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  1. Wow! I've been inactive as of late and I'm still on the cool kids list! <3
  2. Bump to the top. $150.
  3. Cut and pasted from post #14: According to the manual online it's 50 ” L x 27 1/4 ” W x 53 ” H. Here's the link to the manual for this class of aquariums: http://www.marineland.com/sites/marineland/documents/mlseries_manual.pdf
  4. Bump! Still have this for sale. $175. Make me an offer. We'd really love the space in our garage!
  5. Bump! Noone wants a coldwater tank? Come on...
  6. Bump! We need this tank gone! Anyone interested? Make an offer and we can negotiate on delivery, too.
  7. Grand Opening!!! 23rd and 24th

    Any small gobies, e.g. sharknose, redhead, etc?
  8. How to use your camera Workshop...anyone interested?

    I want in also. I've been shooting for years and have some nice photos as a result but I never know why they came out nice.
  9. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/pet/3048966946.html Africanized honeybees? Really?!
  10. name that coral

    This looks like my Pavona sp., also known as leaf coral, lettuce coral, frilly coral, potato chip coral and/or cabbage coral. Here's a link with pictures: http://animal-world.com/Aquarium-Coral-Reefs/Leaf-Coral
  11. New Hound!

    +1 for Jack! + 1 million for adopting a greyhound! Amazing dogs! =) We'd like to have one some day. For now we have a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog 14-week puppy named Zuri and a 5yr old golden doodle, Shadow.
  12. starfish

    Good luck! I understand the scenario you were faced with. While their diet is "varied," they are extremely selective. I'd sure like to know what store was selling these.
  13. Ok, what is this?

    It's Lobophytum sp., common name Devil's Hand. I have one in my tank and have fragged it a couple of times. It's also fragged itself a couple of times. Pretty easy to keep, too!
  14. starfish

    A nice specimen. They're next to impossible to keep well in aquariums. There are so many species with so many different feeding niches that these nearly always starve and waste away. Buying animals like this only promotes stores to purchase more. Good luck with yours, I hope you figure out what it eats.
  15. Everyone Seen This Video?

    Reminds me of diving Thailand for a full week. Man, I gotta go back!