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  1. Derbird

    Thomas' Red Sea 170

    I went to Cuttlefish and corals and Jeff's team confirmed the cycle was over 😃 Big news though, THERE IS LIFE IN THE TANK! I couldn't resist picking up a few zoanthid while at Cuttlefish. I now have 5 heads of Rasta and a sweet little mini colony of WWC Twizzlers. So many more too get, they shall all be mine lol Tonight or tomorrow I will move my clown over and the switch will be completed.
  2. Derbird

    Jellyfish tank

    Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing
  3. Derbird

    Thomas' Red Sea 170

    New tests are in NH3. 0 NO2. 0 NO3. 20ish I guess the cycle is over, that seems pretty fast though From the biopsies bloom starting I think it's time for a phosphate test kit lol If the numbers hold it might be time to add some life 😎
  4. Derbird

    Blades of Death!

    Yikes, I hope nothing got diced
  5. Derbird

    BRS group buy..????

    If someone wants to start one I'd be in =]
  6. Ah man I wish you were closer. That's a good deal.
  7. Derbird

    New top-down macro photos

    Beautiful, what camera or apps are you using?
  8. Derbird

    Thomas' Red Sea 170

    The cycle is really going now. Lots of nasty chemicals being produced 🤢 NH3 .2 NO2 .75 NO3. 40ish 😱 I'm also seeing the start to the diatom bloom in the highest flow area. Time to do some water changes Let the fun begin
  9. Derbird


    So cool, congrats.
  10. Derbird

    Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152

    I was looking in to getting a Tunze nano ATO for my Redsea 170. The price is good and Tunze has a great reputation. But then I read the reviews on BRS and had second thoughts. Some of them are down right scary. Does anyone have actual experience with the 3152?
  11. Derbird

    possible stress/cracks

    If the tank is damaged to the point where it could fail I would highly recommend running the TPA or Petco and picking up a temp tank until you can replace your 50 Saltwater and fish on the floor are not good
  12. Derbird

    test kit needed

    If you don't mind playing mad scientist the red sea tests are a good price and from what I can tell pretty accurate. They are available at most LFS and online.
  13. Derbird

    RS 425 Upgrade

    Very nice, congratulations on the upgrade
  14. Derbird

    Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    Awesome zoanthid collection! Your corals are stunning
  15. Derbird

    Hello from Spanaway wa

    Beautiful systems, thank you for sharing