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  1. I’ll take them, can I pick up tomorrow? Shoot me a PM. Only thing I have to trade is frogspawn if you’d like. Let me know. Thanks!
  2. Found this too on fish street: https://m.fish-street.com/bubble-magus-curve-5-curve-7-pump-upgrade-kits
  3. The issue is the pump is internal to the body so you have to find something that fits and lines up with the outlet/inlet holes. How long was the previous pump in service before acting up? you may look into what they use in the “elite” model Curve 7 and see if anyone has done the swap on a standard model. I believe it’s a Sicce pump
  4. Sheesh, I’ve had my used Hydra 52 going on 3 years now, no issues at all...sucks those 26s are acting up so fast!
  5. Nice write up SuncrestReef! What did you guys pay for those Norwesco containers? My new build needs a more solid station like that...55 gal RO barrel is ok but that setup is slick!
  6. I’ve heard of people using an ice cube on the foot to get them to release. Haven’t done it myself but probably worth a try! have you held them upside down outside of the tank? I drained my tank once and they stretched out really far, would have been easy to remove at that point. Good luck!
  7. Guess I’ll leave them unless I get to a water change before then 🤐
  8. Hey all, Most people go into panic mode about raising clowns when this happens. I have no intention of doing that. I was caught off guard when my clowns spawned recently. One of them is 11+ years old and the other is around 8 years old. Geriatric clown parents to say the least LOL! This is the first time they ever have, breaking the 8 year dry spell (yikes!). Should I remove the eggs to avoid any nutrient spikes from the inevitable die off? I have several RBTA, will they eat the fry when they hatch? I’ve heard clown parents will even eat them...just wondering if anyone has had any issues leaving them or if they should be removed. My tank is a 45 cube, if it was my future 210 gal tank I would be less concerned about any water quality impact from the die off.
  9. Looking for someone to spray my stand/hood. I have the paint, it’s mostly prepped but will require some more minor prep and primer. Just looking for someone to use a paint sprayer so it has the smooth cabinet look (painting to match my house cabinets/trim). It’s a 6’x2’ marineland stand and hood. Anyone have ave any recommendations?
  10. As nice as RODI inside my house sounds...it’s staying in the garage. Late night panic runs to the garage are always fun! 🏃‍♂️💨
  11. Sweet, I like that green torch on the LHS! Nice stuff all around.
  12. I’d do 1 sediment and 2 carbons (maybe do like a 5 mic and a 1 micron carbon filters) The resin probably doesn’t have any significant amount of life left if its completely color changed. What membrane did you get? If you are getting the semi standard 98% rejection you should be outputting 1 or 0 (undetectable by meter <1). Do you have a pressure gauge? Possibly low pressure or not installed pressure restrictor/fast flush on your waste line?
  13. Back from the dead! Amazing pics as usual. Any new FTS?
  14. I feel bad as I advised you to do this but was meaning that you redo the plumbing so the 3rd chamber that currently has your DI resin comes after the membrane. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. My unit has JG fittings and tubing between the 3 chambers, is yours all directly attached with male/male threaded adapters? If so, it will probably take some fittings to re-route everything properly. Mine would be more of a tubing switcharoo instead of taking it apart and refitting it.
  15. *violently scratches lightning maroon clown off of future stocking list* 🙁
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