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  1. RO unit and storage containers

    How many gallons are the storage container/type
  2. FS: JF askraks

    That's a smoking deal ! Would be all over this if i didn't have these.....GLWS
  3. Mag curve 7 $80

    Smoking deal!
  4. I would buy/trade ya for some scrambled eggs if ya brought them by the shop some time ( Paradise Coral shop that is..)
  5. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    Dam i missed out. Did i read right from someone, buy a $10 frag.....and you get free beer, a styrofoam cooler, 5 gallons of water, a free bucket and a starfish bottle opener....and rights to any liquid in the fridge that looks tastie ?!?
  6. WTB/wtt: for a curve 7 or vertex skimmer

    A very good skimmer
  7. WTS Bubble Magus Curve 7

    Excellent skimmer, have 2 my self. GLWS!
  8. Walt Disney frag!

    Wow ! That is a smoking deal Jorge. GLWS Shouldn't take long.
  9. Big mama has baby

    Superb shrooms there, I think i recognize one.
  10. Finally!

    Sounds like you miss the interaction of hounding someone for a nice polyp. I refuse to let that happen to ya man, i'm going to hound you now till you have little baby Butt Kissers that you can trade me
  11. Clam sale weekend!

    Me favorite pick be the last one, argggg.
  12. Finally!

    Nice Buttkisser there
  13. Frag Auction Place is the Group, made by some person. I would have to look at who is the top admin......Rudy's well known company name is " Golden Basket " he is one of a group of fine people that sell on there. Hope that helps......as far as the fb groups, this is the one that I see Rudy post in the most.
  14. There are several coral auction/selling groups on face book. If you go to groups, then type in the search " frag auction place " it will pop up and look like this....
  15. Frag tank- the grassi lowboy

    Is that a JF Blood shot in the upper left of the above pic??