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  1. The unfortunate 93 cube breakdown.

    One more PM headed your way...
  2. SOLD - Please close.

    Sold pending funds.
  3. SOLD - Please close.

    Northeast 26th near Ainsworth.
  4. SOLD - Please close.

    Bump for 2nd price drop.
  5. I have a 1lb~ rock (4" diameter) that is covered in dozens of Green Palys - you're welcome to it. I'm in NE portland and will be around most of the weekend. Shoot me a PM if you want to try and meet up. Nate
  6. SOLD - Please close.

    Bump for price drop.
  7. Price drop 3/22/18 - $100 takes it! <><> Price drop 3/15/18 come and get it for $150. <><> I have a 17' Alumacraft canoe that isn't getting much use. For sale for $200. I'd also be open to a trade involving a 4' reef ready glass aquarium. This boat is rated USCG for up to 785lbs in passengers - would be great to take a kid or three out on the water this spring. Canoe shows age from sitting upside down outside, but the aluminum is solid - no leaks, no structural damage. I can take pictures later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks. Nate
  8. BTA Acclimating and Feeding

    She moved out of the cave and really opened up under the lights. I am curious to see how long she stays in this spot.
  9. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Full Tank Phone pic from this morning.
  10. BTA Acclimating and Feeding

    I've heard that from a few folks. I don't plan to keep feeding this one very often.
  11. BTA Acclimating and Feeding

    No kidding Sean. That reminds me... I have what I think is an ORA Blue Tort peeking out of a pocket in my rockwork that I don't recall putting there. I think there may have been a small frag mixed in with the digis I got from you. She'll probably camp right on top of it. If so - no worries.
  12. BTA Acclimating and Feeding

    Silly clowns would prefer to host the cap (I guess they didn't get the memo ).
  13. BTA Acclimating and Feeding

    This morning she's peeking out a bit more
  14. Mantha Shrimp close up

    Terry @Seahorse Aquarium may be able to get you one. He and I were discussing them some months ago. As to requirements - they aren't much more or less hardy than other shrimp. As to what they can live with... Any snails, crabs, or other shrimp are on the Mantis' menu. The one I had years ago was particularly fond of blue leg hermits. He never bothered any corals or fish as far as i could tell.