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  1. Blue Z Reef

    Out-of-hobby garage sale - Saturday July 14

    Hahaha I had a feeling it was something you wanted that started it! my buddy got the refractometer he was after but was joking texting me about the 4 people waiting in the driveway before he opened at 9 LOL He said it was like the Purge...so I made this hahaha
  2. Blue Z Reef

    Planned power outage

    These are good for backup and keeping the O2 levels up.
  3. Blue Z Reef

    Out-of-hobby garage sale - Saturday July 14

    Are you holding anything or is it first come first serve? id be interested in the following (helping a friend get everything he needs): Milwaukee digital refractometer - $60 All Dry rock 55 gal drum filter socks all test kits
  4. Blue Z Reef

    WTB ReefKeeper modules

    Found one, thanks!
  5. Blue Z Reef

    WTB ReefKeeper modules

    I am in search of a SL1, SL2, or SLX module. For some reason my extra SL1 bricked itself 😱 trying to put a system together for my friend. Thanks in advance!
  6. Blue Z Reef

    FS: 60 gal cube drilled, sump, skimmer, return pump..

    Yes, my buddy picked it up
  7. Blue Z Reef

    503reeflands RSR 250 build

    Tank looks great! How do you like the Icecap 1k gyre?
  8. Blue Z Reef

    FS: 60 gal cube drilled, sump, skimmer, return pump..

    Yes, forwarding this to my friend, I’ll let you know! Thanks!
  9. Found! Thanks!
  10. Blue Z Reef

    Free 5 gallon water jugs

    FYI - You can buy lids at Winco I’d pick them up if I didn’t have my own hoard of them LOL
  11. Blue Z Reef

    60+ tank for a new project

    In my experience, a 90 gallon was my favorite “beginner” size. Overall really stable, room to grow, equipment isn’t too crazy, etc Also, 90 gal tanks never seemed to sell for much, so there’s that too
  12. Blue Z Reef

    looking for some worms and mini stars

    Why not start with some pods? Easy to obtain and good for the system overall. stars are cool sometimes until you turn around and what looked like 10 became 100 became 100000000000 billion. My 210 gal tank I used to vacuum up like 100 or more every time I did a major water change off the glass and within a matter of weeks, couldn’t tell I killed them off. The ones I had I never noticed eating any corals but some people have the issue so why risk it? At least with PODs you could just get a mandarin to take care of them if you felt plagued by them LOL
  13. Wait wait wait...sorry TLDR all of it but did you run an air stone in the tank constantly while doing the chemiclean dose? It won’t work right if you don’t. It was night and day when I didn’t do that during a treatment, you need it to oxidize and with the skimmer off you need a stone or two at least going full time in the display (not sump). siphon and try that. Report back
  14. Blue Z Reef

    Lighting repair

    IIRC ReefCorner lights were just a branded black box light. From the sound of it, you likely have one of two things wrong: 1. One of the blue LEDs brunt out and the fixture doesn’t have a bypass. Earlier units and cheaper ones never did so if you lost one led on the channel, the whole channel goes dead. (Most likely the issue if it’s 1-2 years old) 2. The driver went bad. They are pretty easy to get these days on eBay. if you lived closer I’d take a look at it for you. I’ve fixed a few myself. From where I’m at (Camas) it says it’s over an hour drive...
  15. Blue Z Reef

    Going Sockless

    I used to hate dealing with socks (felt type). I used to do the exchange at OIAB to avoid cleaning myself, that was both a good and bad experience as some traded out weren’t as nice/clean as the ones I traded in 😑 My current tank uses a Skimz sump, which has their own size of 4” sock, so you have to buy theirs. At first I was annoyed but after being forced into the “mesh” style of sock, I love them! I pull them out, go to the kitchen sink, and rinse them with the sprayer and hot water. You can rub the sides together and they get really clean, really easily. I usually do this 4-5 times, then do a more through clean and put a new set through the cycle. Sump is nice and clean, minimal maintenance, I’m happy, corals look great (admittedly not a big tester either)! No more bleach, power washing, gnar beef socks in the washing machine , etc!