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  1. OIAB Group Buy

    Nice ! Thanks again for doing this.
  2. OIAB Group Buy

    Thanks for doing this Robert ! Much better than having the piece cut up at the store and sending a piece home with us that day.
  3. xmas party

    Let me know if you can go, maybe we could car pool ?
  4. Grafted Montipora Setosa

    WOW !!!
  5. It was a lot of fun !. Spent a bit but not over budget. 5 of us also bought a strawberry shortcake coral as a group buy at OIAB Thank you Robert for fraging it !!!!
  6. WTB Babies Breath Favia

    I have Jeramy Baby Breath. It is on a rock that can not be removed so I don't know how to frag it ?
  7. I'll get mine on the party bus.
  8. PNWMAS food drive!!!!

    I can donate a few coral !! Thanks for starting this blackice and John getting the ball rolling !
  9. Party Bus Sign Up OPEN

    This sounds fun. I'm in
  10. 20L AIO Peninsula

    I remember that tank ! Glad it is up and running again
  11. annual reef tour? ? ?

    I think it sounds like a good idea
  12. Brian67 200 gallon starfire

    Amazing. Can't wait to see it stocked !
  13. Thanks for all your hard work a time getting this grow out going. Is it okay to wait until Saturday to pick up at Cuttlefish?
  14. I'll pick up at Cuttlefish. Thanks for doing this !
  15. It is kind of confusing. Tim closed the thread and I thought it was over and thinking darn I really wanted to do the grow out. I just happened to click on this link and YAY I'm still in Maybe the modes (okay that might be me ) could add a side note to Time closed thread ? Also thank you Tim for donating this awesome coral !
  16. TheClark Jr 60 Gallon Cube Build

    Very nice. Awesome your son gets to enjoy the hobby !!!
  17. Thank you Jorge for taking charge. Very excited about the grow out.
  18. Acro keeper

    I'm sorry Tim I couldn't make it from saint Helens
  19. September Frag Swap 2015 pictures

    Thanks for sharing the pictures !!! Sorry I missed this meeting
  20. *Happy Birthday Bert!*

    Happy Birthday!!!
  21. MACNA 2015!!!

    Thanks for sharing ! Must of been so awesome to get to see all that.
  22. Wanting To Buy - Kalk Reactor

    I have one !
  23. Hello, I'm new ^^

    Welcome to the forum !
  24. What does your screen name mean?

    Husband set up my email as kknight so that is what I always set up accounts . Not very creative but I remember it LOL.