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  1. Zoa expunging

    Yep, lol.
  2. Mantha Shrimp close up

    This one was free. I had one 34 pound rock that a customer ordered to make a bridge in their tank. The airport cargo handler handed me the box off the crate, but then dropped it from 3.5 feet in the air right in front of me. The big rock cracked in half and out came this guy. Normally you would put them in a smaller tank by them selves just to watch the fascinating little guys.
  3. Live rock pics

    Stick that in your nano and call it a day
  4. Live rock pics

    I thought this piece was extra impressive. Each order I do I ask for 1 or 2 larger pieces. These pics are all of the same piece of rock.
  5. Mantha Shrimp close up

    Yes he now has his own cubical, lol.
  6. Mantha Shrimp close up

    This guy decided to punch the side of a net and got his weapons caught in it. I have heard the stories of people getting their thumb nail cracked open by these with their anvil like hammers...didn't know they had a scorpion like needle at the end. Pics before I got the rest of the net off his anvils.
  7. Purple Death Palys

    Have some as well but even farther from ya ( Hillsboro, Or )
  8. Clear View lid.....Reefer 350??

    Mission accomplished. Thankyou Sir
  9. Shark egg...maybe??

    Bingo! That's definetly it.
  10. Does anyone have one? Hopeing to find one locally. Thanks.
  11. Shark egg...maybe??

    Thankyou.......never seen one in this stage.
  12. Shark egg...maybe??

    I had this come in attached to a large gorgonian. Was basically an eye sore in the middle of one of the stems so i removed it. After looking closer at it....there is a small clam/scallop on the outside of it. I have since removed the scallop or what not from the side of it and tooth brushed off some scale to get a better look. Any thoughts on what this could be??
  13. Sea Hare feeding...

    Just wanted people to know, if you have a sea hare and it gets rid of all the algae in the tank....please remember to feed them or they will starve. You can get seaweed pellets or give them some nori. This guy happens to be Naomi's favorite critter in the shop right now, lol. Got to admit he's kinda cute. 20180121_145735.mp4