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  1. Smellsfishy

    FS: books!

    Cleaning out the bookshelf! I've been out of the hobby for a few years now... I don't need these - but they sure helped me when I was a newbie. I'll put them here and see if they may benefit somebody in this community. These are a must-have for the reference library. All are in like-new condition. Local pick-up (Hood River) or meet-up in the Portland area is doable. Shipping can be negotiated. Aquarium Corals - Selection, Husbandry, and natural History, 2001; Eric Borneman $25 Marine Reef Aquarium Handbook, 1997; Dr Robert Goldstein $5 Successful Saltwater Aquariums - A Beginners Guide, 1994; John H. Tullock $5 The Tropical Marine Fish Survival Guide, 1995; Gordon Kay $5
  2. Smellsfishy

    stuff im sellin'

    Nope, not drilled. I'm also selling a Glass-Holes overflow kit, brand new. Was going to drill for this kit.
  3. Smellsfishy

    stuff im sellin'

    BTT....just reposted it all on craigslist too.
  4. Smellsfishy

    stuff im sellin'

    Ok, I added short descriptions...then the link. C'mon now. All offers considered...
  5. Smellsfishy

    stuff im sellin'

    lol... sorry. Got lazy after posting adds on a local classified page, and then all the CL adds...
  6. Smellsfishy

    stuff im sellin'

    Here's links to my craigslist adds I just put up. I'm willing to drive a bit for the small stuff, the tank & stand will need to be picked-up here in Hood River. Cheers, Dean Glass-Holes Model 1500 Overflow kit NIB $80 http://portland.craigslist.org/grg/for/2723582791.html Cool Touch 2 x 175w MH Ballast $50 OBO http://portland.craigslist.org/grg/for/2723573489.html CPR CY192 sump and Overflow $100 OBO http://portland.craigslist.org/grg/for/2723560289.html 72gal bowfront tank stand and hood $150 OBO http://portland.craigslist.org/grg/for/2723550327.html
  7. Smellsfishy

    Flex PVC and fittings

    BTT. Nobody building a nice tank and in need of flex pvc?? Alot of selling going on here, but not alot of buying... sigh.
  8. Smellsfishy

    FS CPR sump & overflow

    its got a Rio600 on it now. I'll PM you.
  9. Smellsfishy

    FS CPR sump & overflow

    For sale: CPR CY192 aquarium sump with internal protein skimmer. Skimmer has a Rio 600 PH. I will include a brand new bag of CPR filter media. Also have a CPR CS50 overflow. Both are used, but in excellent condition. $100 cash for the sump, overflow and filter
  10. Smellsfishy

    Flex PVC and fittings

    Was going to use this for an aquarium project. No longer need it. All brand new and never used. Flex PVC: 10' of 1-1/2" white 3' of 2" white Fittings: 2 x 1-1/2" reducing coupler 1.5" female adapter 1.5" mpt x .75" fpt Male adapter - 2" mp Bushing fitting - 2" slip x 3/4" Bushing fitting - 1.5" slip x 3/4" Male adapter - 1.5" All this: $60 OBO
  11. Thanks for the smooth transaction. Sounds like a great project you have going. Look forward to seeing the pics! Cheers, -DJ
  12. Yup, brand new, never used...in original box.. (nutty) Only $240 ($290 retail) Il be in the Wilsonville area tomorrow. Text or call: 541.399.4783 -dean
  13. BTT. I'm travelling to the Vancouver area later today. Could bring this stuff with me if anybody has some cash they want to trade. thanks!
  14. Bumpity bump.... Il sell this in pieces... See the list in original post. Pm for info. Tx!
  15. Sigh... I AM willing to part this out, and am willing to drive to Gresham or so. I could sure use the space in my garage, so let's make a deal people. PM me for pics or more details. Thx!