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  1. ID please?

    I plucked the original piece from the 12/25 photo off that day, and sure enough another popped up yesterday. I decided to take the advice above and just finished a Hydrogen peroxide dip (1/4 OTC hydrogen peroxide 3% : 3/4 Freshly mixed saltwater) for 90 seconds and then rinsed with more saltwater and put back in the DT. The zoas are not happy but we'll see how they do - it's next best thing to try vs losing that whole rock/colony.
  2. Free zoas

    Thanks again for the frags - everything's settling in nicely.
  3. Free zoas

    @Gil&Fin - I would like to take you up on this. I can meet up with you tomorrow afternoon or anytime on Sunday if that works? Nate p.s. - I don't need many / I am happy to share with others.
  4. Aquavitro 'Fuel'

    Thanks all. Yes, the bottle I got was from Terry @Seahorse Aquarium @youcallmenny - I wonder since he is a stocking dealer he may be able to source larger bottles for you?
  5. Aquavitro 'Fuel'

    I recently had a gift card to consume, and I picked up a bottle of this stuff - http://www.aqavitro.com/products/fuel.html. Curious if anyone has any experience, pro or con?
  6. What do you do?

    I moved to Oregon in '95 with passable skills in AutoCAD then one day looked up and realized I was the IT department for the company I worked for. Later went to a bigger IT department, and another day I found myself on the management side. I spend most of my time seeking to understand clinical and business problems and designing or implementing technology solutions. I was 10 years at Intel, 10 years at Providence, and currently working on the Medicaid/Medicare side helping my team keep the systems running so that Claims and Prescriptions get paid, and occasionally proactively connecting people to the services they need. To the LEOs, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Grunts - Thank you for your service.
  7. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    I'm going to dig through the house and see if I can find a snorkeling camera that I picked up a few years back. It's bound to take better photos than this phone...
  8. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    New years update: Picked up several frags from Sean yesterday thanks @albertareef! Also you may be able to tell from the crummy phone pics that the Coraline is starting to come in (yellow then green then darker green now purple spots). I'm continuing to slowly ramp up my lights:
  9. Back in the game: 125 Reef (re)build!

    Can't say much that hasn't been said - Great looking tank / stand. Nate
  10. ID please?

    Gaarrrhg. Thought so. Thx. It's the only one I can see (so far). I will pull the rock, scrape 'em off and hope.
  11. ID please?

    This looks like bubble algae to me but I'd like others opinions....
  12. Merry Christmas PNWMAS Fam!

    My in-laws surprised me with a gift cert to Seahorse Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone.
  13. Tank build 36 gallon fluval m90

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of helpful folks around here. Tank pics look good too!