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  1. caolewis

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

    [language filter], let me grow out some for you
  2. caolewis

    More rooms

    This thing pop and triple in size within a year, amazing what a right condition and water does to it.
  3. caolewis

    More rooms

    Not sure what it is. Game end or JB?
  4. caolewis

    Golden basket overload

    Good work, thanks.
  5. caolewis

    want to borrow rubbermaid stock tank

    I got round 350 blue that you can borrow. Need to be washed and a truck to tow it home from Beaverton
  6. caolewis

    Fish FS

    Who are you? :-). You need to setup your tank so I can sell you highend SPS :-)
  7. Wonder if there are kind of release chemicals cause by hair algae-algae scrubber ( or from tank's hair algea); beside they suck all the nutrients and phosphate from from tank?. Are there any gurus out there to shed some lights on?
  8. caolewis

    All good things have to come to a end!!!

    Congrats you two on the baby boy! I like that Angel, wrasse, and purple tang. I'd take those fishes off your hands for you, if you'd like. --Tom.
  9. caolewis

    This never gets old?

    They are running for HOG
  10. Ok, get it, get it then :-)
  11. I'd need to see the pic of the over flow system, is it in the back or inside the tank? Good size for sps.