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  1. Blue Z Reef


    Browning can be a lighting issue, however, there seems to be other issues going on. I see several dead and dying SPS (possible STN/RTN going on). How’s your phosphate/nitrate/ammonia? As Brian said, need more info on your setup in general.
  2. I wonder if Triton Detox would bring it down. It’s the only heavy metal remover I’m aware of.
  3. I meant ceramic so it sinks. Might be tricky to cut in a circle but usually tiles are like $5 each so you could mess a few up in the process without spending a ton. I saw a thread where someone used some natural stone looking tile on a bare bottom tank and it actually looked pretty good. travertine tiles.
  4. Now I see it’s 9”, trim down a 12” floor tile
  5. How big is it? What about trimming down a floor tile?
  6. Looks like a rainbow (green center), not a rose (usually purplish center). Beautiful specimen and good deal for someone! 👍
  7. PMd you back Yes...it is for sure a huge forum, but that gets things sold lol 😂
  8. Yes but I lost access to my 3D printing 😞 Still have my box of stuff so I have a few left. For the Varios, you’d need this one to be setup as a skimmer pump with the Venturi https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/varios-4s-controllable-dc-skimmer-pump-reef-octopus.html?utm_term=&utm_campaign=Shopping>Octopus>Brand+(MAP)&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=7373341438&hsa_cam=846911466&hsa_grp=43012748117&hsa_ad=198729889128&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=pla-320147641346&hsa_kw=&hsa_mt=&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmpb0BRCBARIsAG7y4zbaIaFL5m_okb51cK3qmCnL0DbrBtqfIKirNRFwBfKVmnn4yGJHNGUaAnBuEALw_wcB
  9. Bubble blasters are great pumps, well made, and very quiet. You got a good one as it lasted nearly a decade! Given its age, The safest route would be complete replacement (not just the impeller). Always good to have the pump the skimmer is designed for but I hear ya on $280 being on the spendy side. I always preferred DC pumps and have run them on all my skimmers pretty much since they came out. The part I like the most about them is they add an extra level of control you won’t have with the BB pump. BRS did a video on tuning skimmers that gets more into detail on how it can be advantageous to turn the pump speed down to reduce turbulence in the body while adjusting the skimmers outlet for the specific type of skim you are trying to achieve. typically DC skimmers, especially the newer generation of them (sign wave versions) are basically silent. A comparable DC pump by Jebao to your BB is something like a DCP5000 or 6500, which are in the $80-100 range. I used to sell pinwheel kits for these and may have one around still you could use if interested. I ran a similar pump on my last skimmer for several years with no issues.
  10. Last bump before throwing the skimmer and light to the hounds on R2R 🐺 Make me an offer, I’d love to sell local!
  11. @Willapa I am in a similar scenario to you. Fortunately I am able to work from home as well. My wife works night shift in the ICU as a nurse...which is pretty much the last place you want to be these days. We use to have my parents help out and occasionally hers as well to watch my son, who is 4 now, but we aren’t doing that now. So she does 3x 12s and when it lands on weekdays, I have to keep the little guy entertained in my office while I work and she sleeps. Fortunately everyone is understanding of this so I usually don’t take phone calls those days and get in what work I can. It’s rough with childcare now but hang in there! It’s been hard on my son as he is missing preschool. We just keep telling him it’s “spring break” and everything is closed! it has been nice doing more around the house, staying out of Portland traffic, and tinkering with my tank. This last week was fun as I finally got my Trident and DOS going! Every piece of gear I add to the apex, I’m more impressed! It’s been a lot of fun lately, which is a major change from my control systems of the past! so if everyone could do our family a HUGE favor and STAY HOME, hopefully things can get under control, my wife’s stress level can come down 👩‍⚕️, and we can all go about our reefing lives 😁🐠🐡
  12. I do but honestly at this point with the quarantine going on, I’d rather not have people over for small coral purchases. When things calm down I’d be happy to sell you a frag. For anyone in the same situation, I’d be happy to ship the light or skimmer for $10.
  13. Super awesome Jeremy, that’s amazing stability! i just set up my trident for the first time last night. Kind of kicking myself, hope I can get more reagent soon as i only have the 2 month kit it comes with 😑 @SuncrestReef and @TheClark how close are the reagent kits coming to meeting the specified monthly testing amounts at 4 per day option?
  14. Ok, PRICE DROP Tank - $300 Hydra 52hd - $325 Willing to trade stuff for an extra DOS if you have one laying around 🤪 still down for partial trades on LPS
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