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  1. I have a mother daughter team trying to do a science experiment/project with anemones. I told them i would ask here. Does anyone have a bleached anemone they can use? Thanks for the help
  2. Will always take a bubbletip in on trade if your out my way
  3. This little tune up job here is a new one for me to see and some how a little funny
  4. And the winner is #8 @jtarmitage A free bottle of pods waiting for ya
  5. Have they been laying eggs? I have been trying my hand at breeding clowns and enjoying it Sending pm
  6. I will use a random number generator.......5 more to go!
  7. Freshly stocked for those in need
  8. Time for another give away. Commenter number 15 will get a free bottle of pods !
  9. I have a small green bubble tip you can have and some dragons breath macro algae. Im in hillsboro
  10. Now you see i can read minds....I have 4 showing up along with others in about an hour
  11. The lightning is now spoken for
  12. Say that 3 times fast, lol. Like the title says we have 3 free clowns that are wanting homes. They are all maroons...a lightning a thunder and a gold stripe. PM with any interest
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