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  1. 45 - 50 LBS Live Rock just took out of tank at 11 am $80.00 taking down system . Must take all Robert 503-501-1457 ROCK IS GONE
  2. have a 19 gal Rimless with built in overflow , Stand and Hood with 175w MH 30 lb Rock and sand 20 gal sump with skimmer, heater all the tests kits ,refractor, Live stock (2) Bubble tip nemms Breeding pair perc clowns Sea Cucumber, Tiger Tail zoanthus mult types Tank is in a cycle right now after last major water change live stock needs SAVED since getting rid of my 180 gal and every thing was plumed together had no problems now its only the 19 gal dont have the time to spend on this tank to keep the water correct. Priced cheep $250. Tank Stand and Hood $300 all live stock,all test kits ,refractor, Sump, skimmer, lights 175 W MH have a extra 175 W ballest for MH 30 lbs live rock 10 lbs sand salt Photo befor things started dieing Robert 503-501-1457
  3. Reefsickness

    Looking for a tank

    I have a 19Gal Rimless cube complet with fish,skimmer overflow stand and home made hood w/175 watt MH $250 Robert 503 501 1457 Hey your in box is full
  4. Reefsickness

    WTB Tank

    I have a 19Gal Rimless cube complet with fish,skimmer overflow stand and home made hood w/175 watt MH $250 Robert 503 501 1457
  5. Reefsickness

    14g biocube

    I have a 19Gal Rimless cube complet with fish,skimmer overflow stand and home made hood w/175 watt MH $250
  6. Reefsickness

    19 Gal Rimless Reef System For Sale

    New Bump New Price Steal at $325 OBO
  7. Reefsickness

    19 Gal Rimless Reef System For Sale

    New Price $ 400 Reefsickness
  8. Hey Guys and Gals Iam saleing my 19 Gal Rimless Acrylic No Scraches Comes with Stand, Hood 20 gal Sump, Filter bags, 150watt MH,200 watt Heater Filter Bag all pluming 2 Breader Ocellaris Clownfish , 1 Sea Cucumber, Tiger Tail that has split once, Pink Sea Cucumber emeral crab, blue legged hermit, 3 other hermits, 4 turbo snails, 1 Chestnut Snail large that has layed eggs twice and I have about 5 baby chestnuts that are 2 cm long. 2 Red Bubble Tips , zenia , a frag tree with 8 zoos 3 high dollar zoos. $250 worth of test kits and chems. just to much maintance since I sold my 180 gal system and it was all plumbed together. This is a killer deal $400 NEW Price Reefsickness 503-501-1457 and a Frog spawm and kena tree coral
  9. Reefsickness

    Loosing SPS HELP!

    dip that sps in revive and move it
  10. Reefsickness

    180 Gal Reef System Move To Day

    Hey Everyone , Most of you know JustJohnny86 Bought my 180 gal Mixed Reef System and today is the big tear down Move and Set Up. Since Johnny has never done this befor is there any one in Vancover that would be willing to house the corals while he sets up the Tank? I sure would hate to see all my babys die if they have to set in a bucket for to long. There is 23 Soft Corals and a few SPS looking for some one with a frag setup tank that has room this is a just incase he does not get the system up tonight. My system is in great health no problems or bugs. Thanks ReefSickNess (scary)
  11. Reefsickness

    Moving Emergency!

    Johnny you will see what hes talking about in the morrning no getting around it part of beeing a Reefer do Not over thank this Johnny just breath Ill take care of you. lol
  12. Reefsickness

    160 Gal Cube for Sale Mixed Reef

    Sold to JustJohnny86 . I ask everyone to help him out when ever you can hes new to saltwater. Great young Man very nice. I still have my 20 gal breeder with my clowns so I ll still be around. Reefsickness
  13. Reefsickness

    Good Morning from Vancouver, Washington

    Johnny Iam glad you took my advice and joined the group I sure would be sad to see my baby die , All these guys and gals are the best in the hobby and Iam sure they will take care of you. you just need to ask. But you have to learn the 12 step program. Below is one of my adventures. [h=2]What The $@#%!![/h] (sad) Saterday Morrning 6am I walk out of the bed room suns starting to come up, fell the coolness of the Hardwood floor on my feet. I Walk to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee,and haft way there I fill water on my feet I look down and I have cherrios floating arround my feet since my grand son was over last night.(What the @$%# )! At that moment a strange sound fills my ears, one I dont hear often. the grinding noise of pumps when they dont have water. ( What the @%$#)! I look at the Reef Tank, every thing looks normal. My oldest son showed up after I went to bed and is sleeping on the floor next to the Tank on the $1,700 Memory foam Mattres. He wakes up, since he feels my present standing over him. and out of his mouth comes ( What the @$#%)! The Foam mattres he has been sleeping on has now became a nice warm salt water bed. I wounder if he pissed him self!! he didnt say?(laugh) I get him to get up and drag the 400 lb water bed out of the way. and there is water flowing out the doors of my tank stand. ( What the @#$%)! (scratch) I open the doors and my 20 gal sump is empty the pumps are grinding, but theres water in the Reef tank (What the @#%$)!(scratch) After a closer look, The problem is that my bag filter has became cloged and the top of it is resting on the edge of my sump and has been flowing slowly over the side into to the stand cabnet (What the @#%$)!DOH! I did some Rock scaping in the tank last night and had a lot of sedament in the tank which cloged the bag filter should of cleaned it after I cleaned the floor up last night.DOH! So I unplug all the lights since there getting ready to switch on and my ballest are setting in water (flame) I go grab the wet dry vac and start sucking up water and I hear behind me (What the @%$#)! (wife)the wife is up. So at this point I dont know what to say cause I dont know if iam in trouble. (scary) I respond no **** (What the #$%@)! like if the dog caused it (plotting). She just turns around and goes back to bed. I think it worked. (rock2) I now have the living room cleaned up Fans blowing throughout the room drying every thing off. I think I am golden.(clap) I wounder if there is a 12 step program to my sickness? It may go Like this. #1 We admitt we are powerless over are Reef Systems. HI my name is Robert I am a Reefer.(sad) #2 Come to beleave a power greater then us can restore us to our sanity. Call the LFS or post on the fourm they will know what to do.(plotting) #3 Made a decision to turn our life over to the care of the Clown fish, as we under stand him. Nemo please he me.(drooler) #4 Make a searching and moral inventory of all my fish and corals. (What the @$#%)! weres my Dragon Goby? I found him while vac up water he floated out from behind my sump.(sad) #5 admitted to Nemo, ourselfs, and to the fourm the nature of our wrongs. Sorry Honey It was my fault and not the dogs.(wife) as for you not saying sorry to any of you. Your all the reef dealers get me into trouble.(laugh) #6 Were entirely ready to have Nemo to remove all the defects of our Reef system. 30 meetings in 30 days, Ok stop by UpScales today, Play TfT Golf tomorrow, Pick up new Tank Tomorrow. (naughty) #7 Humbly ask Nemo to watch over our tanks. as I have to attend meetting every day now. #8 Made a list of all fish and corals we have harmed. 1. Dragon Goby.Didnt cover top of tank 2. Coral frag cant find since doing Rock Scaping DOH! #9 Make driect admends to all the frags and fish when ever possible. Sorry for stressing all you frags since I move you three times a week. I promes to keep my hands out of the tank and only move you once a month.(nutty) #10 Continued to take inventory of our tanks and admittd it when were missing some thing. Will start that tomorrow. #11 Shought throught prayer and reading to improve our reef systems. Read Fourms more often.(rock2) #12 Having a sprital awaking as a result of having water on the floor and carry this message to fellow Reefers and to practise these principles in all of out affairs. You all under stand this were here to help.(naughty) You all have a good day have to run to get some live rock
  14. Reefsickness

    160 Gal Cube for Sale Mixed Reef

    Bill do you want to be 2nd in Line ?