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  1. kknight

    Time to retire

    Thank you Jeff.
  2. kknight

    Time to retire

    I can't figure out how to add pictures?
  3. kknight

    Time to retire

    Thanks Sean. I'll post pictures of the sump and plumping
  4. kknight

    Time to retire

    We are now retired and with much thought and heart breaking decision have decided to take down our tank 205 gallon continues overflow custom tank by Jason Gregory Custom Frabrications in Seattle. 6’ long 30” wide 22’ tall metal stand beautiful custom made skim 100 gallon sump by wannareef All for $999.00 a few scratches that while dry can be buffed you haul and clean
  5. kknight

    Happy Birthday Cuttlefish!

    Happy birthday Jeff !!!
  6. kknight

    Happy Birthday Gil&Fin!!

    Happy birthday Holly !
  7. kknight

    Equipment to donate/sell to the cause

    What equipment do have ?
  8. kknight

    RIP Bucket - "best cat ever"

    So sorry Sean. We love our for baby's.
  9. kknight


    Thanks reefland and thanks to flashyfins for picking !
  10. kknight


    I sent you a text like you asked. TFT.still wants this. Sorry for the confusion I check the phone number again
  11. kknight


    TFT will buy this !
  12. kknight

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    Good to know. That's kind of big for a school tank.
  13. kknight


    I might be interested in the unit for a TFT Tank in Hood River. I'm waiting for scissortail to get back to me.
  14. kknight

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    I haven't forgotten about you. Gumby is getting the tank cleaned up and ready to go. I sent you a pm to call me
  15. kknight

    Welcome your 2018/2019 Board Members!

    Congratulations to all