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  1. Keep those bids going PNWMAS crowd! It's $300+ in value, and it goes to help the Tanks For Teachers program (the kind of thing I think more clubs should be doing!). Not sure Emerald really emphasized that there are 37 back issues PLUS a 1-year subscription. I reach into my own personal CORAL library several times per week - for the most part the information is never "outdated", so you never know when you want to learn something and bam, you have a CORAL issue on that topic. Eg...when I set up my Caribbean display last fall, I pulled the Gorgonian issue out and read it through all over again. Plus, how cool is it to wow your fish friends with a massive collection of CORAL...tell 'em you've been a subscriber for years (I won't share your secret ) 37 Back Issues PLUS 1-Year Subscription - we pulled out all the stops to do this one for the Tanks for Teachers program. It's for a good cause. Heck, bid it up and if you don't need it, donate it to your favorite "Tanks For Teachers" Classroom! Do it for the kids
  2. mpedersen

    August Meeting!

    I hope you all had a real good time with Jake around...I saw an early version of his LED talk and was quite impressed...I'm sure he's only improved it since then! Just a side note, I know some people get irked about speakers not wanting video taping, pictures etc. There's often one or more very good reasons why. I'll throw out a few of the ones I have in general, which you may find insightful. #1. Copyright issues. Many people have images in their talks that are not their own. In my case, any that are not my own, I've obtained permissions to use exclusively in live presentations. In the cases of some other talks...speakers may not have any permissions beyond their claims of fair use. In any case, there are certain copyright issues that come into play because of #2. #2. Unauthorized rebroadcast. This is perhaps the main concern of most speakers. While many may think it's an "ego" thing, there are a few valid reasons. For some speakers, I'm sure it's an issue of "I don't want my talk on the internet because I want to be invited around to give my talk". Selfish in some people's minds, but hey, they invested days or weeks into creating the presentation, so such travel is one of the "payoffs" for all that hard work. More importantly though, unauthorized rebroadcasts can do two things. a) if copyright isn't clear and proper, it increases the likelihood that a speaker could wind up in a copyright-related bruhaha. I.e. I never asked people if I could put their images in a video online, so to have someone else do so could put me in hot water. b) if a presentation winds up online, it takes away from the investment that past and future clubs make in bringing out a speaker in the first place. I.e. what would be the attraction of going to MACNA if ever speaker's talk was already available, for free, online? 3. More copyright issues - I won't go into any details here other than to say that one of my early presentations wound up as a magazine article with someone else's name on it. Things like this are good reasons why some speakers are hesitant to be taped, to share their talks, or to give out copies. Some will do so quite freely, but in my case, I'll answer all the questions and emails you want, but you'll have to pry a copy of my talks from my cold dead hard drives I learned my lesson. 4. Local club turnout. Ask yourself this - for the small group of people that did show up, how many fewer would there have been if all the PNWMAS members knew they could just watch the talk later on the club website? 5. Lack of quality control - if you give a bad talk, you learn from it and move on. If someone takes a bad video of your talk and posts it online, it lives forever. 6. Incidental issues - a good example of an incidental issue is IMAC. Back when I gave an IMAC talk, I did permit the taping of the tank (IMAC would sell copies of the talks on DVD later). Now, speakers didn't see any of that revenue, it all went to IMAC. On the surface, it's a fundraiser, all well and good. Sadly however, I personally ordered many copies and never got 'em. 7. Security - I've heard every "excuse" or "promise" in the book but the fact remains that even when something is said to be "secure" and "private" online, invariably it winds up otherwise. So even if a club said the copy was exclusively for their members, I'm frankly a bit untrusting / unconvinced that a private URL or members-only area won't get passed around. Thus, this does little to address the overall concerns that even an "authorized" broadcast could wind up being "unauthorized". So in the end, for a myriad of reasons, speakers don't generally go for the video taping etc. It's a tough call. There have been times I've said "sure, tape, but we'll have to figure out if or how you can use it later". I.e. for MACNA...most of the organizers will not get to see ANY of the talks. That's a tough sacrifice for the club who is doing the organizing - they don't even get to enjoy their own event. In such a circumstance, it certainly would make sense to perhaps allow GIRS to record my talk explicitly for a later "showing" at a GIRS club meeting (and in fact I did authorize recording of my MACNA talk for those explicit GIRS purposes only, and so that I might personally view a copy to use as a learning tool for self improvement). Of course, I won't be pleased if I find the MACNA talk up on the web or for sale later.
  3. And for the record...http://www.reef-geeks.com/forums/fish-geeks/5284-holy-crap.html
  4. Is it April 2 in your neck of the woods yet? Indeed, this was a classic April Fool's prank in true Reef Builder's style. Can't believe that "Lightning Maroons" got people not once, but two years in a row back to back! Thanks to Dave for being a good sport about it too...I had the images on hand from his contributions to the Fishroom Talk, and well, this worked better than me saying that I had been holding out and misleading people. Way better fiction this turned out to be Of course, only the parts about Lightning Clowns are actually made up...the best story weaves many strands of truth into the mix.
  5. mpedersen

    Pictures from the Meeting!

    Indeed, have seen his tanks before. Unclear as to whether he's simply spawned Lawnmowers (as a few people have) or he's actually succeeded in rearing them.
  6. mpedersen

    March meeting with Matt Pedersen!

    Just swingin' by to say thanks again to you all for bringing me out - arguably it was even more of a treat for me than it was for all of you! Also again have to say thanks to Reef Nutrition and Piscene for the exceptionally generous donations they made to PNWMAS to help with pulling this event together - they already make exceptional products but as I posted on the other thread and said at the meeting, these are two companies who support the hobby in ways you probably won't even ever know. These are the kinds of companies I have no hesitation "endorsing" and as most folks know, my opinion is NEVER for sale - these guys deserve your business! Anyone has breeding questions, well, ya know where to find me!
  7. mpedersen

    Pictures from the Meeting!

    Totally my bad on the book having missing pages - I snag those whenever I can find them and never noticed it when going through it...would've chewed out the vendor I got it from given I always by them in "Good" to "Excellent" condition - missing pages isn't in either category. David pointed it out the night before as he thumbed through them - wouldn't have brought that copy at all had I known! Thankfully they're photograph pages...the "info" in the book appeared intact! Was a great meeting, a great facility (and great images too photogs!)- thank you all for having me come out! Again, I can't thank Reef Nutrition and Piscene Energetics enough for the contributions they made to this mini-event - I'm no paid shill...these guys make exceptional products and on top of that, they give back more to the hobby that most of you will ever know. It's definitely in your best interests to patronize these guys and use their products...good for your tanks, and good for the hobby! Matt
  8. mpedersen

    March meeting with Matt Pedersen!

    Re: Videos - would have to be for personal use only. While most content is my own, I have images from other people that I have secured rights for ONLY for use in the actual presentation. Could get me in a LOT of hot water if a talk was rebroadcast, even in private areas. Yes, "what are the chances?" but when it comes to copyright, I don't screw around with copyright. Have had far too many of my own works ripped off (largely Orchid photography) to in turn do the same to someone else who contributed graciously and freely to the project. Also, just a general rule, most "aquarium speakers" don't like to be recorded and the logic is simple - why would anyone go to meetings to meet and interact with a speaker if you can see the presentation online for free? That, and I actually did have one of my presentations "reused" in a fashion I never authorized or permitted and wasn't given credit for...so for several reasons, vids are kinda taboo re: NURI - I am so freakin' stoked. This is just hands down awesome!
  9. mpedersen

    March meeting with Matt Pedersen!

    LOVE IT! Also, be prepared to break out your raffle ticket money or get into a bidding war or whatever you guys do for fundraising - I'm bringin' out 2 copies of the rare, out-of-print, Reproduction in Reef Fishes by Ronald Thresher as club donations for fundraising! Yes, they are USED copies (good luck trying to find it new). As I like to say - if you want to know how it has sex, it's in THIS BOOK. A must have for any fish nut.
  10. mpedersen

    March meeting with Matt Pedersen!

    I'll start the rumors that there might be even another really cool industry fellow coming in from out of town for this event...even I am geeked out at how this is shaping up!!! SWEEEEEET! Really looking forward to a great time this Sunday PNWMAS'ers...!
  11. mpedersen

    March meeting with Matt Pedersen!

    Just throwing it out there now, if there's any particular fish group or species you'd like to see me cover in my "Breeding 101" talk, shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do to "make it happen"
  12. mpedersen

    March meeting with Matt Pedersen!

    You guys gotta get this on your calendar LOL - I went there looking for it and couldn't find it No homepage annoucement? This is great, Randy Reed...I just spent time with him in Dallas and I get to see him again already!!! WONDERFUL!
  13. mpedersen

    March meeting with Matt Pedersen!

    Glad you guys got the location nailed down BTW,it's PedersEn (common error, everyone does it). Matt