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  1. Mitchell

    recommendations for beginner sps

    Stylophora and Povona are other good options.
  2. Mitchell

    Photo a Day

  3. Mitchell

    Help Pnwmas win

    Wouldn't it make more sense if it went to the homeless kids or something? We have beautiful tanks in our homes that we see everyday. A trip to the Portland Aquarium would mean a lot more to those kids than it would to us.
  4. Mitchell

    2014 Fantasy Football!

    Of course I bench Ivory this week (laugh)
  5. Mitchell

    Photo a Day

  6. Mitchell

    2014 Fantasy Football!

    How many teams will be in the playoffs?
  7. Mitchell

    2014 Fantasy Football!

    Man, I could really use a healthier team (laugh). Too bad for Knowshon, looks like it will be his last year playing. He dislocated his elbow week two. I held on to him and now first game back he gets an ACL tear. Rodgers is my only player predicted to score double digits this week; that should end well. (brick)
  8. Mitchell

    Photo a Day

  9. Mitchell

    2014 Fantasy Football!

    I needed 35 between Gore and Crabtree.
  10. Mitchell

    93 gallon cube tank build

    I've kept freshwater reptiles, but never any fish. This looks like it'll be a great tank; love the manzanita. I painted and caulked (with silicone) the inside of my 240's stand. Was really easy and adds just that much more protection. Have even seen people use a pond liner and seal in their stand that way.
  11. Mitchell

    200 gallon water tote

    Now I feel inadequate with my 55 gallon barrels (laugh)
  12. Mitchell

    2014 Fantasy Football!

    This week sucked. A grand total of 4.2 points between three wide receivers DOH! Looks like some of my injured players could be returning this week, so bye bye Megatron.
  13. Mitchell

    Any Harley riders? Or riders in general.

    I ride motorcycle all year long and don't even drive a car anymore. No Harley, but I have a Ducati Monster and a Suzuki GSX-R750. If you aren't dead set on a Harley, look into sports bikes too. Check out Team Oregon. They have classes that allow you to practice on their bikes, so you don't have to risk your own. It's also required by the state that you take the Basic Rider Training class from them before you can get your endorsement. Feel free to ask questions. I'm sure we have a few Harley riders on here too. Here are my bikes:
  14. Mitchell

    Powder blue hates my new bannerfish

    Probably for the best.
  15. Mitchell

    Powder blue hates my new bannerfish

    How big is the tank? Try rearranging the rocks. Depending on the size of tank that might help. A Bannerfish and Tang probably don't make the best tank mates to begin with. And adding the peaceful Bannerfish after the Tang just makes the situation worse. If the situation doesn't get better in the next couple days expect to lose the Bannerfish, unless you remove one of the two fish involved. I haven't had great luck using a mirror, but I've seen others have success with it, so it's definitely worth a shot. Good luck! Hopefully everyone starts getting along soon!