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  1. ya OIAB is my new Favorite LFS great deal everyday!
  2. pm and pic coming your way.
  3. OBO........................
  4. please help me get home to see my family for spring break. i have a Oregon Mummy Eye i would like to sale. it has 2 large eyes and 3 smaller ones. i really don't know how much to ask for it... what about $150. if that a bad price please let me know. sorry no pics i dropped my camera in my tank last night :( can sent bad cell pics if you want.. looking for a quick sale.. thanks for looking.
  5. lol i was going to buy all 6 of them yesterday but i got a Starry Blenny and a anemone instead. great looking fish!
  6. Man! i just got rid of all my extra LR. wish you would have jump in it last time i asked lol.
  7. but not like captain morgan, Captain Feathersword has his magic buttons lol.
  8. i had one go to town on my clams ans sps before. lots of tiny bits add up.
  9. nope just watch them on my free time i am just kidding. my girl friend babysits and that show is always on the tv lol.
  10. Captain Feathersword off the wiggles lol. please dont ask why i know that lol.
  11. will you please trade me tanks? jp that really nice contrast in color!
  12. cschwarz

    Dr Frankenzoa

    (worthless) thats cool! would love to see pics!
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