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  1. kknight

    WTB/Trade for cheaper frags

    I'm in St Helens and could give some frag I have mostly SPS
  2. kknight

    Happy birthday Mr. BRET!

    Happy Birthday Bret !!!
  3. kknight

    Nuvo 20 complete with light $150

    If this is still available ? TFT will buy it
  4. kknight

    First Annual Oregon Reef Expo Pictures!

    Great pictures Bert !!! Shows how much fun we all had.
  5. kknight

    Completely new to the reef world.

    It was nice to meet you and your wife at Golden Basket today. Welcome and thank you for becoming family member. I'm really close if you want to stop by. (Kids welcome )
  6. kknight

    First Annual Oregon Reef Expo Pictures!

    This event was a great success. thank you Rudy for hosting the first Oregon Reef Expo Hopefully this will be a new tradition for Portland Thanks to all that donated to TFT. It is such a fun and rewarding program for the kids. When I go check on the tank in Saint Helens the kids are always so excited and have lots of questions that I have not even thought to ask LOl Always fun to chat with reef geeks !
  7. I can do 10 to 12 at what station needs help
  8. kknight

    New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    Look at those happy faces !!!
  9. kknight

    New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    Sorry I couldn't get the pictures of the students to load ???
  10. kknight

    New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    The McBride tank is doing really awesome. The teachers take really good care of it. Thank you all for the donations from the Richard Ross meeting. Kiewwk Ssapinton Emerald Badxgillen Bubbarockies .photobucket.com/user/kknight31/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-05/9242AA1D-797C-4584-85DF-D1AD84FAC561.jpg.html'> Here are some fans http://s1107.photobucket.com/user/kknight31/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-05/F5891D6F-F2EE-4387-A6CF-CCCD351811DC.jpg.html This is Cody, he is always the first to come see what I'm doing. He is the also the first to notice if something is missing Thank you Jeff at Cuttlefish for the great deal on the Bubble tip, Royalgamma, awesome cloves , crabs and CUC
  11. kknight

    Holly's Saltwater Haven - Part 1: The Room

    Very excited for you !!!
  12. kknight

    Tank crash........

    Sorry Matt If you need frag let me know
  13. Congratulations to all. Awesome year to come !
  14. kknight

    Request to the board

    You could sent your message to the president JManrow and he can share with the board.
  15. I stopped by yesterday. Very nice store with lots of inventory. I picked up a Fire shrimp. Erin helped me figure out a easy solution to the connection of my feed pump to the calcium reactor I have been messing with the connection over a year, bought 3 different pumps to get the correct size for the tubing. He gave me a pieces of hose to work with the Maxi-Jet I already have. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Problem solved.
  16. kknight

    Another fun time at Cuttlefish and Corals

    I saw Mr Bret and Softy must of just missed you. I got some goodies for the McBride school . Going to a fish store makes my day
  17. kknight

    What are you good at besides reefing?

    We like to go sailing !
  18. kknight

    May 2016 Frag Swap

    Thank you !
  19. kknight

    May 2016 Frag Swap

    Thank you!
  20. kknight

    May 2016 Frag Swap

    That would be perfect.
  21. kknight

    May 2016 Frag Swap

    Zoas would be awesome. I'm not sure what a Saco is , but if its easy to care for sounds good !
  22. kknight

    May 2016 Frag Swap

    If anyone has a few softies to donate to the McBride school tank it would be much appreciated