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  1. jabrbox

    125 Entire system must go

    There are 2 clowns, a normal one I guess, and a saddle back, blue tang, fox face rabbit fish, 3 damsels (little blue, zebra, and a monster domino), a ton of leather coral, bubble coral, blue maxi mini carpet, red bubble tip anenome
  2. I posted my system before with pics, I am out of state so will try to repost pics. I am putting the entire system up for 500 $ OBO, thats tank, livestock, rocks, sand skimmer, sump, EVERYTHING. If it would make 1800 miles I would keep it but I cannot kill my fish and others in that way. If you're intersted please dont be afraid to make an offer I only have around 45 days until I come back to move my family. Thanks and if you have any questions, email me I will get back to you asap
  3. jabrbox

    125 complete getting out

    Price is down to 500 OBO, I took a job out of state, so it needs to go thanks
  4. jabrbox

    29 gallon truvu with sump and lighting

    can you email pics to me jabrbox@gmail.com
  5. jabrbox

    125 complete getting out

    If I cant selll the unit complete I will, I am just waiting to see if anyone wants the complete tank you can PM what you're interested in and if it comes to that I will put your name first.
  6. jabrbox

    125 complete getting out

    $$ 800 $$
  7. jabrbox

    125 complete getting out

    price going down
  8. jabrbox

    125 complete getting out

    Also consider, partial trade for something smaller, so my Grandson can keep Nemo, and Dory
  9. jabrbox

    125 complete getting out

    Here are some pics;
  10. jabrbox

    125 complete getting out

    1000$ !
  11. Hi all, we have decided to get out of the hobby at least for awhile, too many other things to handle, and don't want out our system to be neglected. I think $1100 is a good price complete, but ALL offers will be considered, as I need to move this 125 gallon acrylic tank, steel frame, homemade doors and sides to hide sump. canopy modified to hold MH (drilled) 2 400watt MH, older ballast but works great, bulbs just purchase in late April 2 (no reflector) t5HO with GLO ballast Tunz power head tons of live sand, rock Megaflow sump (I think its a bubble max) Skimmer 2 heaters blue tang saddle back clown clown rabbit fox face HUGE domino Damsel 2 other damsels (blue w/yellow tail, and black and white stripped) red bubble tip blue mini max carpet big polyp rock, I have no idea what kind tons of leather coral frogs spawn with 6 or 7 heads bubble coral much more Thanks
  12. jabrbox

    everything for sale i mean EVERYTHING

    interested in reactor and ro/di when time comes
  13. jabrbox

    Green Hair Algae

    I am going to add GFO to my tank hopefully this weekend (thanks for all of the advice here) I also heard that GFO and 3 days of darkness really helps kill it off, so my question is this a good idea? Or can I just shut down the MH but keep the act T5's (blue) on for the time, or will my corals not appreciate this? Thanks Also should I add GFO and Phos media to the reactor, or one at a time? until its under control? (scratch)
  14. jabrbox

    This normal for a clown?

    Haha that is awesome