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  1. Are all the whites flickering together at the same time? Seems like that would suggest a driver issue on that channel. Only time I’ve ever had any sort of flickering issues was when using the low amp channel on a ReefKeeper as the timer for a single channel of black box LEDs. You are in a different situation with the programmable head unit though. No idea on what the pulsing effect would have on corals and their coloration/growth. I would assume it wouldn’t be good especially if you can visibly see it (most lighting does flicker but at a speed not detectable by the human eye). overall I’ve been pleased with my Hydra 52, I’m sure you will like it much more!
  2. Your methods...are too extreme!!! joking aside, there is lots that influences growth. I noticed better PE when I dosed Acropower in the past. Hard to say how much it actually affected growth, but maybe give it a shot. Sounds like the rest of your system is fine.
  3. Sorry, based on reviews since you don’t have a booster pump get a 600. I use an 800 on mine but use a booster pump. the flush part of it is just a little black valve you turn. All it’s doing is changing the oriface size. So you go from wide open (which is what you have now and is typically used to flush out the membrane prior to use for 15 mins) to restricting to 600ml flow rate output on waste. This will up your pressure a bit and cut the waste out down to an acceptable level. make sense? Do some reading on it but I thought all systems came with them...I know mine did.
  4. They just go on the outlet line. The fast flush one is better if you don’t have a flush kit which appears you don’t.
  5. Don’t worry about the 77 degree part, that’s only for “ideal” conditions. If you have it on a faucet you can adjust to around that temp and also enjoy the benefit of warm water if making for a water change. If not, don’t sweat it. 45PSI isn’t bad. Sounds like you just need a flow restrictor on the waste. If you are 100gpd then you want an 800ml one.
  6. So you should either have one of these: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/membrane-flush-valve.html OR Something like this: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/reverse-osmosis-flow-restrictor.html
  7. The manual states for ideal rejection rates you need 50 PSI at 77 degrees. Definitely check your pressure. Do you have a flow restrictor installed on your waste output line?
  8. I’ve never checked my waste TDS but it will be higher than your incoming as you are mixing flushing water (higher tds) with all the rejected TDS resulting in higher TDS then you had incoming. For drinking you want the water after your membrane but before the DI.
  9. Have you watched the video tour of JF’s place? He uses primarily blue spectrum and actinic for his systems and small amounts of white. I would guess that if you put it under all ATI B+ and Reefbrite XHO for 10-12 hours a day the color would change back. I believe that’s what his systems primarily consist of.
  10. Something sounds wrong, waaaay wrong if you are having a 1:10 product to waste ratio. What membrane are you running? Do you have a pressure gauge to tell what pressure you are getting? If I had to guess, I would assume your waste flow restrictor is either wrong for your membrane or not present. What system are you using? Ive debaited using the waste for the garden but usually just have my waste line go to the yard to water the bushes or lawn.
  11. Blue Z Reef

    Clown babies

    I knew a guy who used to raise seahorses locally, he told me people would ask him about raising babies all the time. He basically just told everyone no to trying to raise them. It takes a complete setup, food growout setup (for live food the fry need), and a ton of time on your end (he basically came home and worked on them for a few hours after work and did before going to work every AM, plus monitoring in between). Given clowns are a bit “easier” to raise than seahorses, but I don’t think most people are setup for the endeavor or understand how much it actually takes. If I was you, I would ignore it unless you are serious about setting up some sort of growout system and researching what is required. It takes a lot more than just tossing them in a separate tank. It’s more of a fun idea than a reality for most.
  12. Sounds like you found a winner. I was looking seriously at the Klir 7” sock size one but after basically all the reviews being terrible I figured these weren’t as good as they sounded. Most reported the mat getting stuck and the motor not being able to turn it through the channels. Not sure how I would be able to use one in my sump as it’s setup from the factory Eshopps R300 if it wasn’t a drop in style 😞
  13. I’ve still got my bottle if you are in a bind and want to come grab a dose of it over here in Camas. Can’t meet up to deliver today, full time Daddy duty for the weekend 🤪 Detox is the only heavy metal remover that I’m aware of. Until Triton started doing the ICP testing we didn’t really have anything to test metals with aside from copper. I didn’t do a before/after test but it’s reviewed online to work. Figured when my heater blew up and no other parameters seemed out of whack it was the best thing to do.
  14. I had a glass one pop open and my tank basically crashed. I moved everything out into a hospital tank and re-cycled my tank and used Triton Detox to remove any heavy metals. Let your corals guide you though, it was obvious in my tank something got in the water column, everything closed up and was pissed. I would at a minimum do a large water change. Maybe consider running Detox, it doesn’t hurt corals or fish.
  15. http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg587/bluezreef/F1C467EC-3A98-43D2-B6DF-24B4FB5D15DB_zpsczwexyfz.jpg Ive got a 40B already converted into a sump. Has a 7” sock holder in one corner with larger skimmer area, center section is for return pump, and last section was intended to be a pump fed fuge. I’m in Vancouver area though but if you want to trek out here I’d let it go for $60. The silicon job isn’t great but all the acrylic is cut to size so if you wanted you could always redo it.
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