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  1. yrevanth

    Bristleworm explosion

    hmm.. thanks Garrett, but is there a fish which will not sort of turn on my other critters? The bristle worms i dont have a problem with, but only thing is they are too many in the tank... that is all.. Rev!
  2. yrevanth

    Bristleworm explosion

    Guys, I dont know if these worms are bad for the tank or not... But i have a ton of bristle worms all over my tank!!! and i noticed that their population exploded after i had my ich outbreak and removed all my fish... Is there something that I can do about them? or do i just let them be or is tehre a fish or shrimp which will kill them? Rev! (Sad that the apartment doesnt allow more than a 40G tank !!! :()
  3. yrevanth

    October Meeting!

    guys. . .any1 goin from portland? Would love to ride share. . .
  4. yrevanth


    Hey!! I was wondering if anyone has any Acans and zoos for sale!! Rev!
  5. yrevanth

    New Tank

    Ah man!! I just found out from my apartment management that I cant have a tank bigger than a 40 G !!!! there are no load bearing walls on my second floor apartment !!! that sucks!!! :(
  6. yrevanth


    Guys, Really need one.. my bak-pak cpr skimmer is acting weird and not skimming at all... no froth is being formed, have been noticing it for over 2 days now.. dont know what is wrong, but would really like to buy an in-sump proterin skimmer which is not too big. Revanth.
  7. yrevanth


    All, I am looking for a good in sump skimmer which is not too large. . .hopfuly for upto 55 gallons, as I have a 15g sump and want it to fit into the sump. . Revanth
  8. yrevanth

    New Tank

    Thanks for all the replies everyone, but i dont know if i want an acrylic tank... i m very clumsy when it comes to handling rocks in my aquarium and i might actually end up buffing it out more than sitting and enjoyin it...
  9. yrevanth

    White spots on my fish, help!!

    I feed them frozen food... !! and now on i have decided to QT all incoming fish.... not that there will be a lot of em but... just in case...
  10. yrevanth

    White spots on my fish, help!!

    Update 2!! I set up the QT yesterday and removed all my live rock and coral and netted most of the fish... 6 of 7 ... :P couldnt get to my starry blenny as he decided to hide out in a live rock piece which had a lot of SPS stuck to it... so put all the others (2 clowns, 2 purple chromis, 1 blue-green chromis and 1 six line wrasse) into the QT with a Copper level of 0.25 hope for the best... !!!
  11. yrevanth

    White spots on my fish, help!!

    Yes Kim. . .a lesson learnt. . . Now QT is up and running . .added copper as well. . .just need to net the fish. . . 2 casualites so far. . .clown goby and watchman goby. . . :-(
  12. yrevanth

    White spots on my fish, help!!

    Yep. . Thts wht I did. . .wheevr I buy fish the water, I putit in the man tank too. . .:-( a lesson learnt. . .now setup a QT . . .a 20g tank. . .
  13. yrevanth

    UV sterilizer

    Thanks for the posts everyone. . . Thanks mike for letting me borrow urs. . . Thanks Jesse!!!
  14. yrevanth

    White spots on my fish, help!!

    Also, am planning to move to a bigger tank, just to maintain stability in the system... so, if anyone has any spare tanks, please pm me...
  15. yrevanth

    White spots on my fish, help!!

    Hi Kim! Will take some pictures today as soon as I get home and upload them.. I did some reading and am more inclined to think it is ich..It is always better to get some advice from experienced hobbyists, will do it as soon as i get home!!