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  1. Colorado Sunburst BTA!!

    Got more? I need one
  2. Nano 10gal and 2 hydra ;blue as is for $100

    Hydra blues are gone, saw is goner. That little tank now is $50 with a freebie SPS frag.
  3. Tierra

    I think someone asked a question about Tierra, but I did not respond quickly enough and the thread was closed. Similar to Red planet, except light green furry PEs and yellow tips when the P, N, and water is right. Seems consistent colors in both LED and T5 around 250-350 par ( T5 has a slight better color, but not much).
  4. Rimless VS Euro-braced?

    Rimless sucks when you clean. Got a little 20gal QT and keep spilling all over even I go slow.
  5. Sps growout is OFFICIALLY done!

    I can frag this grow out to trade for that jawbreaker. Let me know when you are ready :-)
  6. Sps growout is OFFICIALLY done!

    This thing needs few more weeks to see what comes out. It finally picking up on growing
  7. Nano 10gal and 2 hydra ;blue as is for $100

    Brand new rodi unit got it at a Upscale back in May for an emergency use for few days ( i think 10 days of use ). I paid $185 but u can have it for $140? was thinking about saving it as backup but garage space is a mess so theres gone soon this hobby
  8. Nano 10gal and 2 hydra ;blue as is for $100

    $50, got it as used one but never beat it up much. May be good for trimming fingers or toe nails
  9. Nano 10gal and 2 hydra ;blue as is for $100
  10. OFFICIAL: sps grow out thread

    Looking good spectra
  11. Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    Well,i tried :-)
  12. Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    When I grow up, I wanna be like you, Beer. Cheer!