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  1. I hope all the Dad's are getting treated well today. Happy Fathers Day! Sunday Monday Tuesday.......take 15% off any fish coral or invert Me personally I'm relaxing with a beer and slicing zoas
  2. Dude that's Awesome ! I want a sports announcer read out like that for EVERY Pic of the Month going forward
  3. I know there are a few people that have been asking.....got me a few and some for maybe you
  4. Sending you a pm......if you want to pop up Tv Hwy to Paradise Coral i can make those fish appear for ya
  5. I Like this guy because he's the perfect size and bright eyes 🤩
  6. I wanted to thank those who came out this weekend and took advantage of the salt sale. Your business is much appreciated.
  7. Well i didn't want to play but fine, lol. Hello my name is Bret. It's been 1h and 35minutes since my last drink.....i mean floor flood. Sometimes the end of the day gets busy 🕹️
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