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  1. MrBret

    Algae Barn?

    Algebarn I have found to be very good. Never an issue. I dont currently have their pod packages in but do have these..
  2. MrBret

    👀 4 chalice

    That one is Tyree Red Watermelon . Any of these can be fragged up if their not already, just send me a message.
  3. MrBret

    👀 4 chalice

  4. MrBret

    👀 4 chalice

    Well I didnt get time to take current pics....just means these are all a little bigger now
  5. MrBret

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    Happy Birthday ! May your corals live long and prosper.
  6. MrBret

    👀 4 chalice

    Chalice wise i have Miami Hurricane, Tyree Bubblegum Monster, JF Crazy Fox, Toxic Pie, Tyree Red Watwer Mellon, CB Hills Have Eyes, Pink Boobies, Oregon Mummy Eye, GB Avatar and a few JF ones i forget names of. Ill post some pics by the end of day
  7. MrBret

    Flower anemone spawning?

    I have around 20 or so babie rock flowers, some made in the last month the size of a pin head....some are 4 to months from when I first discovered them. They seem to take on the color of the parent they came from. The biggest ones now are the size of a pencil eraser. They are just spread all over one of my frag tanks.
  8. MrBret

    Designer Clownfish

    Here's a few others I could get half way decent pics of.
  9. MrBret

    Designer Clownfish

    If you go to Sea and Reefs websight and click on products, then designer clowns.......read the story on them and you can see what makes a Black Photon
  10. MrBret

    Designer Clownfish

    There are other types of Maroon here but not that one. Here are someone's Ultr Phantoms ( Will keep them happy till you pick them up )
  11. MrBret


    That was my first though. it does look like a clove polyp.......and a flourscent green nudi at 11 Oclock, 1 Oclock and one at around 7
  12. MrBret

    Show me your mushrooms

    This one is my favorite
  13. MrBret

    Show me your mushrooms

  14. MrBret

    Show me your mushrooms

  15. MrBret

    Show me your mushrooms