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  1. Drew

    Downsizing - Lots for sale!

    We are home all day stop on by
  2. Drew

    Poll: Tanks A Lot?

    Wet: 72+20 sump, 55, 40+10+10+40rubbermaid+18rubbermaid, 20g Dry: 200,110,110 Sent from my Ally using Tapatalk
  3. Drew


    PM me your email
  4. Drew


    All PMs received have an invite
  5. Drew


    You can still join with an invite
  6. Drew


    Its Google's version of Facebook. Its pretty new but growing extremely fast.
  7. Drew


    If you want an invite, send me a PM with your email address
  8. Drew

    New Shop Update!

    Ill be by early next month Gotta support my favorite crack dealer (laugh)
  9. Drew

    Part out sale

    Dangit, I was just in the Portland/vancouver/salem area yesterday and if I would have seen this then, I would have come over and picked a few things up!!
  10. Drew


    Are you still good for meeting on Saturday?
  11. Drew

    Eugene meet & greet??

    Tuesday is fine with us also.
  12. Drew


    I have to clean mine out about once a month. Otherwise i get some brown algae growing around the power heads.
  13. Drew

    Inexpensive Filter Bags?

    I just bough $3 worth of fabric at Walmart and made around 10 socks There is a DIY thread somewhere on here.. cant remember the title though.
  14. Drew

    White with Pink tip anemone died

    How do you know for sure he was dead? Any foul odor or anything? They do shrink up and get very small (and they release their waste, looks like brown gunk). My 12"+ RBTA shrinks up once in a while and actually disappears inside a small rock hole.
  15. Drew

    Kent reef salt for sale

    Any chance of anyone being able to drop these off around Springfield/Eugene area?