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  1. Zachs 110gal Shallow mix reef!!

    Really?!? All those fish and no carpet surfers? Even with lids I've had fish fly out of the only open spot somehow ????
  2. Zachs 110gal Shallow mix reef!!

    Tank looks great man! You using a lid? Also, what was in the little green holding tank in your FTS?
  3. Glass drilling

    I know Ocean In a Box does. Most shops do. It's pretty easy to DIY as well.
  4. Jebao dosing pump

    This is the dp4? I'll take it.
  5. Blue Z’s Rimless Cube

    So I shut down my 210 gallon tank back in November. I sold off a lot of stuff and stashed some in my 4x2 frag tank. The main reason for the shutdown was time. My son was born in Feb 2016 and our year was super busy, sleepless, and a lot of fun too, however, it really took a toll on my reef keeping time. He loves my tanks though and especially loves splashing his little hands in them and trying to touch my clown fish in the frag tank LOL I picked up this 45 gal Marineland rimless cube and stand off CL. I knew I wanted another display and figured this would be a more manageable size. First thing I had to do was drill 3X 1” bulkhead holes in the back left of the tank. I made a custom corner overflow for it and have a herbie drain setup. It’s extremely quiet, lovin it! I debated doing a cube sump under the stand, it is very open in the back to fit one. I decided due to its location (and always wanting an “equipment room” ????) I would go through the wall into the closet and put a 40B DIY sump in there. Equipment list is as follows: Lighting – Hydra 52 HD Skimmer – Vertex 130 with BlueZ DC 4000 needle wheel pump Nutrient Export – Cheato tumbler section of sump and BRS dual reactor Return – DC6000 Water movement – Gyre 130 Elements – Jebao DP4 dosing pump + MarineMagic 3 head doser Salt/Adds – Aquaforest reef salt, Component 1,2,3+, NP Pro, Pro Bio S, Bio S - (giving it a try!) Excuse the closet stuff...still working on getting it fully organized Tank is bare bottom, I used a 1/2” sheet of ABS plastic for the "sand" floor. This also allowed me to make some unique rock structures and anchor them in a hole with acrylic rod. Due to my last tank being overrun with Majanos, I did a full acid bath/bleach on my rocks so they are totally clean. I will only use real LR in my sump once things get going a bit. I just added water Tuesday night. Ran into an issue when I realized I used GE Silicone 2 instead of 1 on an area. I cut it out and used aquarium silicone…wish I did that from the get go! Delayed start up about 2 weeks and had to drain it all. Here’s where were at today: To do list: Light mount – probably going with iron pipe and floor flange into the wall (all cords will run inside the wall) Dosing shelf with cheato light hanger in closet
  6. Blue Z’s Rimless Cube

    The tank is 24x24x19 Started dumping in some corals....may need to frag those beasts a bit LOL
  7. Blue Z’s Rimless Cube

    Thanks all! Fortunately this was all off the shelf didn't even have to ask. Since it's a 24" cube I was able to buy a pre done 12" pipe so it's pretty much perfect off the wall. I spruced it up with a little silver spray paint ????????
  8. Blue Z’s Rimless Cube

    I finally got my light mount done and installed. All wires run inside the pipe and into the wall. I wanted it as clean as possible and I like the suspended look it gives. It was also a reasonably cheap method using steel pipe and floor flanges. I tossed a few corals in last night. Here we go!
  9. Silencer for drain

    If your stuck on what you've got, maybe look at the H2Overflow system. Otherwise I'd do a box and bean animal and add a second hole for emergency drain. What tank is this on?
  10. fluconazole to battle byropsis

    I was reading that it either gets skimmed out or can be broken down with UV. I'm sure carbon absorbs some as well. Did you skim during treatment or not? If you did I'd probably just do a full dose with the water change. I don't think there has been any negative reports of people over doing the dosage.
  11. fluconazole to battle byropsis

    Any updates? I just ordered 30 to have on hand just in case LOL
  12. afresh's biocube

    Good god that's a lot smooshed into a Biocube LOL nice tank! Looks like growth has been good! Keep it up
  13. fluconazole to battle byropsis

    Just out of curiosity, did you use PayPal or your CC? I wanted to order some just to have on hand but wasn't sure how secure the site was...maybe just being paranoid. The PayPal option does weird stuff when I try to use it. :(
  14. Reef Octopus Elite 220 INT with avast swabbie neck cleaner and acrylic stand. Original owner and have original box, just finished cleaning in vinegar bath - $500 FIRM Size comparison Footprint: 16.5″ x 12.2″ | Reaction Chamber: 9″ | Height: 24.8″ Rated at: Heavy Bio - 300 gal Medium Bio - 400 gal Light Bio - 530 gal Will take a part trade for a gyre 130/230 or MP10QD
  15. FS: Reef Octopus Elite 220 INT with swabbie

    That is a tough one to get a good fit! This beaut is officially pending sale!
  16. FS: Reef Octopus Elite 220 INT with swabbie

    Bump! Tax money soon...anyone want this beast ????????????
  17. FS: Reef Octopus Elite 220 INT with swabbie

    7.5 to 9" My stand is only 2" I believe but was all I needed for my last setup
  18. T5 lighting.

    It depends on what you like visually as well as what corals you want to grow. I personally like the bluer look so I'd probably have heavy usage of ATI Blue Plus with an ATI Actinic and maybe a coral plus or purple plus?
  19. Livestock for sale

    I'll take these, can meet you tomorrow at noon
  20. Hello! New (soon to be hopefully) Reefer

    And don't forget to budget for plumbing...I always think to myself "that's cheap, won't cost that much". Which is then followed by 4 trips to HD and $100 later LOL
  21. Hello! New (soon to be hopefully) Reefer

    Welcome! I think you've got a nice list but can def save some cash buying used or similar equipment: Lights - used hydra 52 is probably around $400, maybe a little less if you look around a bit (I see them a lot on R2R). Also, I've seen several 40B setups with a single OceanRevive Artic. Forget their price but it's under $200 Return pump - try a Jebao DCT4000, they are $63 with Prime on Amazon Used RKL setup should run you around $150 Rock - many people have cured LR (myself included) that can be had for less than the dry. Something to consider. Just those changes will get you back under the $2k range
  22. I have a RO Elite DC 220 INT I'd sell for $500 firm Comes with swabbie and stand
  23. Buy replacement Curve 5 pump or upgrade?

    I'd replace it, Curves are good skimmers. Don't buy a vertex, the one sized for your tank, the 130i is NOT a good skimmer. I have one and had to replace the pump with a custom DC jebao to get it to skim properly. They are super finicky and the pump is loud. Can't speak to their larger models but stay away from the small ones Reef Octopus has some really nice models right now if you want to replace it instead, worth checking out.
  24. Reducing nitrates.. Few questions on my setup

    One suggestion going forward - get a powerhead or wavemaker in your sump and have a timer turn it on and off periodically to prevent detritus settling.
  25. CO2 regulator suggestions

    Hard to beat the aquarium plants carbon doser, runs about $300. I liked the aquatic life mini that I used. The needle valve is the only thing I'd swap but once I tinkered with it a bit I didn't have any issues. Unfortunately they seem to be discontinued:( http://www.marinedepot.com/AquaticLife_CO2_Regulator_with_Lighted_Solenoid_CO2_Regulators_for_Aquariums-AquaticLife-AK01217-FICORE-vi.html