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  1. 51 minutes ago, Jeremevans said:

    Ya. I'm prepared for that. I figured it was worth asking jut in case someone had one local since shipping is going to be a consideration.

    Any recommendations on a custom builder?

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    Ocean by design in Seattle has good reviews.

    Seattle is not that far from us. I had my custom acrylic build out of Seattle.


  2. 2 hours ago, Sirena said:

    Sorta kinda not really lol. One person I talked to said 16-18 one said 20. So if we settle on 18 we should have room for massive amounts of Jell-O shots, vodka, patron, bloody Mary's, mimosas..... oh yeah and cooler for fish stuff emoji15.pngemoji848.pngemoji41.png. I'll add ya to the list Bill

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    Margaritas !

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  3. No they are not the aptasia easting kind. These guys or gals just like to hide in xenia and gsp they change colors kind of to mimic where they are at in the tank.




    Yes have been together for almost a year now I think. It has been a while for sure.

    Okay thanks