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  1. Light

    The teacher said yes to having the tank ! I need get with her and get everything worked out
  2. Light

    Thanks Kim !!!
  3. Happy birthday Jeff!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. Food raffle

    I'm checking in with a school in Saint Helens.
  5. Rock nem group buy?

    Sorry I missed out on this .
  6. 205 gallon continuous overflow. 100 gallon sump 3 Radon lights 1st generation (updated lenses) 2 Mp 40s GEO calcium reactor Run GFO, Carbon Water changes 20% every 3 weeks Dose Arco power ALK 7.9 MAG 1470 CAL 490 PH 8.3,
  7. Newbie :)

    Glad you joined !!! Nice chatting with you at the meeting.
  8. OIAB Group Buy

    I can get mine at the meeting !
  9. OIAB Group Buy

    Nice ! Thanks again for doing this.
  10. OIAB Group Buy

    Thanks for doing this Robert ! Much better than having the piece cut up at the store and sending a piece home with us that day.
  11. xmas party

    Let me know if you can go, maybe we could car pool ?
  12. Grafted Montipora Setosa

    WOW !!!
  13. It was a lot of fun !. Spent a bit but not over budget. 5 of us also bought a strawberry shortcake coral as a group buy at OIAB Thank you Robert for fraging it !!!!
  14. WTB Babies Breath Favia

    I have Jeramy Baby Breath. It is on a rock that can not be removed so I don't know how to frag it ?
  15. I'll get mine on the party bus.
  16. PNWMAS food drive!!!!

    I can donate a few coral !! Thanks for starting this blackice and John getting the ball rolling !
  17. Party Bus Sign Up OPEN

    This sounds fun. I'm in
  18. 20L AIO Peninsula

    I remember that tank ! Glad it is up and running again
  19. annual reef tour? ? ?

    I think it sounds like a good idea
  20. Brian67 200 gallon starfire

    Amazing. Can't wait to see it stocked !
  21. Thanks for all your hard work a time getting this grow out going. Is it okay to wait until Saturday to pick up at Cuttlefish?
  22. I'll pick up at Cuttlefish. Thanks for doing this !
  23. It is kind of confusing. Tim closed the thread and I thought it was over and thinking darn I really wanted to do the grow out. I just happened to click on this link and YAY I'm still in Maybe the modes (okay that might be me ) could add a side note to Time closed thread ? Also thank you Tim for donating this awesome coral !
  24. TheClark Jr 60 Gallon Cube Build

    Very nice. Awesome your son gets to enjoy the hobby !!!