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  1. arredondojason

    Anyone ever?

    Zach a long time ago I heard that their tanks were built with very low quality, but they are really good now. I ordered one in 2009 when I got home from Afghanistan. I was stationed in upstate new york and drove down to the city to pick it up all I have to say is wow that think was solid and way over reinforced I was very happy with that tank and wish I didnt have to sell it when I moved back here. Plus the prices are sweet mine was 5ftx3ftx25in total volume was 240G starfire on all 3 sides and i think total was like $1500. If I lived were they delivered I would easily buy from them again.
  2. arredondojason


    I know for sure Oceans in a box has one.
  3. arredondojason

    MH bulb explosion

    sent you a pm
  4. arredondojason

    Flame rose bubble anemone for sale

    sent you a text
  5. arredondojason

    MH bulb explosion

    Thats what I was looking for was the 150W,250W,400W. SE or DE need more info to help you out.
  6. arredondojason

    MH bulb explosion

    what kind of bulb you looking for.
  7. arredondojason

    so here is the plan

    i was running them on a 29G biocube like they suggested but just could not seem to tune them right either there was not enough light or it was too much and it would burn the corals just could never get it right so went back to MH with VHOs and now trying the radions.
  8. arredondojason

    so here is the plan

    I am using the galaxy 250W electronic ballast the select-a-watt one and love it had great growth and great color. The reason I am trying these is the heat issue right now I am in a little apartment with a 180G tank and 60G sump and its just too hot during the day. I was skeptical about going LED again because I tried a DIY one from rapid LED and had nothing but problems so far the only negative thing I have to say about the Radions is the computer side of things for programming seems they just hurried threw it but easy once you figure it out. Besides that I am extreamly surprised how good they are and pleased with the radions. Got them on a steal of a deal for the 2 of them. Now just have to convince the wife on the 3rd one. LOL. wish me luck.
  9. arredondojason

    so here is the plan

    Ok I just got 2 radions and after a few days of constructing and about $30 bucks at Lowes the new mounting equipment I managed to get them 9 inches off the water as the hanging kit that you buy with them was only 5 inches so now it is looking really good. Anyway my main concern is more for the LED guys out there. I had 250W SE Radiums there that I replaced and after doing alot of reading I have come to this as the schedule i am keeping my normal lighting period or 9am to 9pm in Natural mode. I am starting it out at 50% for the first two weeks then going to increase it by 5% every week till I hit 80% or 85%. I am running the 2 radions on each end and still using one 250W MH in the center I think it looks good till I can get the 3rd radion. Thanks for any input.
  10. arredondojason

    Tuning Calcium Reactor, Need some Guidance

    here is the site i used and mine is dialed in. http://www.theaquariumsolution.com/setting-calcium-reactor-ph-controller
  11. arredondojason

    Garret from the shop in salem

    derbird what size is that o ring I have been looking online and cant find it anywhere. thanks. And it was like 2 minutes then got a call from garrett.
  12. arredondojason

    Garret from the shop in salem

    Please help I bought a pump earlier and it is missing the O-ring on the inside and is leaking Please answer call me at 702-574-1632. this is the only hope I have of getting ahold of you.Thanks.
  13. arredondojason

    27 pics of my corals. What you think.

    thanks for the comments. These are not actinic shots. They are with the MH on I am running 3x250W Radiums with 2x72" VHOS one is the super actinic R and the other is the 454. It really doesn't look this blue I guess its because of the camara.
  14. so read up some on my camara and snapped 27 pics of different corals in my tank hope you enjoy.
  15. arredondojason

    PH calibration fluid

    i have some if you would like to have it you can come get it. let me know.