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  1. kknight

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love.
  2. kknight

    Large pieces of rock

    Glad these can work for the tank !
  3. kknight

    Large pieces of rock

    Not sure how large you need but I have some dry rocks I'll text you.
  4. kknight

    Updates on the tank

    Thanks Jereme
  5. kknight

    Updates on the tank

    That would be awesome ! Are you going to be at the meeting? I won't be there, but jeremevans could get them to me.
  6. kknight

    Updates on the tank

    Yes I do. Ben is going to get some zoas together for us
  7. The tank is looking good. Emerald gave a nice donation of Zoas, mushroom and hammer coral. Today BabburgB donated BTA today , he came to the school to acclimate it. The kids love it. When we first got to the room a little girl showed us how she used a marker to draw a circle aroun a snail so she could see how far it traveled it had gone about 5 inch’s She was quite pleased Thanks for all the support and generosity from PNWMAS
  8. kknight

    Meeting is tomorrow !!

    Thank you !
  9. kknight

    Meeting is tomorrow !!

    Looking forward to it !
  10. I'm glad they are enjoying the tank 😊 Thanks for sharing
  11. kknight

    Prime lights with mounts

    Sounds like these are sold Let me text Alex first to see if he wants it for Beach Elementary
  12. kknight

    Prime lights with mounts

    I'll ask her but I'm sure its fine. I'll send Ron a pm to pay him
  13. kknight

    Prime lights with mounts

    I can't make the meeting but if you could take it to Hollys that would get it closer to,me. I'm in Saint Helens