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  1. saltygobie


    Noob I know how it goes when I lost my tanks in 2010 I was so sad my wife has been wonderful to me by going around to get family to buy me premium aquarium gift certificates it was close to anuff to get me started again but I still need some stuff before the water floes again but if just a small thing I can do with my fellow aquarist can help another out not lose his tank I will do it.
  2. saltygobie


    A frag auction would be awesome if people tell me what they have we can start one
  3. saltygobie


    I haven't meet of you but I know noobtosalt has answered a lot of my questions and I have a 4 month old baby to boot but is there anyway we can help him to not have to sell His tank I know it's not much but I would give ten dollars . I lost my tank 2 years ago and still fight to get it back but he's been there for us is there anything we can to? Just asking
  4. saltygobie

    New build thread

    I want one lol looks great
  5. saltygobie

    How long have you been in this hobby?

    Got my first freshwater when I was 8 did that for ten years and been reef keeping for 11 years now
  6. saltygobie

    Mitchell's 250g Build

    Wow this is going to be a awesome setup
  7. saltygobie

    Cryptic tank filtration.

    Following along this is very interesting
  8. saltygobie

    Just to show off a little

    That took some thought nice work on the lizard tank
  9. saltygobie

    20 long my first tank

    Love the fire fish , had a purple one jump out of my 40b sigh somehow found the one little hole
  10. saltygobie

    Thank you Garrett at TPA!

    Garrett always takes care of the customer and he always has awesome stuff
  11. saltygobie


    I would say go to ace , buy the ace brand 100% silicone and use that used it on all my tanks never had a problem
  12. saltygobie


    That's kinda wierd if its 100% silicone that makes it so it has No mildaside and when it's fully cured it shouldn't leach anything
  13. saltygobie


    Yes what u have will work just fine just let it cure for 3 to 4 days it will say 48 hours but I always like to play it safe with my saltwater tanks
  14. saltygobie


    Yes all aces will carry 100% silicone
  15. saltygobie


    Yes we carry in south Salem 100% silicone in the ace line and dap