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  1. kknight

    2.5 pico

    Is this big enough for a couple of seahorses ?
  2. My order is also complete... This was my first time and was way easier than I thought. I had every thing in my cart with enough for free shipping, but when it went to group buy I had to get a few more items. Yahhhhh . I also thank you
  3. kknight

    $5/$10 frag sale!

    Any time in the next 4 days
  4. kknight

    $5/$10 frag sale!

    I'll take the ORA green birdsnest. I kept looking at it and it is one of the last left.......
  5. I'm at $200 if anyone wants to compine....
  6. kknight

    BRS GFO and/or Carbon Reactor

    PM sent.....
  7. I picked mine up .......And love it . Thank you for doing the group buy
  8. kknight

    Looking for Damsels and other small fish

    I have a black and white stripe damsel I would love to catch , if you want to come to St Helens it is free........
  9. kknight


    Thank you Mike for coming to pick up the RBTA was nice to meet you......
  10. kknight


    I had a RBTA split . Two is too big in a 55g. It was reaching for corals. It was not moving around but I could'nt but corals around it. I tried to get it off the rock this morning to take it to Vancover, but it would not let go. I really pissed it off and just now was trying to move so I got its foot to let loose. I really really don't want to drive back to Vancouver or Portland to a LFS......... So if anyone wants to come to St helens if is free
  11. kknight


    Sound good..... Would love for you to get it, you gave me alot of corals to get started.
  12. kknight

    Breaking down the Reef tank (Well sort of)

    I'll buy the purple macromussa pm sent
  13. kknight

    What goby to get???

    I have a sleeper head goby in my tank and he makes such mess......I caught him today and want to trade him in. Is a diamond goby much better ????? Thanks for the help
  14. kknight

    WTB any kind of BTA, Frogspawn, and Hammerheads

    How did you do that ??????
  15. kknight

    WTB any kind of BTA, Frogspawn, and Hammerheads

    Wanted to share... trying to get PhotoBucket url to work with photo upload? Thanks
  16. kknight

    WTB any kind of BTA, Frogspawn, and Hammerheads

    I have a RTA that split about a month ago that I would sell for $25. I'm in St Helens but could meet part way....
  17. kknight

    Breaking down the Reef tank (Well sort of)

    Thanks again for great additions to our tank. He was really impressed with your beautiful tank and set up ...When we were driving there he said we would be there for about 5 min and I'm thinking hummmmm your have no clue..Silly guy....
  18. Hi Thomas : glad to see you have introduced yourself. And yes we know who we are There is alot of great advice here and people ask questions you have'nt even thought of. Welcome
  19. I had a pm on the 23rd about seeing if we wanted to pay thru paypal directly to the guy that he is getting them from. Nothing since, just figured he was busy....
  20. kknight

    Share the love is back!

    Share the love
  21. kknight

    Happy bday heather coral crazy!

    Happy Birthday............Have a wonderful day
  22. I would like to buy your powerhead......pm sent
  23. kknight

    RBTA question ?

    Figured out why the RBTA moved to the backof the tank. It split. We are the pround parents two nems. YAH!!!!