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  1. Also...if you ever think down the road you want an Apex, the ATK kit at $200 can run independently of the apex (until you get one), has dual optical sensors plus float valve shutoff and pump. The pump itself is a tad noisy but not horrible. Food for thought...
  2. Your color coordination makes me jealous lol! just a heads up, the DOS Reservoir is problematic with whatever you put into it shorting the circuit board and causing the optical switch not to register. Mine is out already and it’s only 6 months old. Debating sending it in for “repair”. You could probably open it up (screw on under side of top) and use some silicone to seal it better. Or a guy on eBay sells a wire only harness with no circuit board for pretty reasonable. Just something to look into.
  3. Usually I source that stuff off eBay from China. Down side is it takes like a month to get here lol. given what all you need, you may be able to get ahold of someone’s old black box for parts. They usually sell for around $50 working or less. By the time you get a few drivers, dimmers, and fan control you might be into it $30 anyway and a month of waiting.
  4. My pH has been relatively close, not enough to quantify any changes from it. I did just for safety sake (and it was more or less due) swap my carbon out.
  5. Before I forget and fall asleep on the couch again... #dadlife One free member ticket for Nero please
  6. @Jack-the-reefer right up your alley!
  7. My expectations are so low from my years of RK use that I feel like my apex just keeps popping up with secret freebies all the time 🤣
  8. So just now I learn there is an App....man I feel dumb LOLOL
  9. I am ok with the 30-40 minute delay mainly because I have Comcast...self explanatory lol! It will drop connection randomly at least once a day but gets going again within a minute or so. I definitely plan do get a UPS setup, I’ve seen videos of people simply adding a deep cycle battery to one and they last super long. That is cheaper than I thought! I swear every time I ogled at them in the past the starting prices were like $4k and up. Was hoping battery tech would take a leap forward so the “power wall” style backups were more reasonable and more storage dense. I’m sure we wil
  10. Yeah the winds have been nuts, I have 2 coworkers that can’t work from home today because they lost power. Lots of tree limbs everywhere lol thanks for the heartbeat tip, enabled it now!
  11. That’s funny, I literally just refreshed mine before coming to the site. with the crazy wind around here I used to yesterday to make sure my power was still on lol! I’m assuming if the power was out it would have some error, right? Never had an Apex through a storm yet 🤣
  12. Holy crap! I thought you would have broke it apart and saved some real estate by now lol! That’s maaaaasive!
  13. Dang! You have been on a super awesome nem streak lately! I’ve never seen one like this before 🤤. Hope someone local gets it and propagates it!
  14. Yeah that’s high. Don’t get me wrong, the stand looks nice. People can sink a ton of money into a stand to look nice, but doesn’t really add a ton of value to the setup. The tank is probably just an aqueon 40B which retails for $50 at petco. Sump looks like a DIY aqueon also so it was $20 new. There is DIY work and materials involved but there are better deals to be had out there. I wouldn’t worry about plumbing. It’s pretty simple in general. Tons of people here can help too. Usually takes at least 2 trips to get PVC at least before your finished lol Tank you choose de
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