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  1. nelsz3

    Share the love is back!

    Share the love!!!!
  2. nelsz3


    If this gets going I will throw something in for auction I'm sure I can find I frag or 2 for someone that has put so much in this hobby and has tried to help out others in need
  3. nelsz3

    I Won?

    Bought a few tickets to but no phone call saying your a winner (sad) But congrats to you
  4. nelsz3

    Any interest in these?

    Maybe try a good auction house ,I know of a few that do very well with well taken care of older guns
  5. nelsz3

    New Led Fixture Reef Breeders tri dim

    I have mine12in off the water buy am going to try to lower it and make a smaller canopy for it, as for the led layout I like it so far there is a little disco ball effect on the sand but it may be that they're a few inches high but I really like that the whites blues and colors can be separately dimmed
  6. nelsz3

    New Led Fixture Reef Breeders tri dim

    all three channels are on just being that the whites and rgv at the lowest setting and the blues slightly higher i will be lowering the fixture before i start turning it up i currently have it sitting 12in above water and have great coverage am going to lower it some over the next few days
  7. nelsz3

    New Led Fixture Reef Breeders tri dim

    secon pic is acan enchinata i got from jeffryg Thanks i got to hand pick them from barlycuda... best fish i have ever owned
  8. nelsz3

    Chinese LED group buy

    just got a fixture from reef breeders and besides the acrylic over the leds being loose and one of the dimming knobs not aligned with the others it is a great sound fixure only 2 days with it but am happy time will tell but after reading about others experiences with the supplier and fixtures felt it was worth the money vs a diy i have one over a 40b 12in off the water and it fills out very good i will probably end up lowering it over the next weeks
  9. nelsz3

    Sebae Nem-CE Rare

    Nice specimen great color glws
  10. nelsz3

    180 gallon upgrade

    nice upgrade looking forward to some pics
  11. nelsz3

    New Led Fixture Reef Breeders tri dim

    so with the tv and kids i don't hear the fans at to be honest i have not heard since i put them up but here are a few pics sorry its just a phone camera for now but think they came out pretty good under the cloudy mode fts some close ups these are with the whites at the lowest power blues slightly higher and red,green, violet, lowest and under the cloudy mode on my phone
  12. nelsz3

    My new addition!

    Very nice! Definitely good looking fish
  13. nelsz3

    Sps and new additions.

    2nd pic bottom right was eyballing that one on sat night will have to get a piece when you grow it out
  14. nelsz3

    New Led Fixture Reef Breeders tri dim

    If I make it over tonight I'll bring it by , hoping paint will be dry when I get back but will probably wait till lights go out to change over I made the canopy so the figure sits 12" above the water but is only temp until I find the sweet spot