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  1. 600 gph HOB overflow box

    Bump, still available
  2. 600 gph HOB overflow box

    PM'd back.
  3. Car Thread!! post your cars

    This is my toy (as my name suggests). I try to keep her in the garage as much as possible (thanks nw weather....), but my gf hates her car and always wants to cruise around in it lol (laugh) 2007 350z - Has Intake & Exhaust, need to get her tuned next (plotting)
  4. 30 Gallon Cube Reef

    New Clams from Coralgasm.com! Check em out! Ordered 3 and got 4! They are small, so they will take a bit more work feeding and such, but the colors are amazing. They will definately be crazy nice when they get bigger (rock2) If you haven't checked out coralgasm.com, they have lots of corals and clams. They are currently not showing clams on their site...I may have bought them all out lol! They pack everything very well and even throw in two free beer can/bottle coozies and some phyto to feed the new clams! Great deals and $100 gets you free shipping (couldn't pass that up!). Really impressed with my first order (clap) Without any further adue, here's the clams: This one is blue/turquose: Three together: This ones my fav in the batch: Couldn't get a good pic, but this one is dark purple with blue highlights: Comparison with my larger clam: Snail getting up in his grill (laugh) One last shot of everything:
  5. New corals

    Nice choices! Bubbles are fun corals and everyone is amazed by them lol! You can feed them by hand too once in a while and they'll grow a bit faster, but mine usually just catch the excess food. My clowns use to get up in my green bubble...however, they host a toadstool and kenya tree (laugh) (nutty)
  6. 30 Gallon Cube Reef

    Thanks guys, we'll see how it goes, so far so good Here's the original pics I took for reference of the rest of the gear and my beautiful cabinet haha! Here it is with the 150w "15000k" (noway (nutty) lol) light Here's the rock and a few random corals I tossed in for kicks Still a bit dusty from first putting the sand in a few weeks ago, haven't bothered cleaning it just yet (laugh) Here it is with just the actinic t5's on And the light
  7. WTT Flame Angel

    Pm'd ya the list, let me know what sounds good
  8. WTT Flame Angel

    What kind of corals do you like? Anything specific you looking to trade for? Definatley would like to add a flame to my new tank
  9. Baby Tangs in Smaller Tanks...

    Also, if your tang gets ick, make sure you do something about it asap. Mine had issues that left scars. He also had the lateral line errosion issues. Ick wasn't an issue after I added a UV filter and started feeding properly with garlic (cleaner shrips help also). Also, as a precaution, buy a grounding probe if your going to get tangs, it's worth the piece of mind for $10-15 and prevents some issues. I had never had tangs before I bought my first one and mine lived 2 years in 3 different tanks (55 and 2x 90 gals) and moved with me once. He died when I had an unexpected amonia spike.
  10. Birdsnest Issue

    Hi guys, I bought the white birdsnest with light green pollyps from OIAB about 3 weeks ago. I noticed this week that some of the branch at the end has started turning brown and no pollyp extension. Anyone know what this could be? My only guess is I damaged it or something when I moved it and glued it down, but it looks bad in 2 different spots. Anyone have this issue? Sorry for the crappy iphone pic (laugh) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. Birdsnest Issue

    Well, seems to be the consensus that its bleached out lol. We'll see in the next few months what color it winds up being. I'm running 2x 175w MH 20k so it should be getting plenty of blue spectrum and light in general. I'll have to chop off that algae too, thanks for the heads up!
  12. Birdsnest Issue

    Thanks mike, I'll snip the tips off You sure Dennis? It wasn't sold as anything rare or special, guess we'll see if its color changes to something different over time :-/
  13. Hey all, So my girlfriend always wanted to have a seahorse and since I can't exactly just toss one in my 90 gallon reef, I decided to start a new one. I came across a nice 30 gallon acrylic cube on CL and picked it up. Currently, here's the setup: 30 gallon acrylic w/ stand and hood CPR Bac Pack 2 HOB skimmer Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 150w Metal Halide Fixture w/ T5's and LEDs (Odyssea) It's up and running with liverock from OIAB and some from my tank. New live sand bottom as well. Still cycling, but should be going fast as I typically change 5 gallons from my 90 and put it in the cube to speed things up. Now I haven't added a wavemaker/powerhead yet. I am not sure how powerful of one to add as the seahorses are supposed to be lower flow. The problem is that we want to also put a clam in the tank as well as some corals, so I need to find a happy medium where I'm not totally blasting the horse, but the corals are also getting enough too. Corals are going to be mostly based on Gorgonian and sea whips for the seahorse to "hitch" on. Any ideas on what to use? I will post pics when I run home for lunch (plotting)
  14. 30 Gallon Seahorse Cube - Need help/suggestions

    I ended up getting a 500 gph Aqueon. Since its a cube I'm sure it's plenty. The longer tanks typically need a bit more. Also threw in 6 hermits and 6 snails to get to work cleaning
  15. 30 Gallon Seahorse Cube - Need help/suggestions

    Actually guys, looks like we are bailing on the horses. After doing some more extensive research, I really don't want to deal with them being so needy lol. My girlfriend agreed after listening to a podcast on keeping them and needing to be fed 2-3 times a day, tons of precautions, capatability issues, etc. Also, I know that i'll be the one doing all the footwork even though its "her tank" so I kinda put the kabosh on it That said: tank is gonna be for clams, corals, and a few "pretty" fish. After I give it some more cycling time, I'm hoping to get a blue and turquise maxima to put in there. In the mean time, its off to OIAB soon to get a cleanup crew going! I think i'm gonna just get a wavemaker in the ~450 gph range and call it good with a 15x turnover
  16. Birdsnest Issue

    Color-wise, it is the same as the day I bought it. It's white base with light greenish polyps. It is under 175w halides about 1/4 up from the bottom. I don't think its getting bleached out by my lights being too strong. Is there any products to replenish zooxanthellae? I dose 2 part calcium/alk, magnesium, and strontium/molly right now.
  17. 30 Gallon Seahorse Cube - Need help/suggestions

    Yes, the spray bar is an option too. I have a nano sized canister filter that had a spray bar attachement that I could use possibly. I also came across these small pumps: http://www.eheim.com/products/detail/6/category A few of these may do the trick and keep things moving around nicely
  18. 30 Gallon Seahorse Cube - Need help/suggestions

    Pics!!!! Ok, snapped a few pics at lunch: Here it is with the 150w "15000k" (noway (nutty) lol) light Here's the rock and a few random corals I tossed in for kicks Still a bit dusty from first putting the sand in a few weeks ago, haven't bothered cleaning it just yet (laugh) Here it is with just the actinic t5's on Another angle actinics And the light
  19. Birdsnest Issue

    12/22 Update Here it is now. Not really getting significantly worse, but not getting better either (scratch) I'm just not gonna mess with it and hope for the best.
  20. Birdsnest Issue

    Thanks for the response guys, I hope it pulls through ok. It's in a decent flow area (under my wavemaker, so not direct flow, but flow across it is good). Also have 2 seaswirls going so it gets its fair share i'm sure. I saw that some of their corals were getting bleached out a bit in the new tanks when I was in there yesterday. I bought a pink birdsnest at the same time as this white one and it looks fine, so hopefully it bounces back. I was worried because Kas said that "once it goes brown it won't come back," but I guess i'll hold off on fragging off the brown for a while and see how it does.
  21. 34g reef

    Email me some pics: jmagnusoneng@gmail.com
  22. WTB White bubble coral

    Anyone have one? Not interested in green or pearls, just a white one. Seem to be hard to find when you actually start looking DOH! like this:
  23. WTB White bubble coral

    Thanks for the heads up, i'll check em out this week
  24. WTB White bubble coral

    I've seen them just like the one pictured before at saltwater fantaseas. Just never got around to buying one.
  25. $5 frags sale and $3/lb live rocks

    Thanks Sonny! Great deals guys, get em before there all gone!