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  1. jbru70

    just moved last weekend

    I just moved my tank 50 miles in a downpour recently. I feel your pain. I was as careful as I could be, and I still lost some coral and livestock due to the temperature drop in the buckets. And a couple things got crushed. It is absolutely sickening to start snapping off corals in an aquarium that was so carefully aquascaped........ Good luck with your new place
  2. jbru70

    The 210 is running strong now, finally got the SPS in

    Lookin Good Man.........I would have thought it was impossible to have calcium that high if I hadnt tested your water myself. I was literally running out of room for drops in the titration tube. I tested it twice and it was 780 the first time and 765 on the second test. I tested my water at the same time and my calc was 480
  3. jbru70

    Cyano bactiria

    When used as directed.........the chemiclean worked in my tank. I just got done doing a 25% water change. Everything looks good. Im sure theres a dozen different products that do the same job. Just do your research, pick the product you are comfortable using and follow the directions
  4. jbru70

    Cyano bactiria

    I just stuck an old airstone i found in the garage in the corner of the tank. I dosed my tank with the chemiclean 42 hours ago and the cyano is gone completely gone. Not even a trace anywhere. I can put away the ol' turkey baster
  5. jbru70

    Cyano bactiria

    Airstone added!!!!! I put the airstone in my fuge next to my return pump because I dont really like the idea of having it in my display. My actinics kicked on and it appears that the chemiclean is working.......(clap). My system is only about 6 months old........ My fuge is a DIY creation, but it is really clean with nothing but live rock and cheato. It doesnt grow much unwanted algae hardly at all down there. im running a 24" 2 x T5 10k fixture over the cheato and it grows like wild fire
  6. jbru70

    Cyano bactiria

    I am having a cyano outbreak right now. It blankets almost everything overnight, I started my chemiclean treatment yesterday, I hope it works as good as advertised...............
  7. jbru70

    Favia or Favites ID please

    Thats a great question.......I have the same thing, I think?????
  8. jbru70

    Which LED would you choose?????/

    My tank is a 40B 36" x 18" footprint, My whole set-up is pretty much all DIY or otherwise modified lol. I just havent researched DIY led at all really. Where do you get your best prices??
  9. jbru70

    Which LED would you choose?????/

    Yea I read your DIY led thread and I think I like the plug and play option. I plan on this being strictly supplemental actinic lighting for extra "pop". I think the all blue ecoxotic might be the best for my budget and the desired effect...........
  10. I want to add an ecoxotic stunner strip to my LPS dominated tank. I am having trouble deciding whether to buy a all blue........or a blue and magenta. If you had to choose which one would you get?
  11. jbru70

    Looking for a Biocube/Nano

    Hey Trent........Im curious to find out if you found a new softy tank. Did you get the Red Sea Max???
  12. jbru70

    Looking for a Biocube/Nano

    I watched the promo video for this tank and i love the chiller option
  13. jbru70

    Tank Brace cracked

    A friend of mine hacksawed the center brace out of his 55 and ran it for years. I did notice and point out the glass bowing and he shrugged it off
  14. jbru70

    Looking for a Biocube/Nano

    Im sure you probably saw this tank on CL here in Bend. This seems to be a good deal http://bend.craigslist.org/for/2708243288.html
  15. We will have to make a run over there and check it out. Very Nice Pics BTW