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  1. Blackhand

    My next silly idea.

    this is a great idea i think the only problem i can think of is if im imagining this the way your thinking it your current could blow this around too much or keep then in a corner but if it works could be something awesome what if you put just some empty frag plugs around the tank for them to play with you could also maybe put some rings or something attached to the strings haha or put some seaweed attached to the strings you have to get a video of this
  2. Blackhand

    New Led Fixture Reef Breeders tri dim

    nice pics and tank and I LOVE YOUR CLOWNS wow those are some nice ones
  3. Blackhand

    Chinese LED group buy

    thanks for the response i would love to get in on this but have to convince my wife first and thats a bigger hurdle than coming up with the money lol but what are the differences in the two lightings is one bigger than the other the prices are quite different thanks
  4. Blackhand

    Chinese LED group buy

    wow those are some great prices and they sound like good fixtures i have been really wanting to dive into leds but have been waiting for prices like these ive always figured i would wait and buy some reefstar leds but these are tempting if i can come up with the money so when is the group buy final when is the money due and is there going to be another chance for this if i cant make it on this group buy thanks
  5. Blackhand

    180 gallon upgrade

    thats awesome this will be fun to watch any different plans with this 180 or keeping the same theme as the 90
  6. Blackhand

    ZEOVIT build threads...

    so are there some pretty desastrous tanks out there is it because they did things wrong or didnt follow the protocall or did they do everything right and the zeovit didnt work sorry just wanting to understand and this is all new to me thanks
  7. Blackhand


    yes check out emeral525's tank its amazing truly inspiring for all that love clowns and anemone's and welcome to the forum dont hesistate to ask anything even the noob question for i do all the time thats what were all here for
  8. Blackhand

    ZEOVIT build threads...

    so sorry if this is a stupid or noob question but im going to ask it anyways cause thats what this forum is for right lol... so what makes zeovite so amazing is it only for dosing purposes ive seen tanks with is and the visual differences are amazing ill agree but the visual is all that i know about it i can google all i want but to hear from someone that is using it on a great tank would be better advice imo also is it more expensive than other ways and is it primarily only used on sps dominated tanks or is it worth it for all tanks ok well thanks in advance
  9. Blackhand

    Future club events! Please read!

    yeah bud you have to have a meeting your tank is becoming amazing
  10. Blackhand

    New build thread

    this is going to be an awesome build its funny last night i was stalking on RC and found this thread thinking how awesome it would be had no clue it was you
  11. Blackhand

    Wellso turning white

    thanks everyone for the great comments ill ask him again about his water params but he just always tells me oh i just checked them and there good so i take his word for it of course but yeah tonight we moved it under his massive leather coral its huge he has a standard 125 and it takes up 1/4 of the tank at least so hopefully that will be the right amount of shade and that lighting is the problem thanks agian everyone
  12. Blackhand

    Wellso turning white

    thanks for the help emerald525 yeah i cant believe its getting bleached and thats why i was thinking it has to be something different but theres a huge leather he has in there that he could put the wellso under so that could be a perfect spot for it maybe and yeah unfortunately my 120 crashed and i didnt do a thread was to depressing especially since i lost all of the zoas that i bought from you and reefnjunkie was aweful and the wife was not happy but now trying to slowly start a 75gal and restart hopefully one of these days i can get all of those purdy zoas from you and reefnjunkie again thanks again for the help
  13. Blackhand

    Wellso turning white

    So when my 120 crashed and i traded it for a downgrade i was able to save some of my lps and give them to my father in law who has a 125gal reef which has been established for at least 3yrs everything is doing fine in there he does things a little cheap but its been working for what he has but one of the corals that i had him save for me was a beautiful green and purple wellso it was my favorite that i had at the time and it was growing great in my old system and was in his until the last few weeks it has been loosing its color and turning white its on the sand bed and as far as we know nothing (fish or invertebrates) are pestering it, it has been in his system for several months previous to this and was thriving he also has a red wellso he got from tpa and its not losing color its thriving and none of his other corals are losing color he has a mixed reef with sps, lps, and softies his sps are nothing fancy and dont have great color but are growing and have good polip extension as does all his other corals his water parameters are fine he tells me and he checks regularly and did when the problem happened and continues and states that the water is good so please refrain from comments about what the parameters are at because i dont know specific numbers his lighting is t5 nothing fancy just oddyssea brand and only 4bulb it reaches the whole length of the tank for all is lit, but i know this wellso shouldnt need much light but that was my first guess but nothing else in that area or anywhere else in the tank is losing color and the bulbs are only a few months old so sorry for the long narrative but i love this wellso and want it to regain its former glory and would love to understand what is going wrong oh and also he does feed from time to time nothing bad or much thanks for all the help
  14. Blackhand

    Whos selling "bigger" tanks

    thats too purdy of an eel to get rid of hopefully you find the right tank
  15. Blackhand

    How long have you been in this hobby?

    4 years of fishkeeping and 2 years of saltwater