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  1. Hi Everyone! I am donating the tank. Sorry I meant to get on here last night and see what was going on. Moving to a different state is a pain! I live in the Tanasbourne area just down from Tim's old place at Westside Aquarium. PM Me and we will get this dialed in. Thanks for everyone who is making this happen really appreciate it!!! Chris
  2. Cmoore


    Thank you guys so much.... let me get this dialed in here, I got the PM's Ill get back to you guys. You guys are awesome!
  3. Cmoore


    Hi all! I am sad to say this but I am needing to breakdown my tank. I will be moving to Seattle in a few weeks and am looking to give my fish to a good home. At the moment I just have two fish that are looking. My Flame angel and my Maroon Clown. I also have a awesome Randlles Pistol Shrimp... I think that's what he called(red and white striped) also the usual cleanup crew that includes a seahare. It hurts to have to do this but it gives me a chance to plan a new tank for the future. Also I would love to keep the rock I have, not sure how I deal with it though, any tips? So if anyone would like some nice healthy fish that have lived in my tiny reef for over 2 years please let me know. I would love to donate them to a happy home. Thanks! and hope to hear from you soon.... also I will not be moving my tank up so if I could donate to tanks for teachers or anyone who would like it... its a 30g Oceanic cube..... the stand needs work but someone can have it too! Thanks Chris Moore
  4. Cmoore

    Playing around.....

    So I was playing around in Inventor and designed a tank and sump that I think would be nice to have one day..... just thought I would share with you all. Tank is 225 gal... And the sump is 120 gal I think. but with the water levels I designed probably 75 gal sump. I think this would be a pretty sweet reef. Now if the wife would just let me have it made...(wife)... One day. Oh and if any of you have an idea and would like it rendered like this I would love to do it for you. Later I will add in all the plumbing and share with you. If you have any design tips feel free to tell me, I don't know the first thing about sump design. I have just seen a lot of pictures. I would like to have one end of the stand open and the entire sump on a steel plate that is able to roll out making maintenance easier. Thanks Chris
  5. Cmoore

    My homework.... "Reef in a Drum"

    Thanks!!! I plan on one day using my new skills to design me the greatest reef tank room ever!
  6. I am a drafting student at PCC and an assignment was to draw a waste drum..... I added a few things and created "Reef in a Drum". I had fun doing it and thought you all would like it. Thanks! Chris
  7. Cmoore

    John's 10 Gallon Custom Acrylic tank build!

    this is great... Well Done!
  8. Cmoore

    Sea Hare.....

    well I wanted to share how my sea hare experience is going... I was able to find one up at Ocean in a Box, put him in and he went straight to work. He is not the prettiest thing in the world but, holy crap! has he cleaned up my rocks. I just hope he does not begin to starve, would love to keep him around for his hard work. Can I supplement with sheets of algae? pretty sure he has been finishing off the leftovers from my fish.... just have not seen him eating from the clip. If not, I would love to pass him on to another local reefer who could use him. I will let you all know if it comes to that. Thanks!
  9. Cmoore

    mark's 24 gallon office nano

    well done!!! love everything about it!
  10. Cmoore

    A Truly Amazing 8 foot Mixed Reef Tank

    he is doing something right..... I could only dream of having those skills!
  11. Cmoore

    Sea Hare.....

    Garret I have been wanting to come check you out for awhile now, thanks all for the info!
  12. Cmoore

    Sea Hare.....

    Anyone seen any available in the Portland area....or if I could barrow one for a week I could use their services. Thanks! Chris
  13. Cmoore

    Hawaiian Water Trip!

    good stuff... cant wait to do the same thing one day. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Cmoore

    Bristleworm explosion

    My Christmas Wrasse took care of all mine.... now if he would just eat the flat worms I would love him even more!
  15. Cmoore


    yeah that's kinda what I was starting to think. Thanks!