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  1. Here is a better pic of the egg cluster
  2. Both. Normally the clusters come around 10 to 15 and not as plump and happy. Plenty if people are wanting to try their hand at them. You will need live mysys to get them going
  3. Come by Paradise Coral. I can split some off for ya
  4. Friday thru Sunday Spend $100 and get a free bottle of Oyster feast or Tiger pods. Or you can grab a pack of Reef Frenzy or Fish Frenzy! *limited to stock on hand
  5. Here is a video of ours. I could stare at torches moving in the water all day. Kind of like staring into a fire while camping
  6. Blob gets its own cube. Best looking one i have gotten......guesses ?
  7. If you're looking for a Lagoon/frag style tank, you won't find a better one IMO. If you're wanting to do some research on them there are several reviews by other reefers on R2R. Or google...." Neptunian Cube USA " We have 8 tanks on our current order being shipped to us on Monday including 3 of their Flagship Lagoon tanks I'll be posting to the rest of the world soon, but wanted to give the first crack at the Lagoon tanks to forum members One of the advantages with these tanks are the cabinets. Unlike their competitors your cabinet won't develop swollen joints from water over t
  8. The price was $275. If you have Holly Grail frag you should post them up. I know a few people that would want one
  9. You are welcome And you miss named it for those who keep track. It is a WWC Dragon Soul
  10. Wow! Look at the rock work already! Glad Matteo was able to help get it up on the stand. Thank you so much for your business. 🙂
  11. After cuts with polyp labs lense
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