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  1. nhoffee

    WTS 210 Gallon Tank and Equipment

    The tank has been sold
  2. nhoffee

    WTS 210 Gallon Tank and Equipment

    Still for sale. I am willing to sell for 475 but does not include the chiller. First come first served need it gone now. This also does not included any chemicals or my apex lite since I reused that gear on my new one. Also at that price I will not except any trades.
  3. nhoffee

    WTS 210 Gallon Tank and Equipment

    This is the tank equipment and about 100lbs of sand. There is no rock and no fish
  4. See my signature for my tank specs. I am wanting $600 for it. But can work with some fish and coral trades. I down grade to a 34 gallon Red Sea Tank. I am willing to go cheaper if you want to pick it up today or tomorrow. Cash Only Please. Contact me at 5033963224 for details.
  5. I would like $3000 for the whole thing. This is a 1 year tank, I am currently in school and do not have enough time to take care of the tank. Please contact me for additional information. No Paypal... Cash Only. No overseas sales. Bring lots of people to assist you. This tank is heavy. I am also looking for a small 28 gallon tank maybe we can work out a deal. custom 210 gallon tank, stand, hood 500lbs of rock 200 lbs of sand 3x 250 watt Metal Halide 2x 55 watt bulbs few corals, fish, eel, and 2x anemone Bubble Magus Dosing Pump Apex Lite Power Timer set up. Chiller all the current chemicals No salt or rodi system is included
  6. nhoffee

    Still here and alive

    Hey all, I am still alive and in the hobby. With school and family taking up all my time. I did have to let the scraping of the coralline alge go but it's the only thing that I have let go.
  7. nhoffee

    $250 gift card for trade

    What type of gift card? Sorry didn't see the Nike.com Section
  8. nhoffee

    Green Carpet - eating

    Hey all, my green carpet has eaten 2 of my fish so far. Anything I can do besides getting rid of it.
  9. nhoffee

    cordless powerhead?

    The Vortec do have a battery backup option. I dont know how long they last though.
  10. nhoffee

    Blue Carpet Anemone

    I have a 210 gallon tank. 55g sump, a euro reef skimmer. I run carbon and Gfo always. 500lbs of LR and 200 lbs LS. The 2 fish are a powder blue and powder black tang. Before that it had hippo, naso, and yellow. Plus a clown and a few more gobies.
  11. nhoffee

    Blue Carpet Anemone

    My tank is going on 7 months now. It was Haddons carpet and I had it for about a week and half
  12. nhoffee

    Blue Carpet Anemone

    Hey All, I just found my Blue Carpet Anemone dead *sniff*. What I don't get is both my other Anemone (Green Carpet and RBT) are both happy campers. I did a water test my Ammonia is on the very low side (think because the anemone died) less then .01. I also did a Nitrate test and that was around the 10ppm. I already did a water change a few 30 mins ago 1210am 1FEB2012. I will do another water test in the morning. Any other ideas why it could have died and my other anemones' are untouched? Oh no temp swings. 78-80. Calcium is at 430, mag 1400, alk 10. They only thing I can think of is my new (around a week) Refugium. Any ideas why it could have died. I added a few fish to the tank at the same time as the Anemone.
  13. nhoffee

    cycling my 125 fowlr question

    I started with damsels to start my 55g. It at least gave me something to stair at. The fish might die though while your cycling your tank. Just an added my 2 cents to this. And I agree to the four weeks of waiting. Slow is good in this hobby.
  14. nhoffee

    PH Might be Higher

    I am dosing with soda ash. It is the bulkreefsupply stuff. How much baking soda should I add to 1 gallon of the mixture. Thanks MVP