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  1. Hello all, I had a scary moment last night. Some of my SPS and LPS corals didn't look all that happy. I did some tests and my parameters we normal so I figured a water change would be best. I put my hand in the tank and the water was cold.... 71 degrees cold I checked my 75 watt heater and the light was on but it is barely warm. After work I'm going to get 2 50 watt heaters to replace it. My question is how much time should I take to raise the temperature? I know I shouldn't just raise it to 79 😃 Thank you for your time
  2. Very interesting, I'm surprised there isn't more detritus build up after a year. Thank you for sharing
  3. The ones ment for human consumption will usually have a small amount of oils from the manufacturing process, even if they are 100% seaweed. I used to use them whe I ran out of the "fish" stuff. The Skimmer would do some overtime but I never saw any ill effects
  4. I have a bucket head from home depot. A little shop vac that attaches to a bucket. It's about $26.
  5. You have some amazing equipment under that beast 😃 I'm probably weird but I enjoy maintenance day. It's very gratifying to see it all clean and running smoothly.
  6. Next new toy, I splurged on marine depot's memorial day sale and got a Tunze 3155 ATO . They really mean economy shipping for their free shipping. Now to decide what to use for water storage I also see the first of the surviving limpets showing up on the glass. I'm going to have to be more careful with my magfloat.
  7. Off topic, but did you happen to see if they are doing the $1 per gallon sale? Congratulations on the trigger
  8. We are the harshest judges of our own systems. Your tank is looking great. And your already keeping Acros which can be quite challenging.
  9. Beautiful livestock, you always have something exciting to show.
  10. A 7" sailfin will stress out pretty fast in a 20" tank. I would try to rehome as fast as you possibly can. Maybe take it to a LFS?
  11. Do you have a soft date for your grand opening in mind?
  12. welcome aboard =). We have some awesome knowledgeable reef keepers on this forum. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Be sure to post up some photos. Its very exciting to be adding your first corals.
  13. Sounds like a blast, but unfortunately I'll be out of the country then. Next time 😃
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