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  1. RBTA question ?

    I have a RBTA that has been on a rock front and center for 4 weeks . Yesterday between 1 pm and 10 pm when I got home from work it moved to the back of the tank. It is still in the light but right in front of a jet being blasted by the flow . Do I move the jet or will it move ? I have not added anything . Everything has stayed the same (scratch) Thanks for your help
  2. RBTA question ?

    Figured out why the RBTA moved to the backof the tank. It split. We are the pround parents two nems. YAH!!!!
  3. RBTA question ?

    Yikes......... that did scare me. It was really really close so I moved the powerhead and learned there is a lot of nasty stuff in that suction cup. Will have to clean that more often. Thanks for the help. I wanted to save my ready water for the water change tomorrow.
  4. Refractometer?

    We would like to purchase a refractometer . We have been using a hydrometer and get different reading thru out the day and when I take my water to a semi lfs it is lower than what we calculated. I have purchase 3 hydrometers..... I have looked at a few semi local fish stores ( I'm in StHelens )and ebay . Prices very by brand. Any suggestions ?
  5. Refractometer?

    pm sent.........
  6. Paying member?

    How do I get a shiny membership card ? I joined at the Lonview meeting
  7. Tank Temperature

    Since it is getting warmer my tank temp is at 82 usually about 76. Is this ok ? and what temp is too high ? Thanks for the advice in advance.
  8. Tank Temperature

    Thanks I'll get a fan for the sump
  9. Tank Temperature

    Got the fan down from the attic and turned off the 2 middle lights. Down to 80. Why a fan on the sump verses by the lights ? I looked on a couple websites and there is a fan for both top and sump. When it gets realy hot I do have central air
  10. Share the love for fathers day

    Share the love
  11. I am going to get his light tomorrow and will be in woodburn June 24,25,26 if that helps
  12. Aragonite Sand

    Thats what we used and at first I really wanted to change.It was always messy . After 3 months it has settled down and does'nt cloud up. I even added two power heads.
  13. $1440 birdnest

    You could go to Potterybarn and get if for $20 I know this because I have one
  14. Feeding the fish ?

    I have 2 damsels, 2 clowns , sheeper head goby, fireshrimp and emerald crab in a 55 gallon tank . I am feeding every other day. I want to get some blue/green chromis and I read to feed them several times throughout the day. I don't want to over feed the other fish so how do I do this ? Do the chromis eat more of the food ?
  15. Feeding the fish ?

    I have 5 hours into trying to get him. Half of the LR is in the sump . Tried 1/2 cube of food then the other 1/2 . Tried silverslide. I want that medal because I am going to win:) I think the LFS will take him back with no credit but I can't just flush the poor naughty guy that I was so proud to have kept alive. I need to quit for tonight I am stressing all the other fish out.
  16. Feeding the fish ?

    Thank you for the help: I am feeding Brine, Mysis and sometimes silverslides. So seems like I just keep doing what I'm doing. I did get 3 chromis and my blue damsel is pushing them into the corner. I knew at some point I would have to get rid of him, guess now is the time. I'm hoping the LFS will take him.
  17. protein skimmer help?

    Thank you for asking the question . This is what I am working on also for my 55 gallon tank and could not find the the answers. Now I what to look into , thank for the help
  18. Flame angels question

    Bless you..... I thought I was going to have to ask for each and every abbreviation.
  19. New I am indeed

    Welcome: We also have been setting up a reef tank for 2 months and have the exact story, even down to the moving of the rock. Husband asked if I would only move it around when he was at work This is a great forum to be on . The best advice is from people with knowledge that are not trying to sell you something. Ask lots of questions so we can learn too........
  20. Flame angels question

    Could you tell what SPS stands for ?
  21. Flame hawkfish

    I was at a trustworthy fish store and saw a flame hawkfish . He is so cute. They told me and I read that they can be semi aggressive. But they say this one is not ,but is in a very large tank. Do some flame hawk fish act different than others ? . I have 2 damsels, 2 clowns , fire shrimp and sleeper head goby cleaner and crab
  22. Flame hawkfish

    Thanks for the help. I really like my fireshrimp, he is our 1st invertebrate and we were really proud when he molted. So I'll thinks about it. They are so cute We are going back to the fish store Fri I can check more closely what is in the tank with him. It is a 60 gallon tank.
  23. 2 little starters

    I did forget that Coralcrazy is holding my mini maxi carpet that I bought too soon for my tank . If it is still fine can we make a time to meet ?
  24. 2 little starters

    I have 2 damsel, 2 clownfish, sleeperhead goby, fireshrimp, and crab my lighting T5 ho Rose city aquarium said I have good lighting
  25. Share the Love for TFT

    Read alot of book before you buy a saltwater fishtank off craigs list