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  1. Going to grad school this fall, and i'm breaking down the tank. I need to offload some LR that has been defeated by a losing battle with GHA. I'll cook it myself, but I thought I would see if someone up here wanted any before I head down that road. Probably ~25 pounds. Text 503.701.1284
  2. Chromis viridis White bumps on his fins and head. Only members of the tank, about 5 years old. Eating fine, no other symptoms. One of these bumps appeared on his chin a few years ago then went away. Now it seems to be back. Anyone have any ideas? (I probably took 300 pictures, this guy just didn't want to hold still.)
  3. Update: I did a 7 minute freshwater dip without any meds with the little girl. There was a day of cloudy eyes, but they came back the next day. She has 90% recovered, the Exophthalmus went away and the inflammation was all but almost gove within a few days thereafter. There are still a few white spots on her pectoral fin, and there is some scarring on her face, but I'm ready to call this an unexpected recovery. Power to the freshwater dip.
  4. Only additions from to the CUC, every four months or so. I hadn't thought about that. I did a freshwater bath for a little over 5 minutes last week. Her eyes clouded up after the bath, but returned to a clear state by the next day. I think there is significant improvement, less swelling around the pop-eye and less inflammation around the left face. The white spots are still there, however, but she’s still swimming and eating just as before. I'll keep you updated.
  5. We thought it might have been Brooklynella but without any additions to the tank it seemed unlikely after more than a year from adding anything to the tank. Symptoms have also been present for over a week. Brooklynella comes up a lot as a quick killer. Can parasites be dormant for that long? That’s why I ruled out parasites in the beginning.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm hoping to get some advice on my clown. Shes a 3 year old Amphiprion ocellaris. She is going downhill faster each day. It started out as 2 small white spots a couple of weeks ago--one on the nostril and one behind the right fin. I've had the clown and its partner for several years and there have been no new additions to the tank in over a year, which rules out ick. I researched white spots and discounted brooklynella since my clown doesn't have the white powder-like appearance. I assumed it must be Lymphocystis even though the two spots don't look fluffy or cotton-y like in pictures of Lymphocystis, and I understand that nothing can really be done except to let it take it's course. In the last week I have done a couple of preemptive water changes, (60% total) but she seems to be rapidly getting worse. There aren't any new spots, but the spot on the nose has spread inside of the nasal cavity, and in the last few days it has taken over the inside of the left side of her face, pushing the cheek out and popping out the eye. Today it looks like it has come through the cheek and is now an open wound. But the mass of the growth is under the skin, and it appears to be hard, not fluffy or cotton-like. Shes still eating and swimming normally, although spending most of her time hiding in the LR. Tank is a 30G cube, the other fish are unaffected. (2 chromis, 1 bengi cardinal, peppermint shrimp, and the male clownfish) Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any advice? Tank chemistry is within normal limits. Thanks in advance!
  7. For sale Quiet One Pro Aquarium Pump 2200. New, in box with papers. Paid $55 from Fosters and Smith. Max Head: 10.6' 600 GPM at 45watts. Asking $45. Tristan, 503.7O1.1284
  8. i'm in, ambience.tristan@gmail.com last name: Twohig thanks
  9. You think a Yellow tang will be alright in a 55? I have been weary of putting in to big of fish.
  10. The wife and I thought that this one would eat GHA (of which there is plenty in our tank) but he wont touch it, nor the array of nori we have provided for him. He's not doing well in our tank. We cant take him back to the LFS because we don't think that they care very much about their critters. At the time, they were the only ones in town with a Hair, so we were kinda forced to buy him. Our system is a mixed 55G, maybe he will do better in a larger system. Tristan in Goose Hollow 503.701.1284
  11. Thank you for your interest, however this fixture has been sold.
  12. I have one. It was on my 55, the acrylic snapped on the hinge in storage. Simple acrylic-weld would turn it around ship-shape. I can dig it out and take some pictures of you like.
  13. For sale: 48" Current Outer Orbit 2x250w Metal Halide fixture with 4x54w T5HO's and 18 LED lunar lights for sale. 9 blue leds, and 9 soft moon-white. Everything works except one of three fans. The fan didn't work for the prior owner, and it didn't work for me, and may not work for you unless you're an electrician. But it hasn’t hindered the functionality of the fixture what so ever. Recently replaced Phoenix 14ks and the T5s are less than three months old. I bought this from a forum member about 6 months ago and I would like to keep it in the PNWMAS community. It comes with the original ballasts and hanging kit. Great solid fixture. Asking $250
  14. I am interested. Can you send a picture of it? Something easy, like a cellphone picture would be great. How often do you come up to the portland area?
  15. I'm going to begin a DIY LED lighting endeavor. I am looking for a used preferably broken 48" PC or T-12/8/5 or MH fixture. I'm going to gut it and install a retro-LED kit. The Mrs. and I are having a hard time deciding on hanging it or building a new hood, and this I think is the best alternative.
  16. OK, will do that tonight. It was on a frag we got from a less-then-popular LFS, I'm even going to try and pick up a Melanursus wrasse this week. I'll be sure to look very closely for eggs next time! Would a CoralRX dip have prevented this? Are there other wrasses that will do the job that aren't jumpers? because we have an open top. Thanks again for your advice!
  17. yes, within the last week from two different sources. I didn't know nudi's could be a pest. luckily I haven't seen any since... but we'll keep a close eye. thanks for the advice!
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