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  1. Blue Z Reef

    Someone buy this 115 gal cube! (Vancouver CL add)

    Yeah I thought it would go fast! Oh well, hopefully someone does something cool with it!
  2. Blue Z Reef

    Zoa ID again - yellow centers!

    Hey guys, got another zoa ID: Yellow center, pink/orange ring, purple, then green rim. Check out the pics. Got them from OIAB (clap) Ahhhhhh Yeaaaaahhhhhhh! [ATTACH]12561[/ATTACH]
  3. Blue Z Reef

    Zoa ID again - yellow centers!

    They look a lot better in person for sure, that pic was just a quickie with my iphone. If you want a frag, I did make about 4 frags (all 5+ polyp). Send me a PM about it. Thanks for the ID, I think Passion Orange Guava is the closest i've seen on coralpedia
  4. Blue Z Reef

    30 gallon shallow reef

    Very cool project, whats going on with the tiered stand? Multi tank project?!?
  5. Blue Z Reef

    600 gph HOB overflow box

    BUMP, ANYONE? Already found a sump but still taking corals/fish trades (Fish must be small please)
  6. Blue Z Reef

    600 gph HOB overflow box

    Overflow Box (Clear) Outside Box 6"L x 4.5"W x 10"H (Internal baffle is 6"H) Internal Box 6"L x 3.75"W x6"H 1"ID U Siphon Tube 1" Outlet Bulkhead Nipple I believe it’s rated at 600+ gph Only part needed to get you going is a nylon/plastic screw and nut to put the inside and outside boxes together. It has some tape residue that comes off easily from being taped together by last owner. Looking for $35 obo
  7. Blue Z Reef

    Kalk & aiptasia/blue clove polyps

    It doesn't take a ton to do it. Just get a liquidy paste made up and spray it on its mouth till it closes. On a 90 gallon, you'd have to use quite a bit to mess things up (based on volume of Kalk in your mixture). If your worried, do half now and wait a few days before doing the rest. I've only used Kalk for this a few times. The Aiptasia X works very well too. However, have you tried just buying like 5 peppermint shrimp? Once I got up to 5 in my tank, I never had issues with Aiptasia again.
  8. What probes does the RKL have?
  9. Blue Z Reef

    Wtb overflow

    Sale thread here: http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?30647-600-gph-HOB-overflow-box
  10. Blue Z Reef

    Wtb overflow

    I've got one. 600 gph. Only needs a nylon screw to hold basket on the front (depot would have them for <$1) I could do $35 shipped to make things easy. Let me know.
  11. Blue Z Reef

    WTT 2 used Phoenix 150w DE MH bulbs

    I'll trade ya some zoas or shrooms. If you wanna come down to vancouver, you can take a pick out of my tank. Have a frags of eagle eyes, fire and ice, and green zoas ready. Have red, green (metallic, fuzzy, and multi color), and purple shrooms. Also have green tip toadstool frags ready to go. Let me know!
  12. Blue Z Reef

    30 Gallon Cube Reef

    Since I have strayed away from seahorses, I am restarting my cube thread. Just doing a mixed reef with clams. Equipment: 30 gallon acrylic cube 150w Metal Halide/T5 combo light 400 gph wavemaker CPR back pac 2 Two Fishies Phosban Reactor Here's some pics with my new clam that I picked up last week. Seems to be doing well and rests nicely on the rock I put him on, hopefully he will attach. Has 2 chromies, hermits, snails and a few misc corals. Still messing with halide bulbs to find one I like, this one is still too white for my likeing (comp)
  13. Blue Z Reef

    30 Gallon Cube Reef

    I had some hair algae come out of some rock I wanted him to take care of (and with the possible off chance that he would eat bubble algae). He will go in my 90 when he's a bit bigger and outgrows the tank.
  14. Blue Z Reef

    30 Gallon Cube Reef

    SQUAMOSA! Picked this bad boy up from SW Fantaseas last week. He's big and has awesome colors! Check it out: The "Clam Reef" as it sits now Side Profile, its 5-6" across! Front Shot of his "mouth". My GF says its scary looking lol (laugh)
  15. Blue Z Reef

    Cyano bactiria

    Same here, this stuff works great and i've never had any issues with my corals/fish/inverts using it. Only issue is that your skimmer has to be off and when you turn it back on it goes bonkers for a day and overflows the collection cup, but aside from that I love the stuff!
  16. Blue Z Reef

    24 Gallon Reef Keeper 2 complete system $650.00

    Any chance you would part the reef keeper?
  17. Blue Z Reef

    30 Gallon Cube Reef

    New Additions! Well, I loved my order from Coralgasm so much the first time, I couldn't pass up ordering again! Picked up 2 Wellsos and a scolly I replaced my MH bulb with a Radium bulb. Most expensive MH bulb i've ever bought! I was getting tired of the bad colors from the cheap bulbs and just bit the bullet (I kinda figured if i'm gonna spend as much as I do on the corals...they should have nice lights too lol!). It has a nice amout of blue, a little less than I would have liked, but way better than totally white. I am likely going to do a rapidled diy strip to get some more blues going on here soon (plotting) Also picked up a little sailfin tang at OIAB to help clean up some hair algae. He's doing a great job so far! Once he gets bigger i'll put him in my 90 (sorry tang police!!! (scary)) Added some yumas, birdsnest, and Tyree mushroom frags from Danik, Thanks man! This Wellso has NEON green/yellow highlights, looks insane with actinics! Scolly is kinda pink/purple and blue. I want to get some more blues/uv in my tank lighting to make it pop Nice teal color on this wellso Camera hog SF tang He's to dang fast to get a clear close shot! The reef!
  18. Blue Z Reef

    Odd Ball 31 gal Mixed Reef

    Nice! That looks really similar to my 30 gal cube! Just be glad you got a sump with it, I'm having trouble finding a tank to fit since a 10 gal is too wide and I want one bigger than 5. :S
  19. Blue Z Reef


    They are cool fish for sure! Make sure you have a good lid, they like to be carpet surfers lol!
  20. Blue Z Reef

    600 gph HOB overflow box

    Bump, make an offer, how about $30 now!
  21. Blue Z Reef

    Emerald crabs and reefs?

    Thats odd, the one I got went ape on a TON of hair algae in my old tank....weird. Well, for snails its going to depend on type. Turbos you would need less of. Astreas are good too. Go down to OIAB since your in vancouver and get a little of everything. Probably 10 turbos, 15-20 astreas should get the algae under control decently quick.
  22. Blue Z Reef

    Emerald crabs and reefs?

    For hair algae, a lawnmower blenny is the best and fastest solution i've ever used. I definately agree though, if its hair algae, stick to snails. I have 2 emerald crabs, and they haven't caused any major destruction aside from knocking things over (they are suprisingly strong, make sure lose rocks/corals/etc are secured well). I did catch him going after an acro once, so I grabbed at him with my tongs and he hasn't been back there since. I'd only get them if your having bubble algae problems, they control that very well and are worth the risk.
  23. Blue Z Reef

    FTS Thread...

    Here's my 90 Gallon, my huge toadstool got fragged last night, still recovering :(