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  1. Happy Birthday Gil&Fin

    Happy birthday 🎂 Holly !
  2. New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    Thanks Scott anything works.. They don't have much right now.
  3. New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    I'll post a picture.. I forgot to take an updated picture when I was at the school other day
  4. New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    I’ll get a picture posted. It is looking really good Yes I get some coral next time I see you. Thanks
  5. New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    A new school year and new students at McBride this a 3 grade classroom so some students remain. The tank went thru a rough patch. I wasn’t doing water changes enough and the light was set for to long and to intense. We are back on track. I did add a small yellow tang to eat hair algae. The kids know he is just visiting. When new fish are added I do it during class time and the kids love helping a acclimate. If there are 8 kids the fish gets really acclimated, because I let each kid add a scoop of water. I asked the teachers to write an update on the kids daily reactions to the tank. During writing time she had the kids write letter !!! They are so precious
  6. Share the love: Idaho Grape Montipora

    Thank so much. They are really big frags !
  7. Share the love: Idaho Grape Montipora

    I would like one please
  8. Happy Turkey Day

    Happy thanksgiving!
  9. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    I finally figured out how to post a picture just not a comment. lol
  10. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

  11. Free stand/cabinet

    Thank you but the stand is too big
  12. Free stand/cabinet

    She should get back to when school gets out
  13. Free stand/cabinet

    We have a new TFT school coming up. I sent the teacher a email to see if this would fit in her room. The tank is only 20 gallons but extra room is always nice. It would be perfect if the has the room
  14. Just a few lovelys...

    Beautiful !
  15. ReefOctopus Return Pump

    The Vectra s1. I won it in a raffle the fragfest. !!! Less gph but enough and really quite