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  1. Pets on Broadway in Portland, OR, is looking to hire a professional fish geek to give us a hand in the fish room! We are a local full line pet shop with a great aquatics area featuring both salt and fresh water. We are looking for someone: with experience in the industry. This position requires a greater depth of knowledge, patience, and vernacular than most hobbyists possess. with outstanding, proven customer service. You know the stereotypical FS persona? We’re not like that. We HATE that. willing to bring their ideas, perspective, and energy to the position. That means no wall flowers. Anyone who wants to work here needs to have great ideas on how to make this place even better and the follow through to make them happen. If you want to throw your hat in to the tank, please send me a cover letter that explains why you want to be part of the Pets on Broadway team, what makes you unique, and what you would bring to the position. This could include any kind of unrelated experience you think we might find valuable. CPR certification, web design, construction experience, Excel wizardry… what sets you apart? For our part, we offer great employee discounts, Kaiser Permanente health insurance including vision and dental for full time staff, potential for yearly bonuses, and paid time off. Everyone starts at $10/hr. with reviews and possible raises quarterly. We are hiring immediately, so get your resume and cover letter in ASAP: jmorton@petsonbroadway.com. Please don’t call the store about this position! Thanks, Joe Morton Pets on Broadway 2762 NE Broadway St Portland, OR 97232
  2. Pets on Broadway This is Joe Morton, the GM from Pets on Broadway. I’d like to thank Tristan for being so great in his response to this whole situation. He has been extremely gracious and I really appreciate that he has given us the chance to make this right. As Tristan said above: we made a mistake. We try hard to avoid them, but they happen. Here are a couple of things we have learned and what we are going to do differently from now on: Saving a few dollars on equipment isn’t always a good investment. We found what we thought was a good source of inexpensive water jugs which we sold at near-cost to our customers. As we have just found out, this wasn’t the right move. From now on we will be getting our jugs from a different source. They cost a little more, but it will help us avoid anything like this happening again. Trust, but verify. The jugs were supposed to be food-safe. We took the company at its word. While it is necessary to have a certain level of trust for our suppliers, we will be diligent about verifying to the best of our ability the safety of our products. That may seem like a no-brainer, but most products would require lab tests to absolutely ensure safety. What we CAN do is smell-test and disinfect every container of ours we sent out of the store. Rob, the fish room manager, has visited Tristan’s house to check up on the tank. He predicts a full recovery. We’re giving Tristan all the RODI he needs to flush and refill his tank. We’re replacing everything he lost, and then some. We’ve committed to sticking with him until we get him back up and running, hopefully even better than before. I am amazed by the community at PNWMAS. Reading through this post I’m blown away by the responses of the members. I can think of very few groups who would rush to help a stranger. To hear Tristan talk about the outpouring of support really made me believe in the power of this site. If anyone has any questions about this incident or suggestions on how we can improve, please don’t hesitate to contact either Rob or me (Joe) directly. We would love to hear from you! Pets on Broadway – 503.282.5824 Joe Morton – jmorton@petsonbroadway.com
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