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  1. 18 hours ago, Ron said:
    48 minutes ago, albertareef said:

    Hey Karen - were you picking this up for TFT?  If so, you want me to get it from Holly and keep it with the other tank?  Might makes sense to have those in one place if the plan is to use them together.  Let me know.... @kknight

    Sounds like these are sold :) 

    Let me text Alex first to see if he wants it for Beach Elementary 

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  2. 36 minutes ago, youcallmenny said:

    Urgh, I want one of these for my fuge.  Let me know if you split them up, would be nice to have the mount too.  If not, buy with confidence.  Ron's the man!

    I'll spit this with you. I just want one also 

  3. A new school year and new students at McBride this a 3 grade classroom so some students remain. 

    The tank went thru a rough patch. I wasn’t doing water changes enough and the light was set for to long and to intense. We are back on track. I did add a small yellow tang to eat hair algae. The kids know he is just visiting. When new fish are added I do it during class time and the kids love helping a acclimate. If there are 8 kids the fish gets really acclimated, because  I let each kid add a scoop  of water. 

    I asked the teachers to write an update on the kids daily reactions to the tank. During writing time she had the kids write letter !!!

    They are so precious 








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  4. 6 minutes ago, Exodus said:

    [language filter], how many names has this fish been given? Its in its juvenile stage as of now, when it grows and changes you will see why they call it a SplitLevel, but Coral Hogfish is also a name used for it too.


    So my blue and yellow spotted fish will turn pink and yellow ?

    If so that would be cool