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  1. estanoche

    Seattle Bob Moore Frag Swap is next weekend!

    Hopefully you were one of the many who messaged me! If not; remember you can buy tickets at the door. Only thing online gets you is the opportunity to enter the swap floor at 12:30 rather than 1PM! See you tomorrow!
  2. estanoche

    Seattle Bob Moore Frag Swap is next weekend!

    Sorry, I'm a slacker on responding (I need to update my email settings!). Family tickets; you can bring as many adults as you want who you say are part of your family. Crux is yes, only 1 raffle ticket for the frag tank we give away from. I will harass everyone who brings in 5 adults and claims them to be their "family" because I can, but aside from that, do as you please. Do know that we are not charging entry fees to make $$, this is to cover costs of saltwater, room rental, frags at less than what we paid, and so much more. More $5 tickets will be for sale if you want more entries into the "wet raffle" frag tank, plus raffle tickets for sale throughout the day for other donated items (wet and dry goods). As for what corals will be there - trust me, if it is on your list, you can find it. With 20 tanks of vendors, one will surely have what you need. And also, remember, doors open at 1PM - or 12:30 if you buy your ticket online before tomorrow night. Thanks! Joanne
  3. Hi Guys! I'm absolutely fired, or as Governor Schwarzenegger would say "Terminated" for being completely behind the 8ball on posting here! Ha! But, aside from that - I hope you are all excited to attend our swap and I wanted to personally invite all of you to head up to Seattle and share in the nuthouse we call the Bob Moore Frag Swap. Last year quite a few of you got caught in traffic through JBLM... that was honestly one of the reasons we decided to move the start time back 3 hours - to give everyone time to get to the swap when the doors open, not just the Seattle locals. Saturday, February 18th Doors open at 1PM - swap closes at 6PM. If you buy your tickets online you can get in at 12:30. 20 Vendors - so many frags. And even frags from you all so you can raise money for your own club! See you there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/563759013781234/ http://www.bobmooreswap.com/
  4. Shared to my club! Maybe some will decide to go have an Oregon coast weekend and drop in on you guys... Working on convincing myself I have the weekend free enough to go too
  5. estanoche

    Bob Moore Frag Swap Pictures

    Geat pics Kim! SOooooooo glad you made it thru the traffic And [language filter], you won that raffle - I should have pulled my ticket! Jealous! My tickets were all duds it seems.
  6. estanoche

    2016 Bob Moore Frag Swap in Tukwila (Seattle)

    Was so glad to see so many PNWMAS name tags around the swap yesterday; hope you all made out like bandits and walked away with loot!
  7. estanoche

    2016 Bob Moore Frag Swap in Tukwila (Seattle)

    For those with nothing to trade; the vendor's don't care! And, if you do want to trade; we will have a "trade table" setup so you have a meeting place for people to hookup and trade with you for pre-arranged trades, or you can hang in that area and hope to find a nice trade with a random attendee. Its a bit of chaos for those wanting to trade, as the swap as evolved to much more of a "sales place" over the years, but carry your cooler with you and offer up trades with anyone you meet! You'd be surprised at the awesome stuff I've traded before... funny, things that are common in your area, are rarities to those up north, and vice versa!!
  8. estanoche

    2016 Bob Moore Frag Swap in Tukwila (Seattle)

    And thanks for dropping off the flyer at Cuttlefish & Corals!
  9. Come one - come all... It is frag swap time! Planning is near final for the annual Bob Moore Frag Swap, and I'd like to personally invite all our southern members to join us! As is typical, we have a littany of sponsors, vendors, and fun lined up. Did I mention we have a national speaker?? Meet Marc Levenson! Who doesn't love Marc? Full info; schedule, and your chance to buy tickets online is here: http://bobmooreswap.com Over $3K in raffle items to be given away; and 10 vendors!! Also; we are doing a promotion - if you can drop off one of our event flyers at your LFS, and tag yourself there, you can get a coupon code for 50% off your entrance ticket... Info here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/563759013781234/585932481563887/ sb.png
  10. estanoche

    From day 1 to now, now the clowns!!

    ohhhhh you can now officially call me ur stalker Kimberlee!! (laugh) (laugh) Had fun catching up on your tank - all those damsels!! Much better livestock choices now