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  1. I NEED a huge bubble like that in my new tank...harder to come by these days! Nice collection 👍
  2. You’ll make more parting out. I would at least sell off corals/rock/fish first then go from there.
  3. I don’t think these use dye. If you dyed rock, it would leach out. I believe these are painted, not 100% sure what they use. I would think that you could use a colored epoxy as a paint. Only issue I would see is that the epoxy would likely encase the rock, not allowing the water to flow into the crevices and holes, thus reducing overall surface area available for bacteria growth. If you look at the purple stuff, you’ll notice that they don’t paint 100% of the rock, leaving some exposed area. The blackout is totally coated, not sure how good this would be long term. Just my thoughts.
  4. I had green spot puffers a long time ago that I transitioned to saltwater. Obviously not Reef safe (they eat everything...including fingers 😂) Also had some archer fish at one time. Cool fish except they squirt steams of water out of the tank trying to take down bugs. Mine always soaked a spot where the sun hit the wall 😦. I had lids but they found the gaps lol
  5. Just call the welding supply store and ask. I swapped a 5 for a 10 and it wasn’t a ton more.
  6. Also, are they new to the system? Any recent changes? I’d start testing and looking over your equipment for issues.
  7. Super slick setup! Love the idea of the two side tanks. Will be cool to see it grow out 👍
  8. I went on Sunday evening, shop looks great! Good to catch up with Brian. Excited to see his shop grow out and very happy to have another shop on this side of the river. 👍
  9. Can I see pics of the AIO QT setup please?
  10. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🤐🤣
  11. Thanks all for the tips, stand is now reinforced with 2 additional back braces (1x12’s beefcake!!) I also did some 90 angle brackets in the top corners and may put some underneath as well. Seems very solid now. Far right back area will have a controller board between the posts as well to have things more rigid. Should probably start a build thread...
  12. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/wide-flow-upgrade-cover-for-mp10-pumps-niche3d.html check it out, pretty cool!
  13. Thingiverse has some great stuff to print. I even did a pod condo off there too. Haven’t used it yet though. even saw recently a company redo the whole housing for a MP10 to make it wider flow! Skys the limit if you have the time to tinker!
  14. Happy to see the update! I was just about to post on here the other day to ask for one! you think this would do dual head for auto water change decently? I almost bought a Masterflex dual head but the seller couldn’t figure out shipping 😞
  15. Appears to be fixed or sold out now
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