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    Duncan's are a lot of fun and pretty easy going for care. I'm down to just 2 clown fish so no issues feeding but you have 2 good options: -feed at night -use a piece of Tupperware or cut pop bottle and cover after spot feeding to keep the wrasse out while they put the food in their mouths.
  2. Blue Z Reef

    Tank Controller

    First issue you'll run into is DA likely won't let you return it just because you don't like it. when you were programming it, were you using a computer or doing it all through the head unit? I remember being really frustrated programming manually but it was much easier with the PC (MyReef software) using a SID. If I wasn't in the middle of moving I'd get mine out for you. The pH probe calibration takes a LONG time. Like put the probe in the calibration fluid for 20-30 mins to get the right reading to input on both ends of the scale. It's a pain but that's the only way I got an accurate reading. overall I think the reefkeeper is a great controller for simple things but more advanced/larger scale users will be happier with Apex.
  3. Blue Z Reef


    BRS has a good video on it: http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/video/view/faq-26-using-bayer-as-a-coral-dip-what-recipe-do-we-use/ the beauty of it is you cant over do it very easily. I typically guesstimate (most just dose till the water is opaque) and wait 10-15 minutes without any issues to date. Much more forgiving than CoralRx and iodine based dips.
  4. Blue Z Reef

    Any local dealers for Deep Blue or Aquarium Masters?

    Ocean in a Box (Vancouver) gets Aquarium Masters tanks
  5. Blue Z Reef

    Digital Aquatics

    I use DA stuff but not the APC. If your having issues, the DA support forums are generally responsive within 24 hours for most issues.
  6. Blue Z Reef

    Vertex Controllers

    I think everyone is in a holding pattern at the moment. With all the new monitoring equipment that is pending release its hard to hop on board for a controller which is likely why the vertex controller fizzled out of view. Right now with Mindstream, GHL, Apex, and others getting ready to launch an Alk monitor/controller, I think the next big controller boom will be with whoever releases it first. There is the KH Guardian but I think most people are wanting it all integrated into a larger scale (more capable) controller (especially for the $1300 price tag).
  7. Blue Z Reef

    Anyone know of any tricks for adding multiple tangs

    Only other trick I haven't seen mentioned was using a mirror up to the tank side. Current fish see their reflection and "get used to" other tank mates of the same type. It's always scary putting in a new fish with this potential but I think the acclimation box will help and at least let you know with no one getting hurt if it's going to work or not. to have 3 yellows and a blue they all were added to the tank that only had 1 smaller yellow at the time. Crowd confusion worked lol
  8. Blue Z Reef


    Kent has always been good to me and is usually the best bargain in our area.
  9. Blue Z Reef

    90 gallon tank flow?

    You've got an interesting tank since it's a cylinder. If that were my tank I'd be looking at a maxspect gyre and run it vertically. WP40 will do it though, I'm surprised it still sticks with the curve of the glass? You'll have to play with flow directions to make sure you don't have dead spots but also aren't blasting any corals (or areas you planned for corals).
  10. Blue Z Reef

    My sump

    Rope lights look really nice! looks like you need a sock holder....you should have told me and I could have whipped one up for ya!
  11. Blue Z Reef

    Emerald and Sirena's Frag Tank

    Yay! It lives again! Hope it grows you some monstrous frags LOL
  12. Blue Z Reef

    fluconazole to battle byropsis

    Aptaisa is easy, get peppermint shrimp and let them take care of it. Majanos on the other hand are little hell spawns!
  13. Blue Z Reef

    Questions about ro filters

    If you mean the membrane, get the Spectrapure 99% removal membrane, one of the best for rejection rates. They also make great DI cartridges.
  14. Blue Z Reef

    fluconazole to battle byropsis

    Nice update! I also had it get rid of byprosis and some hair algae, it was a very small amount though so it only took 2 doses. Great stuff. Didn't have any side effects either. I didn't have any cheato so can't speak to that dying off but I had seen it mentioned in the R2R thread. Tank has been free of algae (aside from the weekly film on the glass) ever since treatment.
  15. Blue Z Reef

    WTB: Koralia nanos

    Looking for a few koralia nanos, 240 or 425 is fine. Looking for some cheap circulation to keep my sump clean. Let me know what you have available
  16. Blue Z Reef

    Foam during new tank start up

    Also, when you say you used water weld for pipe sealing, do you mean an actual 2 part liquid glue or the white putty stuff you mush up in your hands to activate? Typically PVC is glued with your standard PVC glue. With most glues, they become inert upon curing. I've used the water weld putty stuff before for rock work and it does make your skimmer go a little crazy. Usually just letting it go crazy for a bit and refilling the tank with salt water as I dump it alleviated this issue.
  17. Blue Z Reef

    Foam during new tank start up

    At this point something is off, as much as it would suck, id do a drain, vinegar bath, and refill. How did you cleanse the tank prior to filling? Also what salt did you use? None should foam like that but curious to know. also, skimmer lids have to have the air holes in the lids to relieve pressure from the foam overflowing or else they would be popping up and down to relieve the pressure. I've always perferred an internal skimmer for this reason, extra safety if you have a disaster.
  18. Blue Z Reef


    Looks like an eBay special from China that they rate for 100 gals LOL Try adding some vinegar to the water when you test and see if you get some bubbles going on. On a 10 gallon tank, most people don't run skimmers.
  19. Blue Z Reef

    GB Fire Tip BTA

  20. Definitely the nutrient load. I always had this issue with running a mixed reef. Better my sps was doing, worse the shrooms and zoos did usually and vise versa. Finding the middle ground can be tricky when SPS colors thrive at the fringe of stability for everything else. Do you dose any aminos? May want to look into something to replenish the nutrients your system is using up.
  21. Blue Z Reef

    New to Saltwater, starting 90 gal

    Welcome! Beautiful tank! I always loved 90 gal due to its stability, makes life easier than starting small IMO As far as your leak test goes, as long as your bulkheads are tested you should be good, but I'd still probably fill with RODI before mixing salt for a final verification and run your pumps to check all your plumbing. As far as rock is concerned, the more the better in the long run but there are many methods of bacteria management that can support less rock work.
  22. Blue Z Reef

    Controlling effluent flow

    If you dig around on the net you can find tubing in bulk typically that works. Took me some trial and error when I used to use a peri pump but I managed to buy several feet for the price of one replacement from the company selling the top off pump
  23. Blue Z Reef

    Tank Support (Physically)

    I went the 4x4 with pyramid blocks route, worked out fine for my 210. I dont know how true it is but I always heard that at the 180 gal mark you need to reinforce otherwise it's ok. Obviously it's a pretty loose rule but if your worried about it, it's a cheap investment for the piece of mind. I literally just used 1x 4x4 8ft and 2 pyramid blocks and some shims. Total cost was under $25. A lot depends on how your house is supported as well, mine has TGIs instead of traditional joysts.
  24. Blue Z Reef

    Question on covering nearly entrie sand bed

    What about bare bottom with starboard or something? Corals love the flat growing areas if you went with the rock fiesta route you'd probably have to take a powerhead and blow them out regularly for maintenance. Despite large amounts of flow, lots of rock can hide dead spots still
  25. Blue Z Reef

    Triton Tests For 25 Bucks?

    Wow good deal! I don't see what all they test on the site though...?