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  1. Acro keeper

    I'm sorry Tim I couldn't make it from saint Helens
  2. September Frag Swap 2015 pictures

    Thanks for sharing the pictures !!! Sorry I missed this meeting
  3. *Happy Birthday Bert!*

    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. MACNA 2015!!!

    Thanks for sharing ! Must of been so awesome to get to see all that.
  5. Wanting To Buy - Kalk Reactor

    I have one !
  6. Hello, I'm new ^^

    Welcome to the forum !
  7. What does your screen name mean?

    Husband set up my email as kknight so that is what I always set up accounts . Not very creative but I remember it LOL.
  8. August 2015 Summer BBQ pics

    Nice day for a picnic. Thank you Robert and your son for sharing the pictures. Nice to see the regulars and meet new members. The awesome food and company was worth the drive. I might have mentioned before the salsa Robert made was soooo !!!! Amazing!!!! PS I for my coral magazine raffle envelope on the table. Did someone save it for me ?
  9. Awesome day !!! Loved the band and always fun to hang with reefer's Thank you Badxgillen form the generous frag donations !!! Plus you amazing salsa
  10. It's Moloko's 9th Birthday!

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday You make the best margaritas !!!
  11. New Scores from Cuttlefish!

    You can always count on a score from Cuttlefish ! Last time in was in I also saw reefnjunkie all dressed in business attire and got to chat with Holly
  12. Coming with the husband ! Making baked beans for the potluck
  13. Picture of the day

    Poor Holly How did she get the chew stuck like that ?
  14. Filter sock

    I would like 6 please
  15. Keeper of the Acro Contest! Vote here!

    Very excited to be apart of the grow out this
  16. Looking forward to the picnic .
  17. July Meeting Pictures!

    Thank you Kim for the pictures ! Looks like everyone had a great time. Sorry I missed it,
  18. Acro keeper

  19. Acro keeper

    I think paid members should get first pick and not everyone has a fancy camera .. okay maybe just me (yikes)
  20. Acro keeper

    I think the first 6 members should get a spot. Looks like all are qualified ?
  21. Acro keeper

    If you didn't make the cut I'm not even close LOl. Can't wait to see the grow out !
  22. Removing maxi mini help

    Oh no ! So sorry
  23. Removing maxi mini help

    Did you get this figured out ? Sorry I had no ideas for you
  24. View New Content

    Any one else having trouble logging to this ?
  25. View New Content

    I tried double click. I logged in on my kindle fire and still couldn't get the page