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  1. I believe i have everything on your list except maxi minis. Lots of rock flowers, several green bubbletips, a rainbow, have 3 black widows coming in Sunday. Acans and brains. Just got a clownfish order yesterday with a few black ice and ultra black ice clowns as well. I'll see if i can snap a pic of the clowns
  2. I can't get down there, but if you ever came up and still had the utters and OG Mummy eye....I would take.
  3. If your looking to get a Waterbox send me a pm, we do carry them and help you out with your request
  4. Probably not a Jason Fox Bloodshot but now that I hopefully have your attention, do we have any forum members that have them?? I was offered one a year ago by someone local and lost my contact for them.
  5. lol.....I couldn't help my self. Silence of the Lambs quote, and one of the things in the bag ( Box ) is some body lotion
  6. And for 6 seconds i was going to take the drive, ,lol
  7. Things that smell good and gift cards for more, it's one of her favorite stores I happen to know
  8. I'm doing my best Kim but she has turned down balloon rides and limo drives, lol Starting off with these two
  9. Oh ya i love me some Mrs Bret 😁 Happy Birthday hunny! I can't believe you turned 26 again ( as she looks up from desk, and wonders where i went off to😏 )
  10. That's awesome man! Congrats!
  11. Have one saved for ya
  12. Your tank mates could talk?? Post a pic or 2 and and a caption....should be fun " I think he went That way------> "
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