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  1. You need to have a rotifer culture going to feed the babies. I have a Vossen larval trap you could borrow if you want to attempt
  2. Yes that is the place and i will be here
  3. Paradise Coral.......were open from 2 to 7pm Mon thru Fri and 11 to 5 Say and Sun
  4. Ok i have everyone in this thread that wanted some taken care of. I'm open till 7pm
  5. I will let you know after unpacking later if i have enough, i think i do
  6. You are in luck ! They shipped today and will arrive tomorrow. I ordered 2 extra 5 packs of them thinking some would see this late so they can be yours.
  7. Jeff is offering the same now as well so you should be set!
  8. I have 1 spot open this evening if anyone is in need of a drop off..
  9. Ok a few local customers are wanting in. I have 20 total wanted so far ( 4 people wanting 5 each ) so the price goes to $8 each now. They will ship Tues and arrive Wednesday. If anyone else would like in please let me know by end of day Monday
  10. Mocha Gladiator.......this guy didn't seem to want me to get a cery good side shot
  11. Wyoming White pair #2
  12. A very nice single Bullet Hole looking for that perfect someone
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