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  1. Day nine......almost everyone is looking at ya now
  2. Im thinking others might have this question, just the tank or does it include the regulator attached?
  3. Day 6 and it looks like a few have eyes looking back at ya
  4. Hopeing to capture much more of the fry as they start hatching this weekend. Got this in the mail today
  5. Seems very well built ! Has served me well
  6. Pic right after they layed clutch on Friday
  7. Im pretty sure they new i was filming
  8. Was able to take a 30sec video of the action just not sure how to post it ( Hint hint...SuncrestReef..)
  9. Haha........they started laying right after you left. Had to give them some privacy once i noticed. First time i have been able to watch them being layed. Very cool to watch her lay them in rows and the male would follow right behind each pass
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