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  1. Blue Z Reef

    UV Sterilization

    Don’t waste money on UV for clean glass...buy the ultimate in laziness...robosnail (aka algae Roomba) AquaGenesis Robosnail Automatic Aquarium Glass Cleaner https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CZ9Q17A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_q2toCbFKNC29F
  2. Blue Z Reef

    UV Sterilization

    I guess a good question for the OP is how often do you clean your glass? Also, what are your water levels?
  3. Blue Z Reef

    Skimmer water outlet question

    Aside from a little water noise it shouldn’t be an issue. The elbo I think is just to direct the flow out if you were using it in tank instead of in a back compartment like you are. As Albertareef said, worst it would do is recirculate some of the water back through the skimmer. With how close you are to the next chamber it won’t be much.
  4. Blue Z Reef

    Neptune Trident update

    It’s starting to sound like the Mindstream...lots of talk and no firm dates. The reason why I don’t run away from my old school ReefKeeper gear for an Apex on a promise of the Trident. Makes me want to buy the Alktronic...at least those are available now...
  5. Blue Z Reef

    55 gal sump, Skimmer Project, Mag Float FS

    Make offers before I put it under the house....dun dun duuuuuuuuunnnnn!!! 😱
  6. Blue Z Reef

    Red slime finally gone!

    I usually did the same thing you are doing. I would have fresh mixed saltwater ready and let the skimmer go nuts into a 5 gal bucket and replenish as it filled. Typically it would cut it out after a bit and be back to normal.
  7. Hey all, Have this 55 gal DIY sump that came with my setup that I don’t need. It has glass baffle and sock holder for 2x 4” socks. It is just a single 5.5” baffle at the other end. Has a ball valve and is drilled with bulkhead at the other end. Anyone need it? I have not leaked tested it and really don’t care to. Let’s say $40 OBO. Comes with a free sock! Shoot me offers, coral trades ok 👍 Have an AquaEuro USA downdraft skimmer. Missing it’s collection cup. It’s a beast. If you could rig up a cup you could have a skimmer on the cheap! Let’s do $20 OBO. Also have one of the larger square mag floats. Let’s do $15 on that.
  8. Blue Z Reef

    Skimmer Advice

    Another good one to look into is a Tunze 9004 if it will fit. I was pretty impressed with how well it worked when I had one. Nano skimmers are tricky, I’d always look at what pump they use and read reviews. The HOB aquamaxx might be a bit oversized for your tank, they do make an in tank one as well, the WS-1. Worth checking out too, they use Sicce pumps. Honestly, not sure on the icecap pumps and how they hold up and skim.
  9. Blue Z Reef

    Skimmer Advice

    Haven’t used one but when doing research in the past the Aquamaxx was a favorite among HOBs https://www.marinedepot.com/AquaMaxx_HOB_1.5_Hang_On_Back_Protein_Skimmer_Protein_Skimmers_for_Saltwater_Aquariums_Reefs_Nano_Skimmer-AquaMaxx-UJ94629-FIPSNS-vi.html
  10. Blue Z Reef

    Lightning Clowns in their Rose Anonome

    Drool...if I didn’t have clowns already I’d have lightning marrons in a heartbeat!
  11. Blue Z Reef

    New buddy

    His color has gotten really bright! Very cool fish!
  12. Blue Z Reef

    LED repair

    Awesome! Glad it’s sorted for now. Also, you can always jumper around the led in a pinch to get the channel up and going again. They are cheap enough it’s good to have extras on hand. Anytime you need a hand I’m happy to help. Can only really help with black box leds as the nicer ones typically have a pre fabbed pcb board that I don’t have the tools to fix unlike the Chinese style with individual diodes and easy soldier points.
  13. Blue Z Reef

    LED repair

    These are the last batch I bought of royal blues https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263332974931 I always order extras since it takes so long to ship.
  14. Blue Z Reef

    LED repair

    I always get mine off eBay from China so they take forever to get here (usually about a month). If you just need a few quickly I could mail you some if you want to cover shipping. Not sure what the smallest mailer would cost but probably $5
  15. Blue Z Reef

    LED repair

    It’s likely one of 3 things: 1. (Most likely) a single led on that channel has burned out, causing a break in the circuit and the channel to go out. You can diagnose with a multimeter, the one I use will actually illuminate LEDs if they are good. Once found, use a soldiering iron and remove led and replace. Closer to 400nm and below LEDs tend to have the shortest lifespan. Blue channels tend to be effected more because of this. 2. Driver for that channel has gone out. Replacement will be needed and may need soldiered in if it doesn’t have a simple molex plug. 3. (Least likely) something in the controller has failed causing the channel to not switch on. I would diagnose other issues first. Id be more then happy to diagnose and fix if possible for you but I am an hour North...