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  1. Happy Birthday Mattv!!!

    Happy Birthday Matt.
  2. With a heavy heart

    How sad.. He was an awesome guy. So sad for his family. I met him when he did a share the love and I was picked. When I went to his house he was sitting on his front porch watching a group of kids playing in the front yard.
  3. Happy Birthday Jeff!!

    Happy Birthday Jeff !!!
  4. Happy Birthday Holly!!!

    Happy Birthday Holly !!!
  5. I'll take a ORA strawberry fields
  6. Looking to borrow a diamond drill bit

    See if Don's rental has them in St Helens. We rented a few bits setting up my tank
  7. Share the Love...Mattv style

    Share the love !
  8. Thank you for sharing. I would like to enter
  9. Happy Birthday BadxGillen!!!!

    Happy Birthday !!!
  10. Looking forward to the meeting ! I can bring a mac salad. Not sure I can handle the long drive
  11. MACNA 2016 in San Diego!!!

    Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing
  12. Happy Birthday Sirena!!!

    Happy Birthday Sirena ! Have a awesome day
  13. WTB/Trade for cheaper frags

    I'm in St Helens and could give some frag I have mostly SPS
  14. Happy birthday Mr. BRET!

    Happy Birthday Bret !!!
  15. Nuvo 20 complete with light $150

    If this is still available ? TFT will buy it
  16. First Annual Oregon Reef Expo Pictures!

    Great pictures Bert !!! Shows how much fun we all had.
  17. Completely new to the reef world.

    It was nice to meet you and your wife at Golden Basket today. Welcome and thank you for becoming family member. I'm really close if you want to stop by. (Kids welcome )
  18. First Annual Oregon Reef Expo Pictures!

    This event was a great success. thank you Rudy for hosting the first Oregon Reef Expo Hopefully this will be a new tradition for Portland Thanks to all that donated to TFT. It is such a fun and rewarding program for the kids. When I go check on the tank in Saint Helens the kids are always so excited and have lots of questions that I have not even thought to ask LOl Always fun to chat with reef geeks !
  19. I can do 10 to 12 at what station needs help
  20. New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    Look at those happy faces !!!
  21. New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    Sorry I couldn't get the pictures of the students to load ???