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  1. I try to sweep the reefing spending under the rug...and hide it out back lol what is scarier for me is when I added up my Amazon spending with a banking app...Yikes! I did that a few years ago and now just keep my eyes closed 😂
  2. Stand looks really nice Be careful with check valves. I had one on my last tank, no issues. Put one on my current tank and it would hammer open/shut repeatedly when I turned off the return. Super annoying. I took it out (wasn’t necessary for my sump). Some people have the same issue if you read about it. My only advise would be to try and mount it up higher instead of just after your return pump. Any reason your sump is so small?
  3. The good thing about the hobby is you can definitely “grow into it”. Seeing people’s crazy setups, fish rooms, mixing stations, etc may seem intimidating but are usually a result of learning and adapting/upgrading over time. the good thing is companies like Red Sea know that some people get overloaded on what to buy so they make setups that come pretty much ready to go (sump/lights etc are included). I would find someone who has a similar setup to what you are looking at and see how they did things. Ask questions and get advice from people local, lots of knowledge you can get (and see) within a 50 mile radius of you. Cant speak to raising cuttlefish, but I have seen them at Cuttlefish and Coral in the past. Jeff (the owner) I’m sure would be a great resource for your questions about a setup. Breeding is it’s own beast though so be warned, you may end up with more than just a single tank to raise them. Haven’t heard of anyone locally doing it, only clowns and seahorses.
  4. Trident/DOS combo is amazing. Can’t recommend it enough (if you don’t mind the price LOL). I have mine doing 8x tests a day. It’s amazing how much you learn about your tanks demand when it is mapped out throughout the day. I even noticed Alk demand changes from minor lighting adjustments. Honestly without testing as much as it does automatically some of the changes would be easy to miss (seeing the daily trends and adjusting dosing to fit is super cool). As you already have an apex you are already invested so that would be the route I would choose. Plus it’s epic to be lazy and get your testing done automatically! 😆
  5. Frogspawn becomes so brittle as it gets big (and heavy). When I moved everything from my cube to my 210 I broke so many frogspawn colonies. My biggest one was a perfect dome the size of a melon. I was holding my lid and it slipped and bashed down right in the middle breaking it apart. I put it back together and said screw the rest lol 😂
  6. Lowe’s/HD sells the white flex pvc (spa flex?) by the foot. Not sure if it goes down that small though. Could you just use clear tubing? I’d assume that one of the glues would hold it.
  7. How does it compare to your other torches? Does it look like something else? Honestly, with so many lighting/photography/tank differences, it’s hard to say. Obviously we all want what we pay for but this hobby is a bit unique. Rudy sells amazing corals so I’m surprised it’s much different. This is mainly why I prefer in person buying.
  8. Bump, great setup for a 6’ tank!
  9. Mine nitrates were always 0. I have to dose daily Reef Energy AB+ plus I feed my fish 1-2x a day flake/pellet and about 3-4 cubes worth for dinner of frozen (mixed LRS/Mysis/etc cubes). Dose acropower once a week. After all that I read about 2 now (Salifert). I was dosing ME Coral nitrate for a bit, I’m ok with my reading at 2 now so haven’t been messing with dosing it now. I have some sodium nitrate granular if I decide to bring it up again higher. on my tank I think the marine pure is keeping it so low along with all my LPS of course
  10. Have you seen the reef moonshiners guys dosing witch hazel for STN/RTN? Apparently works? They have some strange methods but some parts are definitely intriguing. They are on FB and R2R
  11. Man...I need to get a webcam going on my tank. which ones are you using @SuncrestReef? Can you get them to show up on the apex home page?
  12. Just swapped these out for some controllable lights. Bought these new and put over my tank end of February. Nothing wrong with them, no mods, still have warranty sticker intact on the case, they look new. Have the hanging kits as well (unmodified). These have a single plug and built in timer. Asking $150 each
  13. Here it is: https://www.marinedepot.com/standard-aquarium-controller-board-mounting-system-white-marine-depot
  14. That is a Marine Depot controller board, pre made. I wanna say it was $150ish?
  15. Curious to see pics of the tank Also, you have 2 calcium reactors shown...which one is for sale? The single or dual chamber?
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