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  1. 8 minutes ago, lewisriverfisherman said:

    Karen I have a neon green toadstool and a green mushroom that need a new home I would like to donate them. I also have a couple chunks of monti capI can donate depending on your lighting. f25ec40362ee3605ea739a3ae500bb45.jpg4068039a507a2d362c8b22679530cb96.jpg59b2605400af74496eae5ad63a9dc41c.jpg

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    That would be awesome ! Are you going to be at the  meeting?

    I won't be there, but jeremevans could get them to me.

  2. The tank is looking good. Emerald gave a nice donation of Zoas, mushroom and hammer coral. 

    Today BabburgB donated BTA today , he came to the school to acclimate it.  The kids love it. 

    When we first got to the room a little girl showed us how she used a marker to draw a circle aroun a snail so she could see how far it traveled  it had gone about 5 inch’s   She was quite pleased  

    Thanks for all the support and generosity from PNWMAS







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