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  1. I have a customer looking for one. Anyone have one they are looking to sell.....let me know. Thanks!
  2. It was some good timing on your part. The couple that bought them had them less than 3 weeks and had just traded them back in. I also forgot to give you a free chocolate chip.......the only reason i sell them is for Harlequin food
  3. I have a Vossen Larva trap if you ever wanted to use
  4. Who has Mandarins or Wrasses ? A few of them have pm'ed us and said they wouldn't mind a fresh bunch to hunt. I told them i would do a public awareness campaign and see if i could get them some fresh eats, lol. My job is done:)
  5. That lobo looks great in your tank, can't wait to see a puffed out pic
  6. Happy Birthday Sir....🎂
  7. Wanting to pay someone to do as i have never done before. Tank is 6 feet by 2 .....send me a pm if your interested Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks everyone ! Has been a very fun weekend. An extra thanks for all who stopped out to say Happy Annisersary
  9. There would be no Paradise Coral without this beautiful lady here. Were celebrating 20 years of marriage and doing a 20% of Everything sale this weekend. If you have had your eye on something this is the weekend to come get it
  10. Looks like a very pretty nem ! I might want to come take a look at her
  11. We are doing another nudibranch order that will arrive next Tuesday. I have a few of you to message but if anyone is wanting to get some of these please let me know. Thanks!
  12. Order placed. I will post on here when they come in
  13. I'm placing an order with Zen Reef tomorrow. If anyone wants to get one of their frag racks or shroom boxes send me a pm and i will add it to the order, Save ya shipping cost
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