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  1. All items have been re-homed. Thanks everyone.
  2. Howdy, I'll be parting out my tank (33 gallon cube-ish) and livestock and would love to see all my critters go to good homes and forum members / TFT. Disclaimer: This tank is *not* 100% pest free. Bubble Algae - Last spring I did spot one or two bubble here or there. I haven't seen any since adding emerald crab to display several months ago. Aiptasia - Likewise one or two specimens. I haven't seen any since adding a peppermint shrimp to display several months ago. Hair Algae - Had a fair amount of hair algae pop up after my Nem died. I wasn't able to get all of the anemone bits out of the display so when it decomposed I had a nutrient spike. Currently have ~4 square inches of hair algae in a couple of small pockets. Part 1: 75lbs Live rock from Reefcleaners. Approximately 50 is in the display tank, with another 25 in the sump. 0.50/lb or $20 for all of it. Misc Zoas, Monti's and Digis - if its on your rock you can have it for free. Any hermits or snails stuck to rock or that you catch you can have for free. Once the rock is gone and I can catch the livestock I will post them up here free to a good home (pair of Ocellaris, one Lawnmower blenny, one Peppermint shrimp). Once the critters are gone I'll part out or donate the dry goods. Pics later tonight. Nate
  3. Hey folks, Fairly close to this time last year I purchased this for my 33g tank: https://www.marinedepot.com/Aquatic_Life_Twist_In_100_GPD_4_Stage_RO_DI_System_RO_DI_System-AquaticLife-AK01371-FIRORD-vi.html I replaced the sediment canister and carbon canister at the 6 month mark, then replaced all 4 canisters last month. The replacement costs for a full set of canisters is nearly the cost of the original set (I suppose I should not be surprised). Question for those more experienced on the forum - did you factor in total cost when selecting your RODI units and if so - what did you end up with? Once my current canisters are expended I may be shopping for a new unit. Nate
  4. 2004 Kawasaki KLR I purchased this bike in May 2015, it had 2300 miles on it at the time. Over the last three years I’ve done some modest work on it: 14” Aftermarket Windshield, will also include original windshield. Progressive Front Fork Springs Dirtracks.com Pannier Racks KN Oil Filter Seat Concepts Touring seat AGM Battery Richochet Aluminum Skid plate Tusk Billet Pegs IMS Shift lever Cogent MOAB rear shock Doohickey replaced New Shenko 700 Tires front and rear (< 500 miles) Recent brake flush (Aug 2017) Recent oil change (July 2017) Bike is stored in my garage and currently has 5000 miles. Tags are current, title is in hand. $2750 I believe is a great deal for this bike in this condition. Will post pics later. Thanks - Nate
  5. nrc


    No nem (it crawled into a impeller a few weeks back). Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. nrc


    If I go with a wrasse - which one? My primary concern is not wanting anything to bully the clowns, secondary would be eating coral. Possum, Yellow Corris, Tanaka - any preference? (Note to self* I'll want to put an egg crate or something on top of the tank if I get one. I hear they are jumpers)
  7. nrc


    Thanks and will do.
  8. nrc


    Thanks - I'll look for those eggs / haven't seen any yet will keep checking. I did siphon all the nudis I could find. Those first two weren't at all bothered by the lights. As to my stock - I've only got 2 clownfish, a peppermint shrimp, and a half dozen assorted hermits and snails. The tank is on the small side for a Wrasse (33 gallon). Thanks all for the suggestions.
  9. nrc


    11 o'clock and 1 o'clock for sure. And they were moving, which was how I spotted them to begin with. The object at ~7 is a semi-opened zoa... the shade of green on the outer ring is remarkably similiar to the color of the nudi - which further supports the idea that the nudi evolved to eat them.
  10. nrc


    What did you ultimately have to do?
  11. nrc


    Holy cow I hope not (zoa eating). I will keep an eye on 'em and see how it does. Are most/all of the smaller nudis considered pests?
  12. nrc


    Have been trying to get a decent pic of these things. Today caught them surfing through (eating maybe?) some hair algae. Anyone know what they are good/bad/neither? Actual size is about 3mm long.
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