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  1. Feeding the fish ?

    Thank you for the help: I am feeding Brine, Mysis and sometimes silverslides. So seems like I just keep doing what I'm doing. I did get 3 chromis and my blue damsel is pushing them into the corner. I knew at some point I would have to get rid of him, guess now is the time. I'm hoping the LFS will take him.
  2. protein skimmer help?

    Thank you for asking the question . This is what I am working on also for my 55 gallon tank and could not find the the answers. Now I what to look into , thank for the help
  3. Flame angels question

    Bless you..... I thought I was going to have to ask for each and every abbreviation.
  4. New I am indeed

    Welcome: We also have been setting up a reef tank for 2 months and have the exact story, even down to the moving of the rock. Husband asked if I would only move it around when he was at work This is a great forum to be on . The best advice is from people with knowledge that are not trying to sell you something. Ask lots of questions so we can learn too........
  5. Flame angels question

    Could you tell what SPS stands for ?
  6. Flame hawkfish

    I was at a trustworthy fish store and saw a flame hawkfish . He is so cute. They told me and I read that they can be semi aggressive. But they say this one is not ,but is in a very large tank. Do some flame hawk fish act different than others ? . I have 2 damsels, 2 clowns , fire shrimp and sleeper head goby cleaner and crab
  7. Flame hawkfish

    Thanks for the help. I really like my fireshrimp, he is our 1st invertebrate and we were really proud when he molted. So I'll thinks about it. They are so cute We are going back to the fish store Fri I can check more closely what is in the tank with him. It is a 60 gallon tank.
  8. 2 little starters

    I did forget that Coralcrazy is holding my mini maxi carpet that I bought too soon for my tank . If it is still fine can we make a time to meet ?
  9. 2 little starters

    I have 2 damsel, 2 clownfish, sleeperhead goby, fireshrimp, and crab my lighting T5 ho Rose city aquarium said I have good lighting
  10. Share the Love for TFT

    Read alot of book before you buy a saltwater fishtank off craigs list
  11. 2 little starters

    Can I have them in a 2 month old 60 gallon tank. I have rock, 6 fish, fire shrimp and a goby. I would love them if I can
  12. Water change

    Hello: we are going to our first water change..It is a 60 gallon tank and we are going to do a 20 gallon change. The water is ready and at the correct temp. Any suggestions from holding tank to main tank ?
  13. Water change

  14. Water change

    Thank you I'll get a pic up tomorrow.
  15. Brand new to salt water

    Hello and thank you for letting us join. We are Doug and Karen. This is our very first saltwater tank. It has been his dream since we have been married ( 31 years ). We have a 60 gallon true vu tank, that we want to be a reef tank. It has been up for almost 2 months. I think we have been really really lucky plugging along with the info we have read and goolged. I met CoralCrazy who has saved my anemone, that I should not even have. and now have this forum to help us finsh what we have started. We are very excited and are enjoying just the small beginning we have started. Thank you for the advice in advance. kknight
  16. Brand new to salt water

    We are well on our way and we just have some rock and 5 fish .( does the molly count)
  17. Brand new to salt water

    Thank you. We would really like to attend your meeting and meet everyone .
  18. Water change

    Yep: we need to contact tru vue and get some back up pulg valves or what every they have. If we are not home and the power goes out we have a big problem. Was a blessing it happened while I was at home and now know there is a problem.
  19. New to site

    Welcome Viki: I am also new so we can learn together. I have been to Veneta and know u are lucky to get pizza there. I grew up in Eugene:)
  20. Water change

    Thank you all the the great advice. Our 1st water change was due to an emergency. I was changing the light in the front bathroom so turned off the elec. was working on the light and needed a tool so was walking by the fish tank into a pool of ........ummmmmmmmmmmm water , it was on the same breaker. the sub overflowed onto my hardwood floor. I got all the towel I have and went to get a mop that oh by the way I do not own. I called my husband that works at Safeway to get home and bring a mop. So we decided now would be a good time to do a water change. It was such a comity act we just had to laugh. Also the light I have did not have the correct mounting bracket , so have no light in the bath. A lesson learned. If I need to turn off elec. to fish tank get a extension cord to different outlet.....
  21. Water change

    Thank you we do have a pump. That sound like a great plan wish us luck !!!!
  22. Water change

    My ready tank is in the garage.
  23. I have a rant to share

    Thank you:) I got my water change question posted..........
  24. I have a rant to share

    Thank you for the wonderful welcomes. My first question is how do i ask a question and post a thread ?
  25. I have a rant to share

    Sorry I mixed up CoralCrazy name . forgive me i'm new