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  1. I have a rant to share

    Thank you for the wonderful welcomes. My first question is how do i ask a question and post a thread ?
  2. I have a rant to share

    Sorry I mixed up CoralCrazy name . forgive me i'm new
  3. I have a rant to share

    Hello I am the newbe crazycoral is taking about. I think the employee did'nt know what he was talking about and just gave me the wrong info.I did only pay 30$. I agree it is my responsibity to do research, and I have read and read and read. I have not found a website that gives me steps to exactly follow. I am just greatful I was at the right place at the right time to get introduced to crazycoral. She let me come to her house and gave more step by step information than I have received anywhere. She took my anemone and it is nice to hear the the mini Maxie is hardier. When I saw her carpet I was a little scared. I also was given the info to join this group. Now I have a place I can ask alot of people all my questions. Thank you crazycoral for sticking up for us newby's.The store does'nt matter. I will call the owner and and tell him what happened. I'm just happy my tank is fine and on it's way to being beautiful and a lot of fun. I'm so happy to be here