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  1. kknight

    Equipment to donate/sell to the cause

    What equipment do have ?
  2. kknight

    RIP Bucket - "best cat ever"

    So sorry Sean. We love our for baby's.
  3. kknight


    Thanks reefland and thanks to flashyfins for picking !
  4. kknight


    I sent you a text like you asked. TFT.still wants this. Sorry for the confusion I check the phone number again
  5. kknight


    TFT will buy this !
  6. kknight

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    Good to know. That's kind of big for a school tank.
  7. kknight


    I might be interested in the unit for a TFT Tank in Hood River. I'm waiting for scissortail to get back to me.
  8. kknight

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    I haven't forgotten about you. Gumby is getting the tank cleaned up and ready to go. I sent you a pm to call me
  9. kknight

    Welcome your 2018/2019 Board Members!

    Congratulations to all
  10. kknight

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    The 40 gallon is set up at the Boys and Girls club in Vancouver. They are getting a bigger tank so ill get back to you on availability. Very excited to have a new school on the forum !
  11. kknight

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    We have a Tanks for Teachers program. Available is a 20 gallon and a 40 gallon maybe coming up, both with all the necessary equipment . If you could maintain the tank and post updates on the forum I think we could hook you up
  12. kknight

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    Happy birthday Jorge 🎂
  13. kknight


    I just got one from Cuttlefish. He doesn't bother anything but the aptasia. This is the second on I have had.
  14. I can help. Not sure what would me needed, but willing to help.