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  1. I couldnt believe it, My brother texted me earlier today and said one of my leopards jumped into the overflow. No big deal, they do it all the time. I was getting ready to go get the bugger out, when I noticed I had a dark colored wrasse similar to my potters that wasnt a potters. The larger blue star has turned into a male. I've never seen this happen in all my years of keeping leopards. Pretty cool, but im a little disapointed as I really enjoy the female form better Has anyone else had their leopard flip sex on them? It seems like it about happens over night.
  2. 240g Shark tank for sale

    hmmm..... I could use a garage tank
  3. crazy worm growth

    as far as I know, no. I'm not sure if its a sign of a dirty system or healthy system though.
  4. Thinking about adding a Wrasse. Inputs?

    I've never had a leopard of any type bug snails, very weird.
  5. crazy worm growth

    yeah I dont really mind em either. None of my fish or shrimp seem to eat them as far as I can tell.I like the bio diversity they add, maybe I should place some zoos over there to add a little color though.
  6. crazy worm growth

    So, I have rarely ran a skimmer on the tank, had one running for awhile, externally then water leak from hell twice. I'm still working on fixing it, but I have a decently high bioload, and really dont keep much for coral. potters wrasse, 2 pearly jawfish that literally rework the sand bed every few weeks lol, 2 lyertail anthias, 2 firefish, 2 midas blennies, and a bi color blenny Lately these little worms have really taken over a low light lower rock in my tank. I dont really mind, they are pretty cool looking, but im curious why in just the low light area. the entire tank has pretty good flow, 2 power heads, maybe I need a third with that being said, I really need to get a skimmer going again.
  7. Ive had it for a few months now, maybe 5 been doing good, but pretty seclusive. I pulled him out of the main display tank after I added some potters wrasse and it started chasing the wrasse and my clown around pretty bad. Probably just a territory thing. Poor clown made the long jump though. Currently been in my biocube 29 by itself, which is basically a quantine at this point. Way too small for him. I'd like to trade for something or just sell. 40 bucks, or some soft coral. live rock, cool reef safe wrasse or small angel. lemme know what you have.
  8. I wanted to get this awhile back, but got stuck working a month of 12 hour shifts straight, I can pick this up tomorrow afternoon. pm me your number and I'll text ya when I get up, probably noonish. Really need the skimmer, as my pump on mine took a crap.
  9. I think im gonna ditch my biocube and setup a 70g, I have everything but a return pump, just looking for something that works. dont wanna spend much money because I probably wont even put anything in it for awhile. If you have something laying around thats worth using let me know.
  10. FS Frogspawn frags

    ugh, I want some but im working too much right now, I just lost my last frag the other day. Dang pearly jawfish covered it up the other night and I didnt notice -_-
  11. Couple of items for sale

    are those workhorse ballasts?
  12. Looking for a new skimmer on a 75g

    My eshopps psl75 pump took a dump on me. FOr the prioce of a replacement, im thinking about just finding a better skimmer. I wasnt very happy with the skimmer to begin with. Who is making a good skimmer for a 75 to 100g tank right now. I want a low maintenence skimmer. not something thats gonna overflow or underflow half the time. I've been buying used forever, but im thinking I may go new on a skimmer for once.
  13. (2) Lumenmax Elite MH fixtures 250w HQI

    no ballast I assume?
  14. suggestions on equipment needed to have some sps?

    THanks for the reply. I found a pretty good list of easy to keeps on reef central. I may give some a try.