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  1. Shout out to Matty

    I set up a tank at the St. Helens McBride school One of the students was going to get a puppy for his Birthday, but he decided he wanted a fish tank. His mother said yes !!! Matty donated his 14 gallon tank to the family. Axel is going to be SO excited Thank you Matty
  2. Shout out to Matty

    Thank you ! I also have a ATO to sent with you to give to Jim for his Boys and Girls club tank
  3. 2 Nano's for sale

    Thank you so much Matty !
  4. 2 Nano's for sale

    Could you post pictures of the 14gallon Most likely will take it
  5. WTB Babies Breath Favia

    I just noticed my baby breath is on a rock that can be removed ! I just have no clue how to frag it ?
  6. Hanna Alk Regent BAD?!

    I just got my replacement ! I didn't have a receipt
  7. Very excited for this event. !!!
  8. Video of My 110 Gallon

    That's beautiful !
  9. OIAB Group Buy

    Mine didn't make it :(
  10. Hanna Alk Regent BAD?!

    The one I just got is bad. I didn't sent receipt or picture so hope that is fine
  11. I would like to join. Thank you Bert for doing another grow out !
  12. When we had our 55 Doug put a pump with hose in a bucket a pumped it up. He hooked it to an extension cord with a on / off switch
  13. Happy Birthday Kknight!

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes. Had an awesome day with the family
  14. get together at my house

    I'll be there !
  15. Bob Moore Frag Swap Discussion

    I went last and it was a lot of fun. Big selection and overall good pricing. Some low some a little higher. Stylaster from the forum will have a booth set up.
  16. Miami hurricane frags

    Yes I'll grab it
  17. Miami hurricane frags

    I'll take one. Can pick up at Roy's
  18. Does anyone still like Miami hurricane

    Sounds good !
  19. Does anyone still like Miami hurricane

    I would love a frag ! We will be a Roy get together
  20. I dont use a tooth brush what do you use.

    I can't wait to try this on corners !
  21. Goodbye

    So sorry for your loss. My heart hurts for you .We love our fur baby so much