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  1. Worst instructions ever!

    Our IT is out of India(outsourced) and they made a recent change. I recently spoke with a Roger and a Paul. Now I believe I am talking with someone in the states, but why do I still have to repeat myself three times and ask for them to repeat themselves three times and still no resolution after two months and 15 tickets........... What, you really think we are that ignorant!! When I read these instructions, it reminded me of my problem. Sorry, I can't translate it as well.
  2. Want to help a newbie???

    Cool. I wasn't sure there was a purpose for the sanitary T, but if the 90 will work.....
  3. Want to help a newbie???

    So after a month of looking around, i have the concept in my mind, but now realize that's it's going to take about 5k, which is ok by me. So I'd like to go hoodless, hanging an LED from the ceiling and keeping everything invisible. At my 48" lenght and 30"width, i have no room to run things behind the tank (it's going into a cubby hole), so everything will be inside and run through the bottom. I really like the coast to coast and the BeanAnimal setup, but am concerned that the plumbing will be visible at the top of the tank. Is it possible to keep this setup hidden from view?
  4. Want to help a newbie???

    Darn it!!! Getting off work now, then to dog groomed, then to the dentist. Would have loved to make. Maybe next time. Thanks for the invite
  5. Want to help a newbie???

    With help from Steve, aka Saltfinsax, we figured out that the tank weight will be fine on the second floor Thanks again Steve!!! Now I just need to find some time to catch up with some vendors.
  6. Want to help a newbie???

  7. Want to help a newbie???

    Lol...I graduated to Clownfish!!!!
  8. Want to help a newbie???

    ooops, double post
  9. Want to help a newbie???

    Thanks Michael!!!! I'm thinking, if I like it and hear a bunch of positives reviews about it in here, I can't go wrong, though I know nothing's perfect. I really want to buy new instead of used. I've bought used in the past with no issues, but now I have the $$$, i can go new.
  10. Want to help a newbie???

    Thanks for sending me to your thread. The tank is clean looking and the sump looks like it could be on display as well, but really like the detail work on the stand. Why didn't you have James drill the holes in the tank and what are all the divisions in the sump for?
  11. Want to help a newbie???

    So far, we've got a few for Envision (tank) and a couple for Davey Jones Locker. This is great!!! I might change my mind as well jgf86123. Thanks JGF86123 for the sump suggestion. I went by there on Friday, but closed. I will definitely go back though.
  12. Want to help a newbie???

    Envision is an interesting option. Right in Beaverton, where i can pick it up. I will give them a call as well. Great info, thanks everyone!!!
  13. Want to help a newbie???

    Thanks Algea. I found these guys, glasscages.com. Anyone have experience with these guys? My wife knows just as much, but a planned trip in December, got me thinking to put this plan in motion.