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  1. Sps growout PICK UP!

    Vance I pick yours up on Saturday and hold it
  2. Party Bus Details (official thread)

    Payment sent !
  3. Party Bus for April Meeting?!?!?

    Margaritas !
  4. Happy Birthday Garrett from TPA!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  5. Party Bus for April Meeting?!?!?

    I'm in ! It was a lot of fun last year
  6. Thanks Spectra!

    Scott not only donated the TFT tank , but came out to Saint Helens to set it up ! He also got donation from the nano tank forum he is on and purchased the in tank baskets and heater
  7. PNWMAS March Meeting!

    RSVP Me too !
  8. Gone

    Okay thanks
  9. Gone

    Did they eat aptasia. The McBride School could really use one
  10. Bob Moore frag swap carpool

    Can I ride with you ? I could meet off I-5
  11. New / Returning Reefer

    Welcome !. I'm in Saint Helens
  12. Happy Birthday Kknight!!!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes !!! My family and friends went out to celebrate Saturday before the worst of the storm.
  13. Vance164's first reef

    Tank looks great ! When those frags settle in I can hook you up with more !!!
  14. Welcome and thanks for helping out !
  15. Coral auction for Toby Flenderson

    Thank you for donating the coral. I will be at Holly's
  16. Happy Birthday Mattv!!!

    Happy Birthday Matt.
  17. With a heavy heart

    How sad.. He was an awesome guy. So sad for his family. I met him when he did a share the love and I was picked. When I went to his house he was sitting on his front porch watching a group of kids playing in the front yard.
  18. Happy Birthday Jeff!!

    Happy Birthday Jeff !!!
  19. Happy Birthday Holly!!!

    Happy Birthday Holly !!!
  20. I'll take a ORA strawberry fields
  21. Looking to borrow a diamond drill bit

    See if Don's rental has them in St Helens. We rented a few bits setting up my tank
  22. Share the Love...Mattv style

    Share the love !
  23. Thank you for sharing. I would like to enter
  24. Happy Birthday BadxGillen!!!!

    Happy Birthday !!!