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  1. Golden basket overload

    Good work, thanks.
  2. want to borrow rubbermaid stock tank

    I got round 350 blue that you can borrow. Need to be washed and a truck to tow it home from Beaverton
  3. Fish FS

    Who are you? :-). You need to setup your tank so I can sell you highend SPS :-)
  4. Wonder if there are kind of release chemicals cause by hair algae-algae scrubber ( or from tank's hair algea); beside they suck all the nutrients and phosphate from from tank?. Are there any gurus out there to shed some lights on?
  5. Complete Frag tank set up. RTR

    Nice setup
  6. All good things have to come to a end!!!

    Congrats you two on the baby boy! I like that Angel, wrasse, and purple tang. I'd take those fishes off your hands for you, if you'd like. --Tom.
  7. This never gets old?

    They are running for HOG
  8. 200 gallon starfire tank/stand/sump/pump/misc

    Ok, get it, get it then :-)
  9. 200 gallon starfire tank/stand/sump/pump/misc

    I'd need to see the pic of the over flow system, is it in the back or inside the tank? Good size for sps.
  10. Hi Again

    Fish on boat or bank? Lewis is my river too, I normally take my sled there in Summer for Stealhead.
  11. Hi Again

    Wonder how you came up with your name "lewisriverfisherman"? Do you have a property on that river front?
  12. Evergrow IT2080 LED

    Thanks. Just ordered 1, good price.
  13. Evergrow IT2080 LED

    Anyone has for sale and price?
  14. Free zoas

    Putting on panty hose mask to rob his store for that frag tonight.
  15. Free zoas

    Orange envy is goner, it's bye bye and gone to heaven not too long ago.
  16. Free zoas

    I know this is "test frag", but can I take your rhomboid for "test fish"? I am new to this fish in this hobby.
  17. Anyone have koi that can help identify disease?

    I assume this is outdoor one? Try not to treat a pond when it's this cold, stress and cold will probably kill fishes. Normally, baterial/parasites are explosive during spring and warmer weather, that's when you treat whole pond with prazi. I don't think treating whole pond will damage good bacteria. I used to treat my 10K water pond every spring in the past (before heavy feeding), but last 3 years.
  18. Anyone have koi that can help identify disease?

    KOI ulcer, bacteria infected.
  19. Blue face angel

    Plan to get rid of it?
  20. 2 used hydra52 ( none HD ). $400 for the 2 or OBO.
  21. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    Bottom tenuis has potential.