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  1. Big mama has baby

    Superb shrooms there, I think i recognize one.
  2. Finally!

    Sounds like you miss the interaction of hounding someone for a nice polyp. I refuse to let that happen to ya man, i'm going to hound you now till you have little baby Butt Kissers that you can trade me
  3. Clam sale weekend!

    Me favorite pick be the last one, argggg.
  4. Finally!

    Nice Buttkisser there
  5. Frag Auction Place is the Group, made by some person. I would have to look at who is the top admin......Rudy's well known company name is " Golden Basket " he is one of a group of fine people that sell on there. Hope that helps......as far as the fb groups, this is the one that I see Rudy post in the most.
  6. There are several coral auction/selling groups on face book. If you go to groups, then type in the search " frag auction place " it will pop up and look like this....
  7. Frag tank- the grassi lowboy

    Is that a JF Blood shot in the upper left of the above pic??
  8. Looking for Chaeto

    I have some we can spare.....i'll send you a pm.
  9. Interested in Copepods

    We get ours from Algae Barn. Always arrive alive.
  10. Fs: jf askraks and blue rhinos frag

    Sold.....i will take those
  11. September Club Meeting!

    I will be there. Snagged a nice set of zoas there last time.
  12. WWC Pink Kraks... Anyone?

    Yes Sir!
  13. Crazy nem

    I'm guessing likes the flow in that spot.
  14. WWC Pink Kraks... Anyone?

    I would trade ya for both the frags left if your interested. Got lots of trade bait if you stop by the shop.
  15. Looking for a trap

    I have a fish trap( about 10inches) with a heavier glass door that drops shut. Last fish we used it for was an aggressive blue tang. The trick to catching was puitting the food in the cage, have the door closed. We would walk away from the tank for a bit....come back and the only way fish got to eat was by going in the trap that we only opened a minute at a time, then closed for hour. Doing that 3 times the blue tang was punching his way to the front of the line......CAUGHT!