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  1. MrBret

    Hermit crab vs. emerald crab

    Any updates......has to be some new action
  2. MrBret

    Bounce bounce mushroom

    Ya know i have always thought Fukushima had some effects on corals.....could be, maybe, lol
  3. MrBret

    Bounce bounce mushroom

    Here's the one I got. I paid some extra, I wanted the baby on the side
  4. MrBret

    Bounce bounce mushroom

    Bump.....this thread
  5. MrBret

    Bounce bounce mushroom

    Don't hesitate to pay him a visit, very nice selection of bounces. Couldn't leave without a few zoas either. Nice guy to deal with. Thankyou!
  6. MrBret

    50% off All clowns!

    Now through Sunday and limited to stock on hand.
  7. MrBret

    2019's Hottest Shroom!?!

    I have released 2 frags so far, that one went to a Facebook collector and one pnwmas member now has one. Will have more at some point this year. Just depends how fast things grow back out.
  8. MrBret

    2019's Hottest Shroom!?!

    I think it may be🤗
  9. MrBret

    Mushroom naming contest

    He looks right at home.
  10. MrBret

    Berghia Nudibranch?

    It is our sea horse only tank.........just seahorses, some nassarius snails a few astrias and now the berghia. I watched the seahorses check them out when first putting in the tank and they didn't seem interested in having a bite.
  11. MrBret

    Berghia Nudibranch?

    I think wouldn't be to hard. I was in last night at 9pm to work on stuff and being the first night there since we put them in i had to see if i could find any. Found 6 big ones working around. I figure once they have populated i can remove some the same way i put them in.......with a turkey baster and deposit them into a tall glass jar in the sump.
  12. MrBret

    Berghia Nudibranch?

    We got a 25 pack of them for our sea horse tank 1 week ago and i can already see results. The rock we initially placed them all on is now aiptasia free. Plenty of others for them to move on to. Hopefully after they have had a hatch in the tank we can start farming them out to people. Will also post when we can do that.
  13. MrBret

    Red bugs

    I know the dragonface pipes will eat them, but wether they will wipe out the problem and the eggs.......not sure. The 100% cure is using Interceptor. If you end up wanting to go that route let me know. I have a customer that had the same problem and has left over pills.
  14. MrBret

    Snail egg art..

    Watch Nassarius snails lay these today. Curious how long and how the look of the eggs change over time. Pretty cool design they made......I see some guy in a hat reeling in a fish, lol.