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  1. Anyone have koi that can help identify disease?

    I assume this is outdoor one? Try not to treat a pond when it's this cold, stress and cold will probably kill fishes. Normally, baterial/parasites are explosive during spring and warmer weather, that's when you treat whole pond with prazi. I don't think treating whole pond will damage good bacteria. I used to treat my 10K water pond every spring in the past (before heavy feeding), but last 3 years.
  2. Anyone have koi that can help identify disease?

    KOI ulcer, bacteria infected.
  3. Blue face angel

    Plan to get rid of it?
  4. 2 used hydra52 ( none HD ). $400 for the 2 or OBO.
  5. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

  6. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    Bottom tenuis has potential.
  7. Some November pics

    Agreed, I lost my colony that big and that pissed me off. Well, if you decide then name its price, or we can trade for 1/2 that colony for some more valuable stuff. A frag of OR is $40 vs a frag of other high end is $200-$300 :-).
  8. Some November pics

    How much for that whole OR colony? I help you to take it off your hand :-)
  9. Some November pics

    Nice, Snow already where u are?
  10. Thank you Veterans

  11. Swim bladder

    Just deep fry it Troy :-)
  12. Looking for big rocks ( dry or wet)

    I don't have much to trade, but you got any pics of rocks and anything you have in mind for trading?
  13. Looking for big rocks ( dry or wet)

    Sounds good, got any pics?
  14. Let me know what you got and prices.
  15. Big mama has baby

    U sure?