Petco today and it's going till Nov 5th
  25. two Ro/Di units for sale

    I'll take them, are you in Vancouver still?