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  1. Coral Id please

    Can somebody tell me the name of this coral? [ATTACH]13237[/ATTACH]
  2. Free crushed coral sand

    I have enough left over of crushed coral sand to fill a 125 gallon tank iam sure. Pm me or best if it all legal text 3609075403 iam in Vancouver wa !
  3. FS: Icecap ballast & endcaps - $35

    Sorry I actually got a set of workhorse 7 :(
  4. Have Bucket, will travel.

    Bret thank you for the awesome fish "Dori" love her in my new tank. When I got her home she was a little scared o the new home, she hid in rocks and only this morning came out to eat! She is really friendly and got along with my naso fairly good. I was even able to feed her from my hand wow!!!! Thank you Bret once again!
  5. FS: Icecap ballast & endcaps - $35

    I'll take the ballast 3609075403
  6. Forum runner??

    Yes it its but tapetalk is way better IMO !!!!
  7. Forum runner??

    Yes it its but tapetalk is way better IMO !!!!
  8. Selling Dori.

    Thanks for the deal on Dori !!!
  9. Pump recommendations

    Reeflo pumps if u are in the $$$ for it http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/reeflo-snapper-dart-hybrid-pump-2600-4300gph.html But at the same time of I were you I would look in to having 2 pump cause of one fails you always have a backup.
  10. Pump recommendations

    No problem
  11. Pump recommendations

    Pen world is a nice pump but check out what it's going to actually push after 7 ft cause the 1110 gph is at 0' Iam using a 3500gph and pushing 7 ft and Iam only pushing 1500 actual !! And that a 1.5 " PVC. Just a friendly advice to consider.
  12. Jason's 180 Gallon build

    Very nice looking skimmer
  13. Car Thread!! post your cars

    My new baby 06 sti 54k miles
  14. All of it needs to go

    Jesse thank you for the nassos and the yellows they acclimated great and are all happy!
  15. All of it needs to go

    I'll take the tangs