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  1. Sad News

    Yes I have a nuvo available! They come with a screen top. I'm sure we can get a volunteer to make a stand. lMK !!! I'll send you a email
  2. Happy Birthday BadxGillen!!!

    Happy Birthday Bert !
  3. Birthday Sale ♡

    Happy Birthday Brett !!!
  4. I would love to make baked beans but sorry I can not make the meeting ? We are still on vacation sailing on the Columbia river. I really wanted the awesome ribs and reef talk
  5. Group buy Upscales Microcladas

    I would be in if there is room. I could pick up from Brad and take it to Brian.
  6. Thank you Sirena, Zoolander, Albertareef

    Thanks you all for this the event. So much fun !!!!!! Albertareef you can have my spot on the board.
  7. Paradise Coral is open :)

    Very exciting!!! Can't wait to come see it.
  8. WTB 4x4 or 3x3 Square Tank

    Ocean by design in Seattle has good reviews. Seattle is not that far from us. I had my custom acrylic build out of Seattle.
  9. Sps growout PICK UP!

    I'm so sorry I was thinking it was the Saturday of the Party Bus. We are going to Eugene this Saturday so I cant
  10. Sps growout PICK UP!

    Vance I pick yours up on Saturday and hold it
  11. Party Bus Details (official thread)

    Payment sent !
  12. Party Bus for April Meeting?!?!?

    Margaritas !
  13. Happy Birthday Garrett from TPA!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  14. Party Bus for April Meeting?!?!?

    I'm in ! It was a lot of fun last year
  15. Thanks Spectra!

    Scott not only donated the TFT tank , but came out to Saint Helens to set it up ! He also got donation from the nano tank forum he is on and purchased the in tank baskets and heater
  16. PNWMAS March Meeting!

    RSVP Me too !
  17. Gone

    Okay thanks
  18. Gone

    Did they eat aptasia. The McBride School could really use one
  19. Bob Moore frag swap carpool

    Can I ride with you ? I could meet off I-5
  20. New / Returning Reefer

    Welcome !. I'm in Saint Helens
  21. Happy Birthday Kknight!!!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes !!! My family and friends went out to celebrate Saturday before the worst of the storm.
  22. Vance164's first reef

    Tank looks great ! When those frags settle in I can hook you up with more !!!
  23. Welcome and thanks for helping out !
  24. Coral auction for Toby Flenderson

    Thank you for donating the coral. I will be at Holly's