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  1. What are these? Name? I'm too far away to get but I am setting up a Seahawks pico tank. These look like they would look great in it.
  2. DIY screen top. I bought the screening from BRS but got the clips, spline and frame from Lowe's.
  3. Its like an aquatic chameleon the way it catches prey!! that's awesome.
  4. I have officially replaced everything that came with this Aquatop system but the tank, sump and plumbing...Today I put in a Current eFlux DC return pump. I love the DC skimmer and everything I read said these were quiet. WOWSA no lie, its silent. The Aquatop pump I had vibrated so much it was a distraction and I hated the rough stop and start for feeding. I was nervous that I would not be able to dial this in low enough for my tank but I actually have it at about 25%. I attached a limewood airstone to the front grate and connected the airline tubing and tomorrow going to see if I can get some microscrubbing going. I have made sure everything I have purchased can be used in a bigger tank :). Only thing I will need to buy to upsize to a 50g will be a second AI Prime....I like to plan ahead LOL. My Corcea clam has been in the tank for a week or so now and seems to be doing great.
  5. Well I redid it with the powerheads off. Made quite a difference. I ended up raising my light to 10" and changing my settings. Being a noob can be such a drag sometimes...I did, after I dropped something behind the tank and have to move things solve the mystery of my little disappearing clown. Found him, dried out on the floor. There is about a 1" gap in the back of the tank around the screen...sigh...Well at least I know the other one is not a killer.
  6. It was just brought to my attention that I should have turned off my powerheads and flow before taking the readings. That seems so obvious after the fact. I am going to redo them in a bit. I'll post if ti changes how I set my lights
  7. This is what I posted on the PNW facebook page a few minutes ago. After checking PAR with my new Seneye I set my single AI Prime HD for my Crocea Clam and 2 BTAs. I was really surprised at how quickly the PAR drops off. My light is 8" above my tank and clam is about 6" below the surface. I just made this change so I have no results thus far, but this gives my clam about 220 PAR and the Anemones about 175.
  8. So I received my Seneye yesterday.. Biggest setup issue I had was getting the suction cup on...I was trying to put it on the wrong side. So today I decided to do some PAR testing and wow what a shock. My tank is 18" deep and my light is about 8" above, but the top of my rocks is probably 6" below the surface. I was really surprised that they settings I was using on my AI Prime HD was way too low. I have mostly LPS and Zoas but I have 2 BTAs and now the Crocea clam. I really wanted to be sure i had adequate lighting for those. I ended up turning up my violet, Royal and Blue way up over 100% to get 200ish PAR and 80% PUR where I was putting the clam. The nemes are sitting at about 175 PAR and 79% PUR. I was amazed at how fast the PAR drops as you move away from the center. So l placed the clam where it will get the best PAR/PUR of the tank and will wait and see how things go. So far I am glad I bought the Seneye, if only for the PAR meter. I have to wait 48hrs to get the slide it comes with soaked, then I can monitor the pH and Ammonia. It does give a calculated value for dissolved O2, which is cool.
  9. what color are you using?
  10. I tried to talk a friend into taking my single Darwin clown but no go, so I will have to pass on the clowns sadly.
  11. Silly clowns. Sorry meant to ask how big they are as well?
  12. Do the clowns have an anemone that hosts them? I am interested in them, and I live in Renton. Easy drive to Tumwater, then I can go to Curry Corner too. (used to live in Tumwater)
  13. You can take me off I went ahead and bought a Seneye Reef Monitor and it has the PAR. Thanks though
  14. I broke down and ordered one. I'll keep y'all posted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Here's my latest update on my tank. I have spent a stupid amount of money on a variety of things. I have lost a few fish, I mean lost...never to be seen again with a screen top. Current and pretty long term residents are Darwin clown(was first fish) I have tried to add 2 others first one I found dead after being seemingly fine second one completely disappeared, again fine, active and eating when I left for work that morning. Lost both fire fish, separately. Again one I saw dying and removed it one vanished. So also doing great is a sapphire damsel and a orange spot Goby. He has a pistol buddy. Lots, probably too many LPS and Zoas. The WWC sps have not faired well but I should never have bought them. [language filter] ambien. Got lots of equipment, ATO upgraded skimmer, Koralia wavemaker, fans and heater controller, dosing pump for the Red Sea foundation system with Nopox. Yesterday I ordered the Seneye Reef monitor. So here is the lesson of what too much disposable income and not enough self control can get you in 8 weeks. I must be doing something right cause these corals are growing and showing like crazy. I am getting a Ragnarox island made for my WWC Zoa garden to show off my Darth Mauls, Scarfaces, Utter Nonsense and a few others. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk