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  1. MVPaquatics

    metal halide repair?

    I believe those galaxy electronic ballasts had fuses in them. Check that?
  2. MVPaquatics


    Springtails are fine to feed but not as a sole food source. Make sure to dust the flies before feeding them. I recommend repashy plus. Frogs are more outgoing when there are more of them. A frog alone is rarely seen as they feel threatened. Competition is good to get them out. Azureus females can be aggressive so wait and see if they blue one gets mean. They will literally get on top of subordinates and push them into the soil. Females get 1/3 larger than males. Males have very wide toe pads. 10 gallon may support another frog. Watch for aggression and increase plants and hiding spots. It sounds backwards but the more hiding spots you have the more you will see your frogs. They will feel secure. I only misted once a day. But it depends how much you mist at a time and how the tank is built. Keep it humid not wet. Temps are key. Cold is bad. Hot is bad. 70s is good. Frogs don't care about lighting. Plants do. I just 6500k compact fluorescents because they provided some heat. LEDs are fine if the plants approve.
  3. MVPaquatics


    Very cool! I was the frog guy haha. Yes I fed almost exclusively melanogaster. I used repashy products. Fly media and calcium plus to dust the flies. Great for colors and conditioning to breed (although you don't want to breed mixed species, they will hybridize, which is frowned upon) Dendroboard is a great forum. It's like reefcentral. Let me know if you have any questions. I had both those species. Azureus (blue) and leucomelas (yellow)
  4. MVPaquatics

    What do you do?

    I did! I bred banggai cardinals for awhile. I also bred dart frogs, I had a few different kinds. I currently have no frogs or fish. Dog and wifeys 2 cats. I miss it but it's nice at the same time. I still like to lurk the forum, keeps me up to date haha
  5. MVPaquatics

    What do you do?

    I am an OSU graduate with a degree in zoology. I worked with animals and owned my own aquarium maintenance business for years. I have since sold my business, and now work as a firefighter/paramedic.
  6. MVPaquatics

    Can anyone ID this crab?

    Gorilla crab? Not safe
  7. MVPaquatics

    Is dKH drop linear?

    The ratio of carbonate vs bicarbonate changes with pH. Not only do corals build skeletons at different rates during day and night, but in a closed system of an aquarium, the ratio or carbonate vs bicarbonate changes during the day vs night due to pH changes that occur. Also, as corals grow, they use exponentially more and more nutrients to continue building. I think there are way to many variables to be truly linear. Google calcium bicarbonate vs carbonate pH and you can see the relationship. When I studied corals in college (it has been a few years) it wasn't really know whether corals preferred bicarb or carbonate. It wasn't clearly understood whether they took carbonate up directly or took up bicarb and used a proton pump to spit out protons to make carbonate themselves. All in all stability is key. The three are all interrelated. Fluctuation in one level effects all three. Smaller changes are better than big changes. People often shoot for a goal of maintaining say 9 or 10DKH but don't monitor pH, which is critical.
  8. MVPaquatics

    Open House at Holly's - $10 frags

    Glad I don't have a tank right now because I would be broke. I want them all. Great stuff even better prices
  9. MVPaquatics

    Getting scuba certified next month!

    Just do the backstroke for the 200m swim. It's the easiest haha. For treading water, there are different kicks and hand motions you can use. Circles, figure 8, sculling etc. You can also use just hands or just feet to give each a break. It's not too bad. Good luck!
  10. MVPaquatics

    Stand Construction Help!

    Could it be due to the two different woods expanding and contracting differently with temperature and humidity differences?
  11. MVPaquatics

    Free Banggai Cardinal once caught, tips?

    I waited til the lights went out and then blinded them with a flashlight. Easier to catch.
  12. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/zip/6165155102.html
  13. MVPaquatics

    FREE: 6-10 Gallon tanks

    Tanks gone. Thank you
  14. MVPaquatics

    FREE: 6-10 Gallon tanks

    I have 6 free 10 gallon tanks. All drilled in upper corner (some right, some left), backs painted black. I will give it a day or 2 on here before I list it on Craigslist also. They are sitting outside the house I just moved from. PM me for address. Pickup at your convenience.
  15. MVPaquatics

    Foran 2 with cupramine

    I would do a big water change. Add carbon for a little bit maybe 24 hrs. And then redose copper to appropriate levels using a test kit