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  1. When did you want to pick up. Im pretty open on time
  2. Did you want the return pump or barrel
  3. when I logged in to the sight it says NOT SECURED Has it always been like that ?
  4. Lol pellets not available . Just holding tank I was to lazy to remove everything
  5. I have a return pump and 50 gallon RO container with a pump to fill top off or mix tank FREE. Located in Saint Helens
  6. Glad you have a tank in your classroom Contact flashyfins. She is the coordinated for Tanks for Teachers. I'm sure the club can provide support.
  7. The tank is down, this is what I have left. I'm in Saint Helens 2 MP 40 QD $200 each SOLD Milwaukee refractometer $50 SOLD Reef Octopus water blaster 7000. $100 CPR Aquatic acclimation box $25 Bulk reefsupply reactor. No pump $10
  8. I have 2 Bulk reef reactors I used them for GFO and Carbon $15 each I'm in Saint Helens
  9. Awesome !!!! So happy they got the tank up and running.
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