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  1. OwenReefin

    235gal rimless build

    This is how the brain works in a reefer hahah justified!
  2. OwenReefin

    So New the Word Newbie Doesn't Even Apply

    Starting with a 280 is definitely not a mistake
  3. OwenReefin

    Clearing out some excess gear and tanks.

    Very tempting to get back in the hobby. I'll think about it
  4. OwenReefin

    DIY Fish/coral food

    I think this thread might be worthy of a sticky. Basically so I don't lose it lol
  5. OwenReefin

    DIY Fish/coral food

    Nice thanks.
  6. OwenReefin

    Newby from SOUTHERN OREGON COAST- Coos Bay

    Welcome, I grew up pretty close to Coos Bay. Are there any reef stores there now?
  7. OwenReefin

    New build thread

    You might as well just airlift your house and drop it on a coral reef. Nice diversity, this should be an incredible and stunning process.
  8. OwenReefin

    new food

    I third that, I would love to see your recipe laid out. :0
  9. OwenReefin

    New build thread

    One setup to rule them all...
  10. OwenReefin

    Cryptic tank filtration.

    I had 6 mangroves in my 6" dsb, they started as 6 inch propagations, and grew in one year to about 3 feet. Worked great for them, I messed up on some other things though so I tore it down.
  11. OwenReefin

    A few free corals

    I have two soft corals that have outgrown a 40B, they are pretty darn big. One is purple the other green. So if you live in Corvallis or Albany, swing on by and check them out, maybe they will have a new home. PM me. I can put pics up but thats effort
  12. OwenReefin

    Cryptic tank filtration.

    Doesn't sound stupid, nor is it. I'm sure you have read a lot about it to see others mistakes so you don't make them, will be excited to see the results. Photos? with no flash of course... LOL
  13. OwenReefin

    tank building Q.

    At only 18 tall, and with proper bracing, 3/8 is good. 1/2 really looks amazing though.
  14. OwenReefin

    Looking for 90 gallon cube

    In better news, if you can, I priced glass a 36x24x20 cube with starfire front for 270 from a local glass company. If you are a DIY'er.