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  1. Well, I know it WILL be Fun, And Educational for sure! If you don't make it I will be bummed, but I understand how life can be, it thinks so little of even our best layed plans... This goes to everyone else who wants to make it but may not, the PNWMAS crew would love to see you all there, so just do your best to set aside the date to participate. This is one that we try to keep going annually, but this years particular meet will have a surprise to shake things up some.
  2. The meeting is not too far off here, just a couple weekends away really! I know I am going to make a side dish for the afterwards BBQ like macaroni salad, but I am also going to bring something to grill up like burgers or kabobs. Gonna try and prep everything up the best I can ahead of time to stream line things. Are there any vegetarians attending the meet, I can get some veggie burgers too if that is the case, I don't mind. And it should be a nice weekend so don't forget to bring the significant other/family to partake, we love good weather and good company.
  3. A number of Devils hands, a Sarcophyton, and a few mean green Rhodactis mushrooms... But still nobody needs any rock?
  4. Sorry LadAShark, due to myself and the owner attempting to sell things at the same time many things where called for before I knew that they were gone. Basically I only have the live rock at this moment and some sofites. So unfortunately the only appealing thing is live rock that I need to get out at this point in time. I will try to update/fix the original post to reflect that.
  5. A lot of the rock is still available and all at my house now. Unfortunately the tank was sold by the owner before I knew it, sorry about that.
  6. Well lets just say that that Cinco De Mayo celebration was one of the best ever at Cuttlefish and Corals. The massive turnout of people who attended were greeted by the pleasant aromas of authentic Mexican food, sights of beautiful corals, and the friendly banter of fellow hobbyists. This was a day that I am glad I did not miss. Culinary wizard Sirena setting up the delectable dishes before opening.Her and Scott spent a number of hours working days before the actual event preparing such a feast, and it was wonderful. To have things run so smoothly with so much going on there needed to be some delegation of tasks. Emerald, Gill&Fin, Jeremevans, and Albertareef syncing clocks for operation CNC De Mayo!.. Just kidding, raffle ticket sales, and coordination were on their minds right here. Seen standing here manning the group buys area is Lexinverts, in the Poma Lab shirt, and next to him is the Flash. So many people showed up early to lend a hand showing great community camaraderie. The amount of raffle prizes was vast and with all the proceeds going to a great cause it was a great time to throw down a little more cash and feel good about it. Maybe an hour after opening the store started filling up! I see Eclipse in there amongst the crowd and ReefNJunkie in the background holding down the fort. Needles to say that the booming music and festive atmosphere attracted a ton of people from all around. FlashyFins, Stylaster, and Gumby from up north. JackTheReefer and Bubbles getting the game plan going, it's gonna be busy that's for sure. HigherThinking doing some higher thinking about his new huge custom tank build. Mark admiring one of Cuttlfish and Coral's displays, this is the one with the Crinoid in it as well as some high roller corals and fish. SunCrestReef with some camera gear, as usual, knowing that today there will be many good subjects for a photography session. Snappy having a good time! A good looking reef tank can have this effect on people like us. The Clark and his daughter stopped in for a while to pick up some goodies. PDXMonkeyBoy just working hard slinging out those corals! Kudos to you and Holly for the huge contributions to that day. You Da Man! Had to include a few shots of some familiar and unfamiliar faces. Here you may know this coral caper as the ZorroReef. So many people having a great time! Just look at Optimus Prime in the background getting in on this fun photo. Youcallmenny trying for the duck and cover tactic...Or maybe it was just so packed with people at the time this was the only shot I got. It was hoppin that's for sure. WhatTheFrag in the mix getting his reef on, those group buys were killer weren't they!? On the left here we have the main man Jeff, owner of Cuttlfish and Corals and host of the day. Here he is doing what he does, informing people on the livestock in the shop and finding what suits their personal needs. He likes what he does and is very good at it which makes all the difference in the works when it comes to the marine hobby trade. Like others with passion he has come a long way over the years. Not just the inside was packed but so was the front of the building with the raffle tables, Reefrun getting those tickets in before the numbers are called. And the back of the building were the food was in full effect! There were three tents in the back and all of them were used, it was a super nice an sunny day making the outdoors even more appealing.You can kinda see Spectra to the far right just grilling meats like a mad man over the BBQ. He does an amazing job, along with SIrena who is right behind him in this shot. Soooo many people! Just mobbing the CNC parking lot! Reefer ran and owned! And as usual a couple of gratuitous coral pictures. And lets not forget about this little guy, wish he would come in front of the tank for a better shot but he wasn't feeling the Spanish vibe I guess. A HUGE thank you to all who made it happen, especially Kim, Sirena, Scott, and Scott! So much work involved in these things. Much respect. And Thank You to Jeff and the Cuttlefish crew for having all of us out and getting together such a huge raffle pool for the charity. All in all, outstanding!
  7. It is definitely still alive, I am headed over there later today to take some home with me...She needs the tank down ASAP so I am doing my best to help her out. Then I can get all the pics I want, right now it is hard as I have to coordinate times with her, and that makes it difficult to do being a "middle man". How large of pieces are you looking for? And I know I mentioned it in the first post but it can be hard to catch at a glance... Located in Corvallis Oregon.
  8. I have an account that I have maintained for the last year or more and unfortunately the owner has had a bunch of changes in their life and they no longer are up for keeping a large reef tank. Crazy right!? Anyhow, there is a ton of live rock and a few odds and ends that need to find homes soon, I have exhausted my aquariums space at home as well as my other maintenance accounts, so I was hoping that someone would be interested in some good rock located in Corvallis. There are large chunks over a foot across as well as smaller pieces down to rubble. All of it is rather porous and full of protruding nodules perfect for lodging corals into. I will try and update the thread with some more pictures and other things as they come up, I will be headed over to get some pictures later today or tomorrow. And for now I have to get all the livestock out before I can even think about the equipment and such. Rock will be $2.00 a pound. Thanks for looking, feel free to ask some relevant questions.
  9. It's that time again Folks!!! The Annual Hatfield Marine Science Center meeting is at hand! June is a wonderful month to get out to our lovely Newport Coast to have an amazing educational presentation, killer barbecue, and a great time on the beach. Come and hang out with the rest of us PNWMAS crew this next month at our Newport Coast! The head director Sid wanted me to mention that he had a couple surprises for us in store such as... a back of the house tour for those who have not been behind the scenes before, an on-site cookout w/ refrigeration available for anyone, picnic tables, restrooms and prep space available, and an informative presentation in his lab. It's always a lovely day for a drive to the coast on these warm summer Saturdays. Take a gander at some of our previous years gatherings, education, exciting, and fun all rolled into one. Microscope slides of protazoans and parasite. A glimpse at the complete inner workings of the HMSC quarantine center. and a possible hands on health workshop demonstration, this one was done on their resident giant wolf eel a couple years back, that was awesome!.. And what a trooper. Nothing like this all year until now, the annual Hatfield Marine Science Center meeting. Where - 2030 SE Marine Science Dr, Newport, OR 97365 When - June 22nd 1:00 PM until the BBQ is done... What - An educational trip with the facilities director Sid! And a great time to hang out with the rest of us PNWMAS crew, all while on our wonderful summer time coast line in the pacific north west's back yard. Whoop Whoop!!!
  10. I do have a ton of pictures but unfortunately I have been super busy with my business, pond season, and family medical issues again. I assure you all that I have plenty of photos that I will share here shortly. Thanks for getting it in motion my friends, it was a great time.
  11. Whoa, did I actually make it past the volley of coral addicts!?
  12. It is not uncommon for me to be late to the party it seems, I am not able to frequent the forum as much as I used too... Daam You Life!!!
  13. You gonna be at the meet on Cinco D Mayo? I would probably be down for this piece if you were. And I could be up for splitting it if someone still needs some slimer. Regardless, great deal and GLWS.
  14. Guess I missed this one last night, can I get in on the reserve list please? Obviously right behind the hopeful Clark.
  15. Sure, we can work something out if you come through Corvallis at some point. I would have to cut some things but it would not take long.
  16. You The Man Eli! Thanks for the talk, and thanks for the chance to be part of the contribution of data to the project.
  17. I will take a back seat to this one, or should I say "alternate".
  18. Sure, why not, set me up with a little CARs frag if you would.
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