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  1. PM sent.....should have ya covered
  2. MrBret

    Designer Clownfish

    Gold Strip Maroons are $26 each. The Gold Nugget Maroons are $65 each, the start out looking like a Thunder Maroon ( all white body ) and the white turns to the golden color as they mature. Availability can be 2 business days from when the order is placed.
  3. MrBret

    WTB for pectina

    That would depend if you Shop here. As far as PNWMAS goes.......i'm going to say i am a Museum, lol. Definitely a few rare zoa artifacts to be seen.
  4. MrBret

    WTB for pectina

    How ever don't make the drive for that as i don't frag it.
  5. MrBret

    WTB: RSR 350/450/525

    I have a friend with a reefer 350.....for $850
  6. MrBret

    Designer Clownfish

    Depends if you order a " WYSIWYG " one from their website =$225 If i don't order from the WYSIWYG and just say...." I would like 6 Black Storms added to my order please " they are $150 when i order them that way, but you don't get to pick your exact fish that way.
  7. MrBret

    Nice looking Nem..

    Yep.....same number. Questions answered!
  8. MrBret

    WTB Tuxedo Urchin

    Here's a pic
  9. MrBret

    Nice looking Nem..

    They vary depending on size and coloration. This nem in particular.....$175
  10. MrBret

    WTB Tuxedo Urchin

    I have a medium and a large one at our shop( Paradise Coral ) negative on the Harlequin.
  11. MrBret

    Nice looking Nem..

    Picking a few things up tonight including this guy. In case there are still people hunting...
  12. MrBret

    Algae Barn?

    Algebarn I have found to be very good. Never an issue. I dont currently have their pod packages in but do have these..
  13. MrBret

    👀 4 chalice

    That one is Tyree Red Watermelon . Any of these can be fragged up if their not already, just send me a message.
  14. MrBret

    👀 4 chalice

  15. MrBret

    👀 4 chalice

    Well I didnt get time to take current pics....just means these are all a little bigger now