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  1. fragthis

    Corals up for sale

    PM sent
  2. fragthis

    Little Wet Pets

    Hey Everyone, I just went to Little Wet Pets. Great shop. They are specializing in NANO tanks!!!! (clap). Tons of tanks to choose from. They are also giving away FREE BRINE SHIMP TODAY. So just figured I would let everyone know. Little Wet Pets 1928 Se Scott St. Milwaukie, OR 97222 971-270-7229 Hope you all enjoy the shop as much as I did.
  3. fragthis

    Little Wet Pets

    I would just ask Eric. When I was there today he had a ton of fluval, Ehiem an and some cool book case tanks. They have a small section of saltwater, bit very cool stuff. Some really cool led lights for nano's too. If you like nano's this is the shop for you. I know I will be there.
  4. fragthis

    Little Wet Pets

    Monday - Saturday 11-7 Sunday 11-6. Enjoy
  5. fragthis

    Anyone keep poison dart frogs? or any other frogs?

    I love Darts. I have had a few tanks. They are so much fun to set up.
  6. fragthis

    Update for Pioneer School

    Tank looks great
  7. I love the Jaw fish!!! I can't wait to get one
  8. fragthis

    Milwaukie LFS - Little Wet Pets?

    wow, Eric is the owner. He is a great guy. I have known him since I was in high school. I can't wait
  9. fragthis

    Milwaukie LFS - Little Wet Pets?

    Same here, I would love a shop closer to home
  10. fragthis

    LPS, SPS, ZOAS, EQUIPMENT, and more!!!

    Kip, It was great meeting you. Thanks for all the great zoa's!!! They look amazing in my tank.
  11. fragthis

    40g donation for TFT?

    I have an old 46 bow front with a stand. Not sure if it would help.
  12. fragthis

    LPS, SPS, ZOAS, EQUIPMENT, and more!!!

    Pm Sent on the Blue eyes
  13. fragthis

    LPS -

    Thank you!!! The candy apple opened right up when I got home. I'll send you a pm
  14. fragthis

    Dwarf Wartskin Angler

    I was thinking about getting one of these. Does anyone know where I might find one? Or any info on how they do in the reef? Thanks
  15. fragthis

    Nice Cube!

    what a great looking tank
  16. fragthis

    First Pictures Other Than iphone

    Great pics!!! Looking forward to more
  17. fragthis

    Dwarf Wartskin Angler

    ok. I know Eric at wet pets. I'll take a trip over to see him.
  18. fragthis

    Dwarf Wartskin Angler

    Thanks for that info. The shrimp are only .25 so that's not so bad. Lol
  19. fragthis

    Dwarf Wartskin Angler

    Thanks for the info. I was just going to try and keep shrimp in there for him/her. lol. I was reading that you can feed glass shrimp/amino. Can they go in fresh or salt water?
  20. fragthis

    blue clove question

    When I had them, they just grew around everything. Not sure what would have happened if I gave them more time.
  21. fragthis

    Short Video

    Nice Tank. I love the wrasse
  22. fragthis

    Live Aquaria Has Lost It

    That is crazy!!!
  23. fragthis


    Great looking pictures. You have a great eye for it!!
  24. fragthis

    Reefkeeping North west

    I visited him today. He is doing well. He has just been really busy with the shop.
  25. fragthis

    "SEAMAX" in Summer of 2011?

    4 adults and I would love to volunteer!!!!!