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  1. Sorry to hear about your water troubles. I hope simple water changes go the trick for you.
  2. Thanks, I'll leave it up high and keep an eye on it
  3. Bonus update I fed the Blastomusso Wellsi tonight and look what it revealed as it fed We have babies
  4. Stopped by Cuttlefish and corals to buy some water and ended up with a few new pieces. I am noticing a trend here =] First up is a coral that has been on my wish list forever. A sweet Dragon Soul Favia. This guy not only has awesome coloration but has an interesting growth pattern. I also scored a very unique Leptoseris. I have thought of these as orange or gold but this one has a blue and purple base with bright green highlights. Bonus is Jeff grew out this coral himself. I actually have a question about the Leptoseris. I am reading they live low light, even shadow. But I saw this pretty high in the tank. Plus it is an SPS. Thanks for listening to me ramble
  5. Can't wait, this should be a fun day =]
  6. Why would you choose to does over just getting another fish to add to your bioload?
  7. I am definitely much pickier now that I have a "nano" tank. I have a list for fish for sure. But on coral I find myself thinking. Yes I like it but does it really deserve that space lol
  8. Derbird

    SPS Issues

    I am not a SPS guy but... If your looking to remove nitrates and or possible contaminates one large water change would be more effective than a few smaller ones. Assuming your new water has similar parameters to your tank water
  9. Well I have had my Seriatopora for a week and not only alive but seems to be thriving I know its an easy mode SPS but the fact it's doing well really impresses me lol
  10. I had a bristletooth tang who did that. He wanted to play with anything white or shiny ie frag plugs. I ended up throwing a fishing bobber in there and he went nuts, but left my frags alone. I miss my fangs =]
  11. That's a good looking scolly!
  12. That acan... , plus gotta get the CCR's Glad I'm going to make this one!
  13. Off to a great start! What kind of livestock are you going to be keeping?
  14. Welcome! That's an awesome tank. I used to have one with similar dimensions and the space was perfect.
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