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  1. I finally got an Apex for my new build. I will tell you when I was having setup issues and I called support, had a rep on the line in 5 mins, and has the problem resolved in less than 10 minutes basically made it worth getting. my background is in ReefKeeper. Had a lite for a long time and when the Archon was released I jumped on board after hearing all the great plans for it. I can tell you from experience, DON’T BE A FIRST IN LINE CONTROLLER BUYER! You are basically a paying beta tester. Nothing sucks more then dishing out your hard earned cash and not being able to get the thing working right, having shotty support (DA basically had 1 guy who was near impossible to get ahold of plus some part time online support people), and being stuck troubleshooting yourself. The issue is we are usually doing things like this as a system replacement or new addition to a running reef, not a separate setup to test first, so you need your reef gear running NOW. Makes things super frustrating when you feel like you can’t go to bed because your controller keeps rebooting or won’t figure out a function correctly. Let new stuff be vetted before giving it too much credit (talk is cheap). Mindstream after all, took like 5+ years to be released, sure glad I didn’t lay down cash 2 years ago hoping for a chance for it to work out and sitting around wishing you had it. There is a reason why Apex is the “gold standard”. It’s not going to be cheap but you have customer support, large volume of users to leverage knowledge from, and years of testing backing it all up. From personal experience, you will be years ahead sticking with that then holding out for the promise of the next great controller.
  2. One cool idea I saw recently from another reefer was using a UPS backup but he added a deep cycle marine battery to it (hard wired it internally). He was saying the extra capacity took his system from running for like 30 mins to running like all day lol! Seemed like a cool mod as UPS backups aren’t all that spendy then you add about $120ish for the deep cycle and some wire and a battery box and your in business! Something to search online for, he’s not the first to do the mod. on the dirt cheap survivor mode backup is the battery powered air pumps. They make a model with a plug that auto kicks on when power goes out. These run like $20-30 and can keep your O2 levels up in a short term power outage.
  3. Almost crapped my pants when I saw this....but I just bought the whole system and DOS 😞 What I’m kind of confused about was when I was on tech support with Neptune a week or two ago, I asked when they are releasing the “next batch” of tridents. The guy told me they ship literal pallets of them out weekly....where are they all???? Never had $600 hanging in the balance burning a hole in my pocket so bad LOL
  4. I’ve got a white Hydra 52 HD and a black HMS single light mount I was going to sell soon...PM me if interested.
  5. I’d look around online but this is a good reference picture (not mine): actinic - coral+ - blue+ - purple+ - B+ - B+ it may seem like the purple plus would have more purple but it definitely has a whiter/pinky purple hue to it. Actinic is a dimmer bulb that helps things get that little extra pop (similar to UV leds).
  6. I think it all depends on the look you’re going for. I prefer more blue spectrum so I’d always go all blue plus or B+ and an actinic. i tried a coral plus once and it was waaay too white for my taste. Now if you had an 8 bulb fixture or something maybe a single coral plus might do something for the look but not with only 2 bulbs to play with.
  7. Blue Z Reef

    Chalice Show

    That’s what I thought! Thanks!
  8. Blue Z Reef

    Chalice Show

    What’s that one called? I have one also but always get mixed responses on the name lol! beautiful collection!
  9. easy peasey 😂! When we bought our house I was on the lookout for a nice spot for a tank like this and that spot worked out perfect for a 6’ tank. You know it buddy! Super excited for the stocking part of the build. My son is already saying he wants to pick a fish! Now if our fam can all just get over the cold/flu we all have I could get back to work on it 🤧
  10. Thanks, took a lot of work to get it to where it is now. Whole thing was sprayed, then ran really bad and had to all be sanded back down and resprayed again. I am now very happy with my decision to do white instead of leaving the oak/wood look it had before, definitely fits the room well! unfortunately our whole family has had the worst cold/flu in years so not moving fast at the moment, hoping to pickup speed again once we feel better 🤧
  11. It has been a LONG HAUL with this build. I bought this tank about a year ago and spent forever refinishing the stand to match the trim in our house. The stand also needed some repairs as well. After all that time, I just had some movers bring it into the living room this morning. The scale of this puppy is pretty daunting now that I see it in its “final resting place”. It is a MarineLand 6x2x28” tank (210 gal I believe, which is ironically what I had a few years back just different dimensions). Hoping the setup doesn’t take another year 😂 HUGE shoutout to Confidence Moving Labor LLC for doing the move. It was surprisingly hard to find someone willing to do the move period. I felt their price was more than fair also (had some people quote me a “would be dumb not to do the job” price 🙄). Here it is!
  12. It’s all more or less the same. When people first started experimenting with it you had to order it through a weird petmed website. After it proved out, most online retailers started carrying it under a brand name like “Flux Rx”. I believe it is exempt from needing any prescriptions as it’s sold as Reef tank use only. Prior the websites were kinda shady you had to order from (like how some of us have got Interceptor in the past without an Rx online).
  13. I guess the part I’m a bit confused about is you said your Hanna reads phosphate of 10? What units are those? Because I’m pretty sure you are meaning .10 PPM not 10 PPM which would likely kill everything in your tank. Also, what Nate says is true, you likely have much higher levels and the algae is reducing the number. Do you run any phosphate/nitrate reducer like NoPox? I have also done Fluconazole with success 2x. Overall it is easy, just takes a few weeks for GHA. I would go that route first before doing a reboot.
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