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  1. Hello everyone, I've moved back to Milwaukie and am finally getting a tank set back up . I was looking to get a bit of a jump start and just buy some saltwater or RODI to get going. Is there a place close by that is trustworthy? Thanks for the help Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Derbird

    Sump refugium build

    If your looking for a custom built sump try to get ahold of Wanareef (Charles) He made the sump for my 60 and I couldn't be happier with it.
  3. Derbird

    Derbird you got PM

    I guess I don't look at the top of the page that much I'll get out the tape measure
  4. Derbird

    Designer Clownfish have arrived! Longfins!

    I do have a soft spot for the black ice clowns
  5. Derbird

    Opinions on flow

    2 MP 10's would give a great amount of more random flow. You don't need the higher flow rates unless your going to build a SPS tank.
  6. Derbird

    Coral Colonies FS

    If my tank was up and going those aremegedons would be mine Beautiful corals GLWS
  7. Derbird

    Browser Zoa or not!

    I'm inclined to agree with Sasquatch. The true bowsers I've seen have two different rings of green around the mouth. A lighter one followed by a darker on. Sorry to bear bad news. Be sure to let who ever you bought these from know so they don't sell them to others. Probably not, they will likely morph back under different lighting. But they are beautiful. On the bright side CAR's usually grow much faster then bowsers so you should be able to make more trades and sales to recoup
  8. Don't forget to check your filter sock. I don't know how but they can get down there
  9. Derbird

    July Meeting!

    This should be a fun meeting I'm looking forward to it.
  10. Derbird

    Bowsers? I have some doubts

    Don't let the designer names scare you off. Some of the most beautiful zoa's I had were from fellow reefers or the cheap frag tanks at the LFS's. Just get what you like and not whats on trend and you'll be fine. Those designer zoa's will be cheap in about 3-4 years as new ones become the "it" coral . When I first started in this candy apple reds were 30-40 bucks a head. Now you can barely give them away. Zoanthids are for entertainment only, not investment purposes
  11. Derbird

    Any pond builders out there?

    That turned out great
  12. Derbird

    Summer Frag Fest!

    Those are some beautiful corals
  13. Derbird

    Bowsers? I have some doubts

    LINAGE!!! If your going to drop serious money on "high end" zoa's always find out the linage. There are so many folks out there who swore they found the hottest zoa in a $5 frag tank. These are living growing evolving animals. There are so many variations, put them under different lights and water conditions. Under different conditions and they will change to suit there environment. If you are chasing the big names be sure you are getting what you are paying for. Or just buy what you like before someone slaps a big name on it a triples the price.
  14. Derbird

    My new office nano!

    Very nice. You have got to love these small tanks.
  15. Derbird

    Bigger small sump

    I'm restarting my 60 gallon cube build. The problem is I think my current sump that I have is just a bit small. It is 18 x 10. With my skimmer and return pump in there it is a tight fit. Both of them are touching the sides of the sump and there is no room for anything else or much water for that matter. I have been looking on line but I can find only smaller sumps or ones that are just too big to fit under my stand. The absolute max is 23 x 14 and of course I don't want to max out under my stand either Anyone have any leads on a good sump in the my dimension range? Thanks for the help
  16. Derbird

    Bigger small sump

    Thank you folks. I do believe Wannareef is going to build an epic sump for my tank
  17. Great equipment list . Looking forward to seeing this beast come together
  18. Derbird

    Some Zoa Pics

    Nice zoa garden. Love to see all the growth these babys are capable of.
  19. Derbird

    Any pond builders out there?

    Koi are beautiful, So would an Oregon coast tide pool pond... Just saying
  20. Derbird

    Starting new predator tank

    Looking good, really good Have you decided what livestock your going to keep?
  21. Derbird

    Reef Safe Parrot Fish?

    Sweet, although I would also have concerns with SPS. Look at those bone cutters it calls a beck. Its saying "trust me with your Oregon tort"
  22. I just might take you up on that
  23. Looks like a great time . One of these years I'll have to make to LONG drive down to Newport.
  24. Derbird

    This could have ended badly!

    I'm glad you didn't start a fire and the heater did not explode That heater has a nasty crack in the glass. Be sure to toss it. Many things you don't want in a reef are inside those.
  25. Derbird

    Bigger small sump

    Is he still around? I'll have to try and contact him Thanks for the heads up. Will look in to it.