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  1. Hi, I'm interested in the Ricordia if it's still available.
  2. stevie b

    Clay,s Itty Bitty RBTA!

    OMG! That thing is HUGE! Aren't you afraid of it eating your fish? My daughter has a llittle nano tank with a very small RTBA and it's eating her fish like crazy!
  3. stevie b

    Big Tear down and Rebuild 2011

    Thanks for the great corals - it was so nice to meet you and your family!
  4. stevie b

    Big Tear down and Rebuild 2011

    I'm interested in the toad stools, green star polyp and red mushrooms! I just need to figure out how far you are from me; I'll PM you.
  5. stevie b

    Disappearing fish - any thoughts?

    I DID mean the carpet on the floor! lol! I'll tell her it's probably her RBTA. Thanks for the info.!
  6. stevie b

    Disappearing fish - any thoughts?

    She has a Red Bubble Tip Anenome and 2 small Hermit crabs...
  7. My daughter has a 14 gal. Oceanic biocube that's been up and running since mid April. Everytime she visits me for the weekend, upon returning home she finds that another fish has "disappeared". To date, she has "lost" a Banggai, a green banded goby, and most recently a 6 line Wrasse. She has checked the filter and pump wells, and of course her carpet (even though her tank is covered) and surronding areas; nothing found. All that's left in her tank is a Banggai, some snails, a crab, and a RBA. Any ideas on what's happening?
  8. stevie b

    Livestock and Corals for sale

    Sent you a PM
  9. stevie b

    Is this coral dead or savable?

    Great looking coral! I'm so glad you had success bringing it back from its previous state! Question: Would my lights support a coral like that? I have 4 - T5's, 2 actenic white and 2 blue.
  10. stevie b

    NEWBORN Banggai Babies need home ASAP!

    I was just reading MVPaquatics thread about raising Banggai's - sounds really cool but also stressful! Good luck with the new babies; wish I could help...
  11. stevie b

    Help!!!!! Whats going on???

    Thanks for the heads up on the ick treatment thread, I'll check it out.
  12. stevie b

    Help!!!!! Whats going on???

    I'm so sorry to hear about your ick problem. Being relatively new, I'm interested in learning how to treat for this problem too (in case it happens to me along the way). Is a generous water change the only solution?
  13. stevie b

    What really pushes your buttons?

    The thing that pushes my button is the configuration of my tank - it's built into a bookcase with very limited access; whatever goes into the tank stays in the tank! UGG!
  14. stevie b

    New (sort of)...

    About a year ago we moved to Vancouver and inherited a 90 gal. saltwater tank with the house we bought; talk about 'baptism by fire'! Prior to the move, I had no interest in keeping an aquarium - now I'm hooked! Anyway, I've been on this site for a while now (mostly in the background) and thought it might be time to introduce myself - albeit a little late... Looking forward to 'meeting' everyone, Barbara
  15. stevie b

    Moving a ricordia

    I'm new at this and haven't moved anything, so just a thought: Could you take the edge of a credit card and gentlly try to get under it?