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  1. MrBret

    Humma Humma Trigger....Free

    I have a customer looking to re home a trigger he inherited . 3.5 to 4 inches.....Title says it all. Send me a pm or post on here if your interested.
  2. I cant believe I even caught this. It's been over 30 minutes and she's still pushing ! Here's a couple of shots I took. Not sure how to load a video but super cool.
  3. MrBret

    WTT big momma Clarkii Clown

    May i ask what is the zoa on the square disk bottom right?
  4. MrBret

    Feeding Frenzy!

    The rest of the frozen food line up. If there is something you would like us to carry for you.....let us know!
  5. MrBret

    Anyone? Beuller... Beuller...

    I have used one but find they end up coming back . Berghias or a small peppermint army. I also had the experience of 3 or 4 peppermint not doing much but a larger group wiped out a large infestation at one point.
  6. MrBret

    Feeding Frenzy!

    Most likely......i try to carry things customers ask for. To date i have not had a request for Benepets but have heard great things about their foods. R-3 have you used the Benepets foods and if so how do you like it?
  7. MrBret

    Feeding Frenzy!

    Fresh batch of LRS Foods in. Reef Frenzy, Fish Frenzy, Nano Frenzy and LRS's Fish eggs. If you haven't tried the fish roe they sell......stop by and ask for a free sample.
  8. MrBret

    GB Grand Master Krakatoa

    Would be nice to have one in local hands. Polyp looks awesome !
  9. MrBret

    Holy Clown Fish !

  10. MrBret

    Holy Clown Fish !

    We just received a good sized order of designer clowns in. We were able to get 1 pair of Gold Nugget Maroons, and several of the following.. Frostbites Premium Phantoms Naked clowns Midnight clowns DaVinci Extremes Mocha DaVinci Dominos Spotcinctus clowns Picasso Lightning Maroons I'll get some pics taken before the day is over but here is what the Gold Nuggets will look like as their color comes in. ( pics for reference, not mine )
  11. MrBret

    Lobo worms?

    I usually use a skewer and rub them off of corals. I just don't like the stringy trail of caught detritus they get sometimes.
  12. PM sent.....should have ya covered
  13. MrBret

    Designer Clownfish

    Gold Strip Maroons are $26 each. The Gold Nugget Maroons are $65 each, the start out looking like a Thunder Maroon ( all white body ) and the white turns to the golden color as they mature. Availability can be 2 business days from when the order is placed.
  14. MrBret

    WTB for pectina

    That would depend if you Shop here. As far as PNWMAS goes.......i'm going to say i am a Museum, lol. Definitely a few rare zoa artifacts to be seen.
  15. MrBret

    WTB for pectina

    How ever don't make the drive for that as i don't frag it.