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  1. MrBret

    Clownfish baby's 3

    Awesome man ! Are you culturing rotifers? I need to get that down
  2. MrBret

    I Finaly have eggs !

    Going to try and take a pic each day and see when i can see eyeballs
  3. MrBret

    I Finaly have eggs !

    I just counted 25, lol. Also pulled a sea urchin out of the pot earlier. All snail and urchins have been relocated.
  4. MrBret

    I Finaly have eggs !

    Now i guess i need to figure out the rotifers and green water stuff. I realy want to raise a few babie from this pair !
  5. MrBret

    Name that Zoa..

    Well if i new you were going to look i would have added you to the Dont do it, list. Lol. You guest it!
  6. Title worked for me, lol
  7. MrBret

    Name that Zoa..

    This is a fairly new zoa. Any guesses? ( if your name is Dodge and you think you know....don't do it, lol )
  8. MrBret

    Phone pics

    Nice shots..........love the 2nd chalice and what are the zoas??
  9. MrBret

    Live Mysis

    Apologize if you came by Monday and i wasn't there. I was only open the last part of the day
  10. MrBret

    Live Mysis

    We are open Monday - Friday 12 to 7pm and Saturday and Sunday 11 to 5
  11. I have 2 of the Zen Reef shroom boxes in stock if you end up going the buy it rout
  12. MrBret

    Live Mysis

    Any time you want to swing by i will do i rinse of the filters socks in my invert system and send ya home with some
  13. The orthdontist on our street just brought us a Foxface. He's 5 to 6 inches and is looking for a new home. Pm if interested......re homing fee of $1
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