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  1. Glass scraper question

    I loved using my flipper max on my 210 (still have it if your interested in saving some cash on a used one ????). The max is large and strong, no issues on thicker glass. Going to be buying a smaller version for my 45 cube here shortly.
  2. New to hobby and new to forum, from Vancouver

    Good choice! Lots of people here use them successfully and the vendor is local. Are you running a sump? Skimmer?
  3. WTB: Acrylic baffle/sheet

    What size you need? Text me
  4. New to hobby and new to forum, from Vancouver

    Good to see another Couvie! Sounds like your off to a good start! Any pics of your setup? Lighting can be tricky, lots of options and opinions. If I were you, I'd go try and see tanks in action with different lighting and see what you like and what others are successful with.
  5. ISO shelf rock

    I'd do $30 for these pieces
  6. Worms/Aiptasia from cheato

    Cheato is easy to dip for pests, just dip in fresh water with same pH and takes care of all the pests. Don't think it treats aptasia/majanos though but it's an easy dip for everything else.
  7. ISO shelf rock

    What size are you looking for? I'll have a few pieces left over from my build I got from BRS. It's been through an acid and bleach bath and is in a saltwater tub currently (it's ready to go straight into the tank). I have one really large piece and a smaller piece or two of shelf.
  8. Got aiptasia :(

    If you want to come to Vancouver I'll give you some to use.
  9. Massive hydnophora of death!

    Haha enjoy the green reaper ????! It literally killed anything it touched, majanos included which was impressive! Looks happy already, hope it's good to you! Thanks for the trade ????????
  10. Maxspect Gyre or Jebao CP40?

    The main thing is that the maxspect will have a warranty, most have trouble claiming any warranty with Jebao. I've had pretty good luck with jebao products however, all my RWs ran for 3 years and my WPs went for 2. For the money that's not terrible. Also, not sure if you've seen but since they released the XF series, you can link 2, so they have begun selling the whole pump assembly separate from the controller ($140 for the 230 and $160 for the 250). At least your not buying the whole thing again if the pump goes out. Vortech is the same with needing wet sides replaced occasionally. This hobby deals with a very harsh environment (salt water), everything is going to fail eventually. And I'm running a used gyre 130 on my new cube, can't speak to longevity yet but we'll see.
  11. RODI help

    Idk what's wrong...I swear I've tried everything at this point! Here's what I have setup: Pre filter culligan filter -> aquatec 8800 booster-> 3x carbon blocks 1 micron and one is .5 micron I think from BRS -> 100 gpd Dow filmtec -> 3 DI canisters I just swapped to the 100 gpd hoping the rejection would be better...it's worse! From the tap reading is 120ish. After membrane only getting down to like 20! DI resin takes it to 0 but I burn through resin like no tomorrow! I was using a 150gpd Axeon membrane and it was only getting it down to like 10 TDS. Pre filters from BrS are less than a month old. I have an 800cc fast flush for the 100 gpd and was using a 1200 with the 150gpd. Pressure with booster is at 85 psi. What's wrong here? 98% rejection should put my output around 4 tds.
  12. RODI help

    Ok, here's what we're producing/rejecting Measured how long for 100mL Product = 30 sec Waste = 7 sec So ratio is 4.3/1 waste/product Converting this to gallons, with the 100 gpd membrane I'm only outputting 76 gal at 85psi. Given it is cold out and my unit is in the garage this may be effecting the waste/product some, but most people don't report any higher TDS, just lower output. Still stumped ????
  13. RODI help

    Haven't checked flow rates yet as I'm watching the lil guy this afternoon but I did check the TDS out of the membrane and it's down to 10 but holding there. My first DI resin chamber has changed color about 2" already ???? Uggg this things expensive to run
  14. RODI help

    I know 800 is the right flow restrictor for the 100 gpd I'll have to check the product/waste ratio and product speed a little later
  15. RODI help

    Oh an new membrane was properly flushed for half an hour. I always flush for at least 15 mins prior to production as well.
  16. Return pump failure

    Chris, Remove the impeller and check the ceramic bearing, it's more than likely sticking and causing it to lock up. I've had them stick so hard it took a lot to remove them. Get some sand paper out and wet sand the ceramic shaft and inside the bearing. Don't worry, you won't remove any ceramic, it will just clean any buildup off. Sometimes if you get them going again after sticking they are just spinning in the rubber seal around the bearing and not the actual bearing itself, causing the pump to run weird like you're experiencing. Hope that helps! Stop running it asap as you don't want to overload the motor or electronics (Jabaos weakness).
  17. Bryopsis help.

    I shut my 210 down, dosing on my frag tank currently. The shut down was majano related not algae (and time of course lol)
  18. DA Reefkeeper

    Yes, what specifically are you trying to do? You have a USB cable to use myreef?
  19. Bryopsis help.

    I'm in the same spot you are treatment wise, still looking for results. It seems like people have the best results around the four week mark, so I'm holding on to hope for now. Since it's bacteria based it needs time to build up and grow.
  20. Heater

    Did you see the deals on BRS? The RKL is only $100! A lot of piece of mind for heater failures. I prefer the Jagers as well for heaters, they've been good to me so far.
  21. Frag Tank Lights???

    You'd probably need 3-4 primes for the same coverage. You thought about tweaking the led layout on your OR lights? Also, what about 2x hydra 26? Better coverage than the prime and still that AI look you want
  22. Here's what's left, other thread got too cluttered LOCATION: VANCOUVER 98682 Large green hydnopora- this beast is biiiig and mean. I left it in the middle of the tank by itself for a reason lol! Will do whole thing for $75 or split it in 2 for $40 each. -NOW $60 Duncan Colony - at least 15-20 full size heads - $40 Reef Octopus Elite 220 with avast swabbie neck cleaner and acrylic stand. Original owner and have original box, just finished cleaning in vinegar bath - $500 FIRM Size comparison reef octopus calcium reactor package (CR140, 15lb CO2 tank, Aquatic Life Regulator, Effluent needle valve)- SOLD ALBERTAREEF Flipper Max magnet cleaner/scraper - comes with original package and extra unused acrylic blade. Cleaned up in vinegar bath. $50 - PENDING CHEWIE
  23. Corals, Skimmer, Ca Rx, Flipper Magnet

    Ca Rx and Flipper both pending
  24. Good or bad starfish??

    Please don't bump year+ old threads just to increase your post count ????
  25. Corals, Skimmer, Ca Rx, Flipper Magnet

    And I should mention that for trades I'm interested in: MP10 QD Gyre 130/230 Smaller flipper mag